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Changes are coming…

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Use your Review coupons here and soon. They will not work at the Etsy shop!


New year, new shop


Well kind of anyway. I sort of started on Etsy (actually Shopify, but that lasted like a week) and the Etsy shop I started with is the same shop I’m currently moving the files over to now.

I love coding and designing websites so I really do enjoy having my own shop, on my own server space but it comes with additional responsibilities that I could relieve myself of by making the switch back to Etsy. Between dealing with tech support when the server is hiccuping and the maintenance that comes with keeping my content management system and all of it’s plugins and e-commerce functionality updated and running smoothly etc. I just think it’s time to simplify. Less time maintaining this e-commerce site and more time arting is the plan ^_~

Overall, this isn’t going to change a whole lot for you!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing, and I hate to type all caps but I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, the most important thing that you need to do is make sure you have all of the digis you’ve purchased through the website downloaded and safely stored on your hard drive and/or cloud service. I keep my files on an external hard drive as well as in a cloud service and this is also what I recommend that you do.

There is no way that I will be able to replace any lost images for you once they are deleted from this server and they will all be gone on December 1st!

That means you have 6 weeks to do this, which is plenty of time – but get those images downloaded right now. Don’t put it off. Who knows what might happen between then and now?

Now that the most important thing is out of the way, let’s talk about other important things!

I won’t be adding any new releases, or new blog posts to this website. All new releases will be added to the Faery Ink shop over on etsy from now on and all new blog posts will go on the Faery Ink blogger blog from here out. However, keep bookmarked since that will always take you to the blog, or a splash page that will direct you to the shop, blog and anything else I am getting into at the moment. That domain is the one way you can always find me, basically.


One of the reasons I left Etsy is because their fees are kind of outrageous when you’re selling items for like $3 per item. And that’s not changed. However, instead of passing that cost on to you, I’ve decided to eat the fees myself. I look at it as paying for the time I’ll be getting in exchange for not having to deal with tech support and maintenance etc. So you can expect to pay the same prices at Etsy that you’ve been paying here. And since I have had this opportunity to put some thought into how I was pricing my images, you will find that a few items are actually a little cheaper over there – woohoo! =)

Sales | Coupons | Freebies | One Day Fae Digi Giveaway

Another reason I left Etsy is because there was no way to really offer a single, specific image as a freebie and I thought it was important to offer free samples of the product I was offering from the shop I was selling it from. That, too, has not changed that I’m aware of. Overall, I still find Etsy’s coupon system lacking, but I think I will be able to work with it. New releases will still be marked down, freebies will now be available through quarterly “freebie” newsletters, the Facebook group, and the One Day Fae Digi Giveaway will be hosted on the blogger blog linked above. Overall, I think you will really like these changes, so just bare with me =)

Not Everything is Going

I am retiring A LOT of images. I haven’t gone through absolutely everything just yet, but not including what I’m moving into the freebies folder in the Facebook group, 79 images in total will be retired by November 1st. That’s a lot of dollar digis coming to you over the next couple weeks ^_~ Others I will move into the freebies folder of the Facebook group. It’s just where I feel like they belong, and I can’t put a rational reason on why that is. But there are about a handful that will go in the FB group folder and a few more that will be part of our quarterly newsletter freebies mailer.

Disappearing Digis

As I move products over to the Etsy shop, they will vanish from the product pages here. You will still see them in your downloads and be able to download them. I’ve tested this, so you will definitely still have access to them. They simply will no longer be available to purchase here but most of them will be available for purchase over at Etsy, unless they’ve been retired, have been made into a freebie, are being revised, or are part of a digi bundle. The digis already in digi bundles will not be added right away since they are available in the bundles and I have a lot of individual digis to add to the shop that will not be available at all if I don’t get them added before December 1st.

The Biggest Negative of All This Is…

It is impossible to export a wordpress blog to blogger, so I will be losing all of the blog posts added here in the 2 years + that Faery Ink has been self hosted. I am saddest over all of the beautiful design team inspiration posts I’m losing 🙁 But at least I’ve got plenty of motivation to get some guest designers on the blogger blog as the new year rolls in 😉 Silver linings my friend!! I’ve got an eye for them <3 So if you’re keen to guest post in 2018 get started now on some lovely Faery Ink projects as I’ll be putting my feelers out once I’m all settled in with this new set up, healed up from the two surgeries I’m having over the winter and of course – once I have a pretty layout over there on the blog =)

The Looks of Things

At the moment the blogger is looking rough. Blogger uses a programming language that I’m unfamiliar with so I’ve been playing with it and trying out various software to try to put something together while I’m working to transfer products to Etsy. It’s a slow process. Thus the look of the blogger might be pretty lacking for a while. I’m also going in for a tonsillectomy in 2 weeks and will probably be out of it for a couple weeks following that. My focus will be getting products transferred for now and then I’ll worry about the look of things.

Speaking of …

I’m not sure how easy it will be to get in touch with me from Oct 30th through November 9th or 10th, so again, please, please don’t put off getting your digis downloaded soon!!

I think that’s everything for now. If you have any questions please comment below, and I’ll try to respond ASAP. Have a great week!

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4 Responses

  1. Melissa

    I am really excited for your new direction!! I love that you plan to have more arting time!!! Looking forward to the future of Faery Ink!!

  2. Kirsten Persson Kristensen

    That’s dome big changes, Amanda, but understandable. I’m happy that you continue to sell your gorgeous digis, so I can still color them for the kids at school. 😊
    Good luck on your surgeries and I widh you a speedy recovery from them.
    Hopefully we’ll still get your newsletters.
    Hugs Kirsten

  3. Jeanie Ellis

    Amanda, I’ll keep you in my prayers for your surgeries! And I can totally understand why you need to move your shop over to Etsy! You do what is needed to be done, what works for you. 🙂 Hugs! Jeanie

  4. Jennifer

    Holy smokes!! You’ve got a LOT on your plate my friend!! I will being saying prayers for quick recovery of both your surgeries. Cant wait for all the new exciting stuff coming up!!!