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One Day Fae Digi Giveaway – Ophelia Vanity Fae

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Our One Day Fae this month is an Ophelia fairy that loves her mirror, make up and beauty when it’s on the outside…


Ophelia Vanity Fae by Amanda S Byron

Ironically, I decided to color her in a livestream on the Faery Ink FB page this evening and totally obliterated her face when I mistakenly began inking the outline. I printed her in draft mode for a ‘light lines’ look and wasn’t thinking when I laid the ink down on her face. Ohhhhhhhh well. I fixed a few things up a bit but she’s a mess which I think perhaps is a lesson in it’s own right *for me*. Yours will be gorgeous =)

Thank you so much to everyone who popped into the livestream. I was a bit nervous about coloring with people watching but it was made more comfortable thanks to Elina, Nicola, Maryann, Diana and Kimberly who gave me someone to talk to. Thank you so much ladies! If I missed anyone my sincerest apologies.

In exchange for this free digi, please leave a comment letting me know your guilty pleasure =) For me – right now it’s hot cocoa with real marshmallows mmmmmmmmmmm so good but so bad for me 🙁

(When you color her, be sure to share your project in the Facebook group and feel free to comment on this blog post with a link to where the project is featured on your blog!)

Giveaway has ended!

After 24 hours this stamp will only be available in the shop (the shop version includes three additional PNG versions and one bonus JPG with ‘blank’ hair so you can make her curls as tight or loose as you want or experiment with different effects in creating curly hair with color rather than line). Please be sure to use this digi in accordance with the Terms of Use found here: Please do not contact me asking for the digi if you miss the opportunity. Please make sure that you are not trying to download this digi onto a phone or some other device that has trouble downloading JPGs 😉 I recommend downloading to your computer or tablet <3 If you have trouble downloading the image try Right Clicking and choosing SAVE LINK AS.. =)

If you are hanging around to do some shopping

Don’t forget to use coupon code 1dayfae for 30% off your purchase! Coupon code good through Nov 16 2016.

One Day Fae Digi Giveaway Coupon

Enjoy your new digi! Have a fantastic week =)

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51 Responses

  1. Lanette

    Thank you so much.
    My current guilty pleasure is apple pie and extra thick cream. However, if I don’t soon find a new guilty pleasure I’m going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

  2. Natalie Godfrey

    Lovely digi. My guilty pleasure is chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate chip cookies. Oh Yeah chocolate syrup with peanuts!!

  3. Pamela

    Thank you. Awesome as always.
    Right now my guilty pleasure is reeces pieces. Lol

  4. Rosalind

    My guilty pleasure is a Fruit and Nuts chocolate bar. 🙂

  5. Donna Mundinger

    Oh, she’s beautiful! Thank you so much! My guilty pleasure is Godiva truffles. Chocolate cures everything and Godiva is the BEST. Dark chocolate only, please. xxD

  6. Tammy Valley

    Definitely dark chocolate! Thank you for the wonderful digi!

  7. Jane

    Thanks for the digi! My guilty pleasure is chocolate & peanut butter, anyway you like! In a shake, in candy, in cake, or in cookies.

  8. Nicola Gold

    It was great watching along while I could. My guilty pleasure is the several bars of UK Cadbury’s Whole Nut I have in my cupboard!

  9. Sherry

    Thank you for the digi! I love chocolate…except not dark chocolate.

  10. Trina Flynn

    Thank you so much Amanda for the lovely image.

  11. TracyM #6773

    Thank You for this cute digi, she will help me make pretty cards for my nieces 🙂
    My guilty pleasure is strong, hot chocolate with real marshmallows too … sadly, but luckily, I don’t get to indulge it very often … feeling extra tempted now!

  12. amanda

    Hi Amanda, Thankyou for the amazing image, she is just Beautiful.
    My guilty pleasure has to be cheesecake .
    Hugs Amanda

  13. Suzi McKenzie

    Thank you for such a gorgeous image, I love her 🙂
    My guilty pleasure Lindt Lindor Chocolates xxx

  14. donna yates

    Lovely image, Thankyou. X My guilty pleasure is normally Cadbury Boost chocolate bar!. But I am now on a diet until August 2017 to try to get in shape for both my daughters wedding and my health.

  15. lynseymccord

    Lovely image, thank you, my guilty pleasure is my 2 mugs of cappuccino every single day since I was pregnant (12 year old craving), got to be fresh coffee <3

  16. Chrissy

    Thank you so much she is lovely..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  17. Suze

    Thank you so much for the lovely digi. My guilty pleasure is a hot chocolate with a shot of Salted Caramel – and marshmallows too. Yum!

