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I’m so creative with these post titles aren’t I? icon wink Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks!

Anyhoo! Lots of good news to share and I hope you are as excited as I am about all of it.

First, and perhaps most importantly(!!) the Faery Ink Challenge Blog is hosting its very first challenge! Yay! Here is your chance to get three (3) free digi stamps of your choosing from the Faery Ink Etsy Shop.  But that isn’t all! Since this is our first challenge I thought I would add something special to the prize pot. In addition to the 3 free digis, the winner (you maybe? icon smile Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks! ) will get to design a Faery Ink digi. This is not the same as a custom digi as I will not be drawing it from a photo or anything like that. Pretty much, if you have always wanted to see a ‘Faery Ink’ girl with a toucan or an elephant stuffie (or something else along these lines) – here’s your chance! =)

faeryink challengeblog logo Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks!

And in other news..

I made another coloring tutorial using markers and colored pencils, this time featuring Vamp Cutie! =)

Here is a list of the supplies you will need =)
Vamp Cutie digi from my Etsy shop which you can find here:

White cardstock paper to print the digital stamp onSharpie Ultra Fine Point marker in Black

Copic marker: Skin White E00

Cool Aqua
Tea Green

Prismacolor Pencils:
Parma Violet
Seashell Pink

Making these tutorials has been a lot of fun! If you have ideas for tutorials you would like to see please comment to let me know =)

And last but certainly not least – sneak peeks for the September digi stamps release coming up on Sunday =)
digi prev 1 Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks!  digi prev 5 Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks! digi prev 6 Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks!
 digi prev 2 Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks!  digi prev 3 Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks!  digi prev 4 Challenge time! Vamp Cutie tutorial! Sneak Peeks!

Thank you so much for visiting! If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, joined the Faery Ink FB Group or “liked” Faery Ink on Facebook you should hop over and do that now =)  Have a great weekend! <3

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Hoot FB Fan Group Freebie

Helloooo lovelies!!!!! It is a lovely August day here in South Carolina and I have been as busy as a bee. I wanted to share with you two new freebies I’ve created. First, if you are not yet a member of the Faery Ink Facebook Fan Group you should head over and join up I’ve added a freebie exclusively available to members over there…   The girls over there are just wonderful. They are sharing their creations and encouraging each other in their creative endeavors. It’s really a great community and if you are willing to Facebook, you should really drop in and introduce yourself =) Then, I made my first video tutorial. This one is for coloring the Witchy Kitty digital stamp I recently added to the Etsy shop. I appreciate any likes, comments, shares and subscribes. Doing these things help the videos be seen so others can learn new stuff too =) Here is a list of supplies in case you don’t want to go to YouTube for the written list: Witchy Kitty Digital Stamp White cardstock paper to print the digital stamp on Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker in Black Copic Skin White E00 marker Promarkers: Peach […]

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Oh my! Just to get the businessy stuff outta the way, let’s start off with the new digis and tubes that have been added over at the Faery Ink Etsy Shop shall we? Not to toot my own horn, but I think these digis came out so cute! I love Halloween so these were even more fun than usual to make =) But I know many of you know me from my pixel tube days so I made sure to turn a couple of these into tubes as well =) And in even more exciting news! Faery Ink now has a Challenge Blog, thanks to Valou250809. (This lady is such an angel!!!) And we are having a Design Team Call! If you are an interested card maker, head on over! =) Last but certainly not least, if you Facebook, make sure to join the Faery Ink Facebook Group where you can share your creations, (I would really love to see what you are making!) and if you are not yet a fan, be sure to go “Like” Faery Ink on Facebook (I hold giveaways here every now and then) =D I hope you are having a great week. I’ve got lots […]

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Lana Del Ray

Yes, undercreative is a word cause I said so! I am always extra busy in the Summer. The kids are all home from school so there are shenanigans to be foiled (but more often had). Mid-month we picked up the steppies in West Virginia (they live in NY but their mom meets us halfway) so the shenanigans have now doubled and at times tripled. Yes, I’ve been quite busy. I knew time would be especially limited once the steppies were in town so I made sure to get a little creative. I thought it was time to work in graphite and realism; I’ve done little of either in quite some time. First there was this very rusty graphite portrait on hot pink colored cardstock. She came out better than I hoped actually… And then I used a celebrity photo reference for this one: Unfortunately, it does not look much like the celebrity photo reference I used: Yes, it was supposed to be Lana Del Ray and yet it came out looking like a mix of Joan Rivers and I don’t know who or what lol. I think this is partially my fault cause I kept wondering if Lana was actually […]


Practice Happiness

Practice Happiness! Create Every Day! I thought I would play around in Photoshop today and make something cute and colorful for you to share on your social media pages.   I am trying to find a way to get a little bit of creating in every single day and for today – these were it! They were good practice with typography. I have never really grasped typography so I usually go with what feels right. I hope they motivate you to get your art on! Feel free to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.. =)   Thanks for visiting!

