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Faery Ink DT Call!

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Phase 1 of the DT Call has ended!

If you do not hear from me by November 28th please know that I really appreciate your interest in the design team!! Unfortunately, because I am only one person, I have a family and home to take care of – and I am looking for work outside the home as well, I have to keep the team tight and small, so I am really limiting how many members I take on for 2017. It is not a judgment on your personality, your creativity or your skill, if you weren’t invited to phase 2!! Please, please understand that!



So here it is, the end of the year.. The annual Faery Ink DT Call is upon us =) This year, instead of guest designers, I am recruiting the entire team for annual positions – with a trial period, of course.

I am switching things up a bit for 2017! Instead of a “design team” I am in search of folks to join the Faery Ink Inspiration Team =) There will be roles for people of all skill levels in various areas. So don’t feel like you’re not “good enough” to apply <3

There are 3 phases to this DT Call. 

Phase 1: You create a blog post ‘portfolio’ and apply with the form below. Obviously, having a blog is a requirement for being on the team. The inspiration team has positions available for people of all skill levels – however, only the most skilled crafters, colorists and mixed media artists will be authoring inspiration posts on the Faery Ink blog. That said, there will be projects for other events that will be available for ALL to participate in, so please keep that in mind when creating your blog post portfolio!
**The deadline for this phase is Nov 25th!!**

Phase 2:  If I think you might be a good fit for the team, you will get an email or Facebook private message from me inviting you to learn more about the new team. If you think the new team is something that will work with your life, you’ll fill out a short form and I’ll get in touch with you again about an interview.

Phase 3: If the interview goes well, (meaning I feel like you truly understand what is expected) phase 3 will begin with your trial period as a member of the design team =)

Your Blog Post Portfolio

Your blog post portfolio should be written just like you would write an inspiration post on the Faery Ink blog. There are three things I am looking for in your blog post portfolio.

  1. Include three projects you’ve created from Faery Ink images. Talk about your process in creating them, why you liked that image, and what you’ve done with that project since you’ve completed it.
  2. Include the answers to the following questions in the blog post. Try to make them part of your writing instead of listing them in Q & A form. Remember that your blog post portfolio is supposed to serve as a mock inspiration post =)
  3. Color one (or both) of the free images found here and here, to the best of your ability, and include your colored results in your blog post portfolio. (You don’t have to be the best colorist, but please try your best!)

The Questions:

  1. How did you hear of Faery Ink?
  2. How many Faery Ink images do you own? (guess if you need to)
  3. What is your favorite Faery Ink image? (Include a link to the image in the shop if applicable)
  4. Do you like people and do you enjoy helping others?
  5. What do you think is the purpose of a design team? Why do digital stamp artists, specifically, have design teams?
  6. Have you ever been on a design team before?
  7. How many and which design teams are you on right now?
  8. How much time do you have each week to dedicate to the Faery Ink design team? (Yes, each week)
  9. What is your favorite kind of project to make, that you often use Faery Ink images in creating? (Cards, art journals, handmade books, pocket letters, mixed media art, artist trading cards etc.)
  10. What is your favorite medium to color with and which brand(s) do you use? How long have you been using this medium?
  11. Do you sell your projects? If so, where?
  12. What do you do to promote your blog?
  13. What websites are you active on? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  14. Do you think it is worthwhile to read/watch tutorials to improve your coloring, crafting, etc?
  15. Let’s say we all have some kind of higher purpose for being here. What is yours? It’s okay to say “I don’t know” but if you could take a few minutes to think about it – I would appreciate it =)
    (As an example: For me, it is to help people be creative in order to reduce stress and build self confidence)

There is no link up for this DT Call. It is by form submission only. Be sure to include your Blog Post Portfolio URL (link) when applying. 

Phase 1 Inspiration Team Application


Thanks so much for applying to join! I look forward to seeing your portfolio and hopefully getting to know you as a member of the inspiration team in 2017!!! =)

I love to color!

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  1. fikreta.posavec

    thank you for this chance!

  2. MichelleVata

    Great way to get applications for the Design Team. Thank in advance for the opportunity

  3. Susan Dube

    I have just found you and am in love with your art! I haven’t colored in 3 years and have just picked up some copics and other markers so I’m out this time, but I’d love to apply after I get my blog back up and running and my color back. In the mean time, I’m going to be doing some shopping on your site starting next week.