  18. Heather B

    Thank you so very very much 🙂 She has made my day xxx

    My guilty pleasure at the moment is sleep – could sleep forever and I wouldnt mind.

    Have a wonderful day xx

  19. Mary Samuelson

    So very happy I was able to watch you color this beauty up on your live and that I made you comfortable (BTW you were doing fab!) my guilty pleasure right now is finding time to get my craft on..

  20. Tracy W

    Gorgeous, I love all the folds in her dress! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  21. Mamma Mia

    Hi Amanda – thank you for this lovely gorgeous fae. My guilty pleasure – chocolate all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Helen x

  22. mainframemouse

    she beautiful Thank you.I think my guilty pleasure is watching rubbish films while my hubby is busy HEHE ;0)

  23. Cathy

    She is so darling dear! My guilty pleasure is ice cream. I can’t have it in the house or I wouldn’t know when to stop!

  24. jane

    thank you she is adorable x my guilty pleasure never changes it is always Cadburys chocholate xx

  25. Shannon

    Thanks again Amanda! Loved seeing her all colored up! My guilty pleasure is always chocolate!

  26. Diana

    Thank you for the free digi. Creative as usual. My guilty pleasure would have to be the frosted shortbread cookies at Panera Bread! So, so, so yummy!!!!!!!

  27. Crafting Vicky

    gorgeous as always!!! Thank you. My guilty pleasure is a glass of wine lol

  28. Janell

    Thank you so much for the digi..I love anything Ophelia. My guilty pleasure would have to be CAKE… any kinda 🙂
    He he.

  29. Cindy

    Thank you for Ophelia. Dark chocolate or chips – my guilty pleasures.

  30. Melissa

    Thank you for Ophelia!! I love her!! My guilty pleasure is French Vanilla coffee and French Vanilla creamer. The cup has to be about half and half!!!

  31. Cindy

    My guilty pleasure at the moment is my quiet time at the end of the day. I curl up in bed and read a book. I love having time to regroup and relax at the end of a busy day. Thank you so much for the digi!

  32. Grandma Bonnie

    Thank you, Amanda! Guilty pleasure = Brownie bites drizzled with warm hot fudge.

  33. Fiki

    thank you for this super nice image!

  34. Maryann

    Sooo gorgeous Thanks sooo very much.

  35. Rhoda

    thank you for the lovely freebie, she is gorgeous as usual! My guilty pleasure is Thorntons Continental Truffles. Yummy!!!

  36. Holly Stahly

    Manda, She’s lovely, thank you so much for giving her to us.
    I love Hot Cocoa from scratch, and Dove Dark Chocolate covered sweet cherries

  37. Päivi

    Thank you for the lovely freebie!

  38. Joanna

    Thank you, thank you so much. She is beautiful !!!

  39. HeatherM

    Thank you so much! I guess my guilty pleasure is anything sweet!

  40. miranda

    lovely image sooo cute, my guilty pleasure well…..chocolate!! raw and dark and even better chocolate with nuts

  41. Lisa Randazzo

    She’s wonderful, thank you so much for the freebie 🙂 It’s deeply appreciated

  42. Melanie

    Thank you so much, she is gorgeous!

  43. Lisa Lynn

    Thanks much she is sooooo gorgeous!

  44. Amy

    Beautiful design. I have too many guilty pleasures. Right now creamy and cheesy, and crunchy things are my guilty pleasure

  45. April S

    Thank you! My guilty pleasure is Nutella!!!

  46. Sherry

    My first downloadable! Thank you so much!
    Guilty pleasure: Reading in a hot bubble bath. If there’s candles and a drink nearby, BONUS!

  47. Christine

    Once again you’ve given us a beautiful freebie. I know I’m only one of many that appreciate and wait with anticipation and “bated breath” to see what your wonderful mind has thought up each month. It’s like Christmas every month and so kind of you to deliver your gorgeous artwork with us. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  48. Kathy

    ice cream!

  49. Heather McDougall

    My guilty pleasure is hot chocolate made with whole milk (not the Swiss Miss water version). I love the color palette that you selected and wish that I hadn’t of missed the live coloring. Thank you for the new Ophelia!

  50. Bonnie aka raduse

    Thank you for the digi. My guilty pleasure is pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Yum!!!! I could eat a whole one myself.

  51. Christine

    OOPS!! I forgot to say what my guilty pleasure is..I swear it was an accident!! So, I’m here to right the wrong. I’m in love with Honey BBQ chips made by Wise. So sweet yet tangy with large chips and small that you can fit by 1/2 handfuls in your mouth. (Not that I do that of course because that wouldn’t be lady like.) If you see them try them and you’ll never go back to that “other” brand.
    There now I can sleep tonight having shared at one of my pleasures. Hee Hee