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Color, color everywhere! Mandalas and Art Journals on Youtube Hello lovelies!! I have a big update for you today. For your viewing pleasure, three new videos have been added to the Faery Ink YouTube channel! Yay! =D After upgrading to Windows 8.1 and running the compatibility trouble-shooter, Movie Maker is finally working as it’s supposed to so the colors are better and I don’t have all the trouble saving that I used to. This means more videos for you and perhaps some video tutorials in the future?? =) First, this week’s challenge at The Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood was Mandalas. And so I made a wee one on an artist trading card: Then I had these two filmed ages ago, but I could not get Movie Maker to save them properly.. But finally I have! =) Delight Love Yourself Otherwise, it’s been a pretty crazy past couple of weeks. My mother is in town from Canada and I am getting things together for bringing my stepsons to visit next month. Summer is super busy around here =) How has your week been? What are you looking forward to this Summer (or Winter if you are in the […]

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Mug of Love and Gratitude

Gosh I love free cuties! You guys!!! It has been forever since I’ve added a new free digital stamp to the site! I don’t know about you but I thought it was about time I did. But.. you know I’m trying to make my love for drawing into a living and there’s no way I can do it unless I’m able to get these adorable creations of mine out there for folks like you! If you’re anything like me, you know there is no such thing as too much of something good and I know what I’m making for you guys is good stuff! So, in order to get these cuties out there – for you, for your friends, for your friends’ friends, for your second cousin twice removed’s friends and everyone else – I’ve decided to set up a little updates list and hopefully entice you (and maybe even that second cousin of yours) to sign up! In exchange for you kindly allowing me to enter into your email inbox once or twice a week, I thought I would show my love and gratitude with this super cute digi stamp, fittingly titled ‘Mug of Love and Gratitude’ ^_~ Keep […]

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The dragonfly and the crescent =)

Yep, just 5! The prompt over at Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood this week is “Five Things You Might Not Know About Me” so I thought I would share =) I have a lazy, wandering eye. It doesn’t wander all the time but it’s hard to keep it straight if I’m tired or emotional. I have always just used my “strong eye”. I only recently started to practice focusing with both eyes. For 30 years I had no idea I wasn’t seeing the world the way most people do.  I have always felt super self-conscious about it. Apparently, it’s a thing for artists to have lazy eyes… They think Rembrandt had lazy eye. A lot of artists do. I met my current husband on World of Warcraft. I was a troll mage, he was a night elf rogue. We were dueling in Gadgetzan. I call it “love at first fight”. Although we both have gone on to play both factions and have a gazillion 90s of all race and classes, he will always be my night elf rogue I have two tattoos. My favorite is a dragonfly in a crescent moon over my left ankle. I designed it myself […]

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And you shall see, in truth

Follow Your Heart.. Or.. When You Are Suffering.. The Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood challenge this week was “Quotes”. For the art challenge, we made graphic memes using some of our favorite quotes. I am more a poetry girl, than a quotes girl but I tried to do a little of each. Both of these memes are made from art journals I made this week. I filmed the following journal and another one but I am having a really tough time finding a decent movie editor. Windows Movie Maker only seems to work a third of the time for me and I am getting tired of spending hours editing a video to see that something has gone wonky in WMM and the final product is a hot mess. Boo!   Here are the art journal above and another I filmed this week in their entirety =)

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Blister in the Sun Pen Sketch

When I’m out walking… I strut my stuff… The Bloggerhood challenge last week was “Music”. I didn’t have time to get it finished last week but I was pretty excited about this challenge so I did it late. A few years ago, my husband and I went on a little road trip to New Orleans. It was a 10 hour trip and my husband likes to drive so I had plenty of time to read, snooze and doodle. One of the things I did to help pass the time is draw little album covers for various songs as they played on the radio. This pen sketch is one of said doodles =) I scanned the pen sketch in after doing the artist trading card, so you can see some paint and stuff on there that wasn’t there originally hehe.. I hung on to this sketch because I knew I would want to color it eventually and last week’s challenge was a great opportunity to do so. This guy was done with colored pencil, watercolor crayon, marker and a little bit of white acrylic paint =) You can check out the speed art video I did for him here: The colors are icky in […]

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