Three weeks into the New Year…

And I think I am finally ready to talk about what I think of the past year and what I am looking forward to in this coming year.

2014 was a good year overall.

I made a lot of new friends in the online art community this year which was great.

I took a hobby I love and made a little business with it the year before. In 2014 it actually gained a little traction. Instead of one sale every other month, I am getting a few sales at least every month. And, pretty soon I will get to show my kids rubber stamps made from my art. They are going to be quite impressed ;) Speaking of my kids…

My family is alive and in good health, and on track to meeting all their personal goals. My younger two are A/B honor roll and my older two are both in college with my eldest heading into the Navy this summer.

In 2014 there were no serious dramas in my life at home or otherwise. It was beautiful.

But there were some things that I failed at, that didn’t work out as planned and/or that I simply need to work harder on…

The most depressing part of the year for me, (besides my daughter and grandson moving away with the Army), is that I gained back all the weight I lost the year prior, plus some. This is mostly because of my biggest issue with 2014: I stopped taking caring of myself again and got back into the habit of putting everyone else’s needs wants ahead of mine. I stopped demanding that my needs be met. I stopped telling people “No”.

This is my default for some reason. Part of me feels like if I am not doing everything that is asked of me at all times, that the people I love will stop loving me. That I won’t be worthy of love anymore. My logical half reads what I just typed and tells me how silly that notion is – the idea that love can be bought and paid for with service and obedience. My emotional half remembers being abandoned before and has trouble floating past that point.

I always imagine that creative part of me a winged creature just hovering about and the logical part of me as sitting at a school desk with a pencil in hand and big black eyeglasses. 

I tried to get back on track, again and again. I failed, again and again. Finally, I gave up and decided the cycle was harming me more than the default. And here I am today still deciding how I want to enter into this new year – what I want to make of 2015. I mean, I turn 35 in a week.. If I live to be 70, half my life is already over. I’ve spent the first half living in fear, living for others, living a subdued existence. What can I change to make 2015, the first year of the rest of my life, a year of courage, a year of self care, a year of loud and vibrant existence? Which brings me to that unchanging thing we do every year (with whatever trendy label we happen to pop on it that year):

My ‘Resolution’. My ‘Word’. Or something like that.

  • I want to get my health in order from the inside – out. That means doing what is right for my spirit, mind and body and in that order. My mantra for this resolution: ‘wholeness’.
  • I want to grow my business. I’d like to expand beyond just digital stamps into other art products. My mantra for this resolution ‘growth’.
  • I would like to buy a home by the end of the year. My mantra for this resolution ‘security’.
  • Finally, I would like to do something new every month and I don’t mean art or internet related ‘new’. That’s just too easy ;) My mantra for this resolution: ‘courage’.

I just realized that my words are contradictory. So typical of me heh.

What about you? Is the new year a time for introspection for you? A time for planning and goal setting? Do you have a “word” for 2015? I’d love to hear about how you handle the new year.

But enough rambling on (*hears Robert Plant singing.. ‘now I’ve got to… ramble on…*)

You might like to see some artsy stuff since this is an artsy blog!

There is a new video over on YouTube:

I am still learning to relax and enunciate a little better on video but I hope you are still able to learn something new =) I also had a bunch of fun playing with the video editing software hehe…

Oooo Pretties!

And I have everyone’s siggies made up! Please right-click and choose Save As. to download your siggie to your device =) I notice a few folks may have been a little confused about what exactly the giveaway was but I made you a siggie anyway and I hope you like it!

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Add  January 27th to your Calendar!

(And not because it is exactly one day before my birthday!)

Make sure you follow our challenge blog here: http://faeryinkdesigns.blogspot.com/

I will be announcing our DT Designer of the Month on that day.

Annnnnnnnnnnd… we will be holding our first “Fae Giveaway”! YAY!

And now I am back to inking up some new digis in Illustrator.

