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I love my plushies..

I collected plushies clear into my teenage years. What can I say? I decided early that I was never going to be a ‘stuffy’ old person ;) Once I started having babies my plushies became theirs. Now that they are all older, I have a small collection of plushies that is steadily growing again. Maybe I should get a tattoo that says Young at Heart? One day! Speaking of “One Day”, today is our One Day Fae Digi Giveaway and our lovely little fae this month is Fable with her favorite plushie – Tweets…

In exchange for this free digi, all I ask is that you comment on this post with a favorite springtime memory. 

Fable & Tweets by Amanda S Byron

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107 Responses

  1. Tindaloo

    Hi Manda! Love this cute littlefairy with her plushie birdie ♥ thank you!
    A very good springtime memory is when my little niece was born ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Melanie

    Thank you so much, she is beautiful and just love Tweets :)

  3. HeatherM

    So cute! Thank you so much! I love all of the flowers in the spring.


    Hello Amanda, and thanks for this lovely! Springtime memory? I remember when I was eleven and Spring came and the days were longer, kids on the neighbourhood used to play baseball all surrounded by poppies fields…Not very common in Spain where most of the kids prefer soccer, but we were so original!! Good days of Spring.

  5. Claudette Schoonover

    She is adorable. My children are in the 30’s and still have their plushies when they were babies.

  6. Heather

    Thank you so much x I love the spring, going with my grandchildren to a local lake to see and feed the ducklings and cygnets x

  7. Claudette Schoonover

    She is adorable. My children are in their 30’s and still have their plushies from childhood.

  8. Margo

    Adorable fae! Her duckie is such a cute addition! :) ♡♡♡ A favorite spring memory was in late spring several years when my husband and I got our pup! :)

  9. Wanda Tensen

    My favorite spring memories are the rain storms, we would often go for rain walks with my mum and jump in puddles. She was able to take my daughter when she was about three for her first rain walk.

  10. Christa M

    Such a sweet girl love it, my favorite spring memory the beautyful fields of tulps , the colors are so beautiful

  11. Maria

    Thank you so much for the freebie!! You are so generous!! :)

  12. Nicola

    Thank you so much, I always picked fresh daffodils in Springtime and presented them to my mum ????

  13. Christy E

    Thanks so much for the cutie Amanda

  14. Gabriela Acosta

    Thanks so much, love this <3

  15. Cheryl Hannebauer

    watching/waiting for all the new beginnings in the plants/flowers he rock garden :)

  16. Sharman

    Thank you for the cute Fairy. I think my favorite spring time memories are of going to my son’s baseball games. He played a lot of baseball and I loved every minute of it and now I am enjoying my grandson doing the same….

  17. April S.

    One of my favorite springtime memories is delivering May Baskets to my friends. I don’t think anyone does that anymore!!

  18. Christine

    Thank you for another gorgeous fairy, she’s stunning.
    I just love the flowers coming out in blossom and the cherry blossom on the trees and my b’day is at the beginning of spring, so I have lots of lovely memories from then :)

  19. Carrie Sheridan

    Thank you so much for this darling digi! A favorite springtime memory for me is when my first son was born! He is a May baby, and it was nice to be able to take him for walks in his stroller after his born since the weather had turned nice.

  20. Heather McDougall

    Thank you for the lovely image! My favorite springtime memory is when the forsythia and cherry blossoms bloomed.

  21. Tammy Valley

    One of my favorites is going to a park that has several bridges crossing the river that runs thoughout. We went during the spring thaw and watch the powerful river crash into the bridges. It’s such a fantastic site :)

  22. Heidi M Brawley

    She is very Adorable looking!! Thank you very much!!!! hugs, Heidi

  23. Jean Chaney

    Thank you for the sweet image! My favorite springtime memories are of the tiny flowers poking through the remnants of snow.

  24. Rae Ann

    She is so adorable! Thank you so much! I guess my favorite almost springtime memory is from when we lived in southern Arizona. It was Easter Sunday and we actually got a little bit of snow…less than an inch (we were in the high desert). Our girls (6 and 3 years old) were so excited that it snowed, they went outside and built a snowman. It was such a sad little snowman with sticks and leaves poking out everywhere, but they were oh so proud of him. They pulled him around in a wagon all day. =)

  25. sharon lewis

    Thank you so much she is so sweet.My favourite springtime memory is my Grandma teaching me how to make daisy chains while i was sitting on her knee ,I hope i will be that sort of grandma when my kids are older and have little ones ;0)

  26. Jeanetta

    Thank you for the stunning fairy! I am thrilled to have her. :)

  27. Grandma Bonnie

    Thank you, Amanda!! She’s beautiful and so sweet!

  28. Jarka Ef

    thank you :) my favourite springtime memory? our trip with kids in a castle. it was raining and we were without umbrellas :-D

  29. Darcy Schroeder

    Thank you for the wonderful Fable digi. She is gorgeous and I enjoyed reading about how you were inspired to draw her. One of my favorite springtime memories is my mom making a tent over the clothesline with sheets so my brother and I could pretend we were camping.

  30. Saskia Pullen

    She’s so adorable. Perfect for a little girls birthday. Or just for summer themed cards…

    Thanks for the freebies!!

    Saskia Pullen

  31. Trina Flynn

    Thank you Amanda for the adorable Fable & Tweet image! One of my favorite springtime memories was petting and feeding the ducks at my dads house.

  32. Janell Rice

    Thank you so much for this cutie… I do not have a specific spring memory, but in general, I love spring as it comes with so much hope. You shed the heavy winter coats and watch everything start to grow again.

  33. Andrea Reid

    Thank you.x

  34. Tina

    I was visiting Chateau St. Michelle winery with my husband. These white petals were raining down on us, filling the air with clouds of fragrance and beauty.
    Thank you for the lovely digi!

  35. Alvina

    Thanks for the giveaway, she is adorable, spring memories my 40th birthday my nephew was born!

  36. Sandra

    Thank you for the lovely digi.

  37. sam

    Love her .. great digi Amanda :)

  38. Mamma Mia

    She so “tweet”!!!! Thank you very much indeed. I love watching all the flowers in the garden “springing” into life after their winter slumbers.
    Helen x

  39. adie

    The best part of Spring for me is all the delicious fruits available. This fairy is very cute thank you

  40. Gail Lass

    This is adorable! My favorite memories of spring are when we were growing up and had lilacs that grew down in the corner of our yard and we kids would bend the branches to break off the flowers and take them in the house to give to my mom. They’re are so aromatic!

  41. Linda Kupstas

    Thanks Amanda I am gonna print and color this one for my grand daughter it looks so much like her.

  42. Ginadapooh

    We have moved into summer and I can’t think of a good springtime memory right now, but my favorite thing about the season change is we celebrate the end of school/beginning of summer by getting all of our nieces and nephews and going out for ice cream and hitting a park. The oldest starts her sophomore year next year so this has been going on for a long time now. This year our youngest was second grade, next year we have a preschooler.

  43. Linda Kupstas

    wow didn’t read where you wanted a favorite spring time memory so here is mine. my favorite is when my hubby and I use to go walk in the woods near where we lived and watch as new live began with the flowers and the trees budding and opening to the sun. I loved walking in the woods and park with my hubby

  44. Debora

    Thanks so much for the digi! My favorite Spring time memory is watching, and waiting for the green sheen to appear through the trees along the countryside :) Still enjoy it every Spring. x

  45. Cathy

    Thank you! One of my favorite memories was finding a bunny nest in my neighbors yard. The hardest part was not touching them so the mom wouldn’t abandon them.

  46. Donna Mundinger

    Oh she’s just darling, Amanda! Thanks so much. My favorite Springtime memory is seeing the pussy willows bloom in our yard. I’d pet them and pretend they were my miniature kittens. xxD

  47. Winnie

    Thank you very much, she is a little cutie, my fav springtime memories is when my grandchildren where little ones and we went to the lake to feed the ducks.

  48. Sophie

    Thanks for the digi. A favourite springtime memory is going to feed the ducklings down by the river in town.

  49. Lena_J

    So adorable, thank you for sharing.
    My favorite spring memories, I am not sure i have one. I actually get sad when spring arrives, because that means we are saying goodbye to my favorite time of year, winter. And i have to get ready for summer, and i so wish we could just skip summer, because I think the summer is just awful and to hot.

  50. Ardilla

    Thank you!!!
    Maybe one memory from this year, when the cat had 3 kittens, they are adorable!!!

  51. leza

    Oh this one is my favourite so far …she is lovely thanks so much xxx

  52. Candida

    Thanks so much for this lovely digi. My favorite memory is sitting in the backyard with mom, while embroidering and chatting with her.

  53. Andree Clark

    Thank you so much for this beautiful image. My daughter was born on the first day of spring so that has to be my favourite! x

  54. Hanne

    Thank you so much Amanda! She’s such a cutie! :)

    I’m not really a spring-person… But I guess one of the best memories is the spring when I came home from a long journey abroad and had several weeks time to spent at my mum’s place in a small town. You see the nature come into live in a completely different way on the countryside than in the city where I usually live and spend my spring times.

  55. Kathy Stacy


  56. Kay

    Thank you Amanda. My favorite Springtime memory is when the daffodils come up. I just love seeing all the flowers start to peek through the soil. It reminds me that Winter is finally over and better weather is on the way. The kids and grand kids always love seeing the flowers too. I think I instilled a love of the outdoors in them (along with a love of Art and Music). Isn’t that what Mom’s and Grandma’s are for? Thanks again for the free digi.

  57. Marjorie LIndley

    Thank you so much for the freebie. My favorite thing about spring is that summer is around the corner. Camping and new flowers emerging. the intoxicating smells of the lilacs and azaleas (spring flowers here). LUV THEM.

  58. donna yates

    Thankyou so much for another adorable image. My favourite springtime memory is watching frogspawn grow into tadpoles then frogs the size of a thumbnail. Always believed in fairy’s so love frogs and collect them WHethersett they be stuffed or stone /brass or pot. And of course the real ones in my pond.

  59. Patricia

    Thank you!!! She is so cute!!!!

  60. Mansdefada

    Thank you so much.
    I love all the flower a of spring.

  61. Tricia Joy

    Thank you so much for the sweet image. She is so adorable with her little plushie. I enjoy all of your images. My favorite springtime memory is the tulips growing in my parents front yard. Every spring I think of my childhood memories and my parents when