Workshop Wednesday #15- Playing with Recyclables- Wax Crayons
» » » Workshop Wednesday #15- Playing with Recyclables- Wax Crayons

Workshop Wednesday #15- Playing with Recyclables- Wax Crayons

Welcome to another Earth Month tutorial!

I always hate throwing things out or recycling things that I know can be put to good use for something else!

And this month is no exception!! Do you have a hoard of crayons for some tiny people in your life? And you see all the pins on Pinterest about melting them down into this or into that… ya I don’t have time for that nonsense! I mean, its brilliant in theory beyond brilliant really!! But if I saved all the broken crayons in this house I would have like 4 pencil cases of the things with absolutely no time to melt them down into heart shaped crayons my kids will just break again! LOL But this… this I can get behind!! It is such a cool way to create a total unique background or glam up the inside of a card with a personal message!! Check it out:

How much fun is that? And soooo unbelievably easy to do!! And it only takes a second, really!! This video was what like 3.5min long… and only because I talked… Lol I can’t wait to see what you all do with this one!!!

Have a great week!!!


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