Thanks for visiting xoxo


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Oh I am an awful blogger! This is going to be a long post because I failed to get in here and post super important awesome stuff in a more timely manner. If you are interested in taking over the Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood, let me know because I clearly am not cut out for running it! …sigh… Well to start… Faery Ink has a brand spanking new Design Team!! Yes, I had to make the insanely difficult decision for who made the cut and who did not.. But in the end I have a team of super talented ladies who not only know their stuff but are also soo soo sweet and thoughtful and fun to work with. Hop on over and meet them at the challenge blog. Their introduction posts have been coming in through January so make sure to browse a bit so you can meet them individually too. Please Meet the Design Team! Faery Ink’s Theme for January – Mardi Gras! To celebrate the dark beauty of New Orleans, January’s theme is Mardi Gras… Come check out the new challenge! January New Releases… In staying with the Mardi Gras theme, our official releases […]

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I’m so excited and I hope you are too! Sweet Pea Stamps is currently offering three Faery Ink digital stamps for pre-order! Bella Love Spells Arielle Love Fairy Margaret Faery I am excited to get mine and thrilled to have this opportunity to offer you a rubber stamp version of these Faery Ink favorites. Check out the Sweet Pea Stamps website to see all of the beautiful stamps (rubber + digital!) PST! There is a discount code on the front page for 25% off your order through December 31st! Seems like an excellent time to get your Faery Ink designed rubber stamps  And speaking of December 31st… The Faery Ink DT Call ends on December 31st! Come on over to the challenge blog and get your application in. I will be getting in touch with folks on January 1st & 2nd and announcing the new DT later that week. Yay! http://faeryinkdesigns.blogspot.com/2014/11/faery-ink-dt-call-dec14.html My husband is dragging me off to bed so I’m sorry this is short!   Whimsical wishes and loads of love & laughter my friend!!

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Winner of the November Release Giveaway is….. Congratulations Maryj68! Please use the contact form or email me at manda AT faeryink.com with the email address you would like me to send your Arielle Ice Skater digi too =) maryj68says: November 16, 2014 at 3:06 pm(Edit) They are ALL gorgeous! But my fave has to be Arielle Ice Skater! Thank you everyone who took the time to comment =) Please try again next time – there will be more opportunities like this to come!! Oh and you know the Halloween challenge has finished up… Hop on over to the Faery Ink DT & Challenge Blog to find out who the lucky winners are =) So that Christmas Coupon Code I have no idea what I did wrong but it seems like it was not working.. So I just made a new one to give out instead. Just enter the following coupon code and get 15% off your purchase, no minimum purchase required TYFIGS And now I am off to bed. Goodnight my friend!!

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Wow! Winter has come! Winter has arrived where I am in the South Carolina upstate. I am sooo grateful to have heat, I know there are people even right here in my neighborhood who are not so fortunate. I try to maintain an attitude of gratitude at all times but when the cold comes to town and I am sitting in a warm and toasty home in my warm and cozy clothes with my family safe and out of the cold, well it makes it easier to maintain such a disposition. But enough of my blathering on about the weather, right!? =) I would like to introduce you to the sweetest little creature <3 Meet Ozzy Ozzy is a pot bellied piglet. He is seriously the sweetest thing since Cadbury’s Easter Eggs and I (and my whole family) are totally in love with this guy. Right now he is 6 weeks old and 3.5 lbs. His vet says he can get up to 200 lbs though. I love him being this small but I am also excited to have a big old piggy running around. His ‘bedroom’ (crate) is in our bedroom right now and he makes sure I get […]

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But first, how about a peek at Granmargaret’s winner digi? Granmargaret won Faery Ink’s very first challenge and as part of her prize she was able to design her own Faery Ink digi. She asked for a fairy with butterflies and this is what I created for her… She also received a header for her blog made from her fairy, the line art digi and a colored version for her to use as she wishes. The line art digi is available at the Etsy shop for everyone to enjoy as well. The colored version is exclusive to Margaret though! I am pretty proud of Margaret’s fairy. Her concept was right up my alley and I am so happy that she loves it =)   Our second challenge “Halloween” is ongoing! There are still 12 days left to participate in our current challenge – Halloween! We have 22 entries so far, so your chances are still really good to win 3 free digis of your choosing from our Etsy shop! =D http://faeryinkdesigns.blogspot.com/2014/10/challenge-2-halloween.html   Our second Facebook challenge is also on ^_^ You can snag the “Hoot the Owl” digi from our Facebook group files here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1454789934792148/files/ and learn more about the challenge here: http://faeryinkdesigns.blogspot.com/2014/10/facebook-contest-2.html…  After […]

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