New Releases: The Hybrids & Fable Love U!
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New Releases: The Hybrids & Fable Love U!

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Hybrid Joy!!

Oh man. I have had these on my to-do list since May! There were 8 in total, 4 I managed to finish up in July and August (I believe) then the last 4 I wrapped up this week. These hybrids were the fantastic ideas of the lovely members of the Faery Ink Facebook Group who partied with me for Faery Ink’s 13th birthday in May!! One of the final 4 hybrids is a winged llama which you can get for free at the group: The rest are here!!!!!! And on sale – this weekend only – for 50% off. That’s $1.88 USD each. Plus there is an adorable valentine’s themed Fable to snag at half off as well. Just a little Happy New Year!! from me to you =)

 The Hybrids

I can’t pick a favorite but since the Cherry Tree dryad drove me a little crazy with all her blossoms I thought I would see just what a pain it might be to color them all in. I decided to treat the tree like hair and work it in “chunks” of color instead of each individual blossom and it was ridiculously fast and easy. Do not be overwhelmed – this is easier than it looks =) This Hybrid was the concept of Katya Bess. I took some liberties as she requested actual cherries on the tree but I thought the blossoms would be more useful for diverse projects. However, cherry blossoms for Katya <3

Hybrids - Cherry Tree Dryad by Amanda S Byron

Hybrids - Cherry Tree Dryad by Amanda S Byron

Hybrids - Cherry Tree Dryad by Amanda S Byron

This is the digital stamp I originally planned to color because uh, look at her! She DEMANDS to be colored. She demands attention  – right??? Meet Fire Dragon Woman. Meow! Ooops I mean RAWRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWR RAWR!! Yeah that! She was the concept of BarryJammie Clark. I looooove what he said about why he chose the hybrid he did:
“I’d like to be a fire dragon and a woman. Mainly because flying would be amazing and i’m a fierce protector, i hate being cold as well. he he he and a beautiful woman because i think women show so much power yet are just amazing and intelligent and beautiful.”

Hybrids Dragon Woman by Amanda S Byron

And finally the Barn Owl Faery. I wanted to give a little nod to David Bowie with this one. Kitty Berkenfield’s concept was an owl fairy with an owl face mask over the fairy’s eyes, feather hair, big spread owl wings and a little owl on the fairy’s shoulder. Since Kitty didn’t specify what kind of owl, I went with my favorite which also served as the perfect owl for a Labyrinth themed fairy. From the Kitty’s mask concept (the ball scene) to the barn owl and the globes she juggles, I think I channeled a little bit of Jareth with this one…

Hybrids Barn Owl Fae by Amanda S Byron

Fable Love U!

And since I know not all of my friends are as crazy for the hybrids as I am, I had to include an adorable little Valentine’s girl for YOU =)

Fable Love U by Amanda S Byron

Make sure you grab these while they are half price. Last day to get them for $1.88 each is Sunday <3

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and that 2017 is the best year yet for you and your family!

Happy New Year!

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7 Responses

  1. Nicola

    Wow eeee. … I wish I’d been around for that party! Awesome images

  2. Karen L Kizer

    just beautiful!!! wow!!

  3. Trina Flynn

    I absolutely love all your images Amanda but I have to say Cherry Tree Dryad she is GORGEOUS!

  4. Rhea

    Omg. I will have these!

  5. Jane

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I had no idea we could combine living things from outside the animal kingdom when you asked on FB what hybrids we’d like to see. I absolutely LOVE trees! The Tree of Life is my personal/spiritual symbol. Trees are the elementals I’ve always felt most connected to. I was so excited to see your Cherry Tree Dryad! I couldn’t wait to buy her and start coloring. Unfortunately, my PayPal account wouldn’t work. It kinda freaked me out. I couldn’t figure it out and couldn’t use their customer support because it was New Year’s Day, but I’m gonna get on it ASAP. I want that digi!!

  6. AJ

    These are gorgeous images. Love them all.

  7. Katya Bess

    Amazing Talent! Thank you so much! I feel so honored. Love it! 😀 <3 Getting some stamps now.