Workshop Wednesday!! Playing with Perfect Pearls #1; Using Faery Ink “Gabbie Artist Life” Digital Stamp
» » » Workshop Wednesday!! Playing with Perfect Pearls #1; Using Faery Ink “Gabbie Artist Life” Digital Stamp

Workshop Wednesday!! Playing with Perfect Pearls #1; Using Faery Ink “Gabbie Artist Life” Digital Stamp

Are you ready to learn some new fun techniques to use with your Faery Ink Digital Stamps?

We are so excited to share these new tutorials with you every Wednesday using different mediums and of course, Faery Ink digis!!

Hey everyone!!! I am so beyond excited to get to do these weekly tutorials with you all!!! I keep looking around my craft room at all these goodies thinking “Man, I wish I knew how to use all this stuff better!” Will it save me money by being able to color embellishments to suit my project, or create papers using what I have instead of buying them, what other fun things could I do to use that mediums I have so they aren’t just sitting there? And Voila! Workshop Wednesday was born!

I asked in the Faery Ink Facebook Group back in November what mediums everyone wished they knew more about how to use. Hands down the vote was for mists! So I’m working on those right now but a close runner up with Perfect Pearls and Mica Powder type mediums. So this month we are going to play with Perfect Pearls. I’m not gonna lie I have had these since they first came out and barely ever used them. So this past month I’ve been pinterest-ing and Youtube-ing and experimenting on just about every project I have done to learn more to show you all. I have picked 4 really fun quick techniques to share with you all this month.

Keep in mind, you do not have to use these techniques on a large scale project like I have done for this month. I loved Gabbie Artists Life so much she needs to be on the wall of fame in my craft room! You could easily take these techniques and use them on a card, on an ATC, in your art journal, for scrapbook layouts or for full mixed media art peices like I have done. The sky is the limit! Follow this inspiration where ever it leads you!!

So without further ado…

I give you…

Workshop Wednesday #1-

Playing with Perfect Pearls- Making Mists!!



How’d I do? Did you learn something? I had so much fun learning this technique and making this video for you all!! I sure hope you will come back a join us next week for Workshop Wednesday when we will be talking about the Dusting Technique… but with a fun easy twist! See you all next Wednesday!!!

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  1. Wanda

    Hi Freinds,
    Need help. I’m in need of Copic markers. I can’t seem to find a go source to buy and the refills. Please help me.

    • Sara Pyper

      Hi Wanda! It depends where you are from who would be a good copic supplier for you. There a tons out there depending where you live!
      Come by our Facebook group and I’m sure we will be able to help you find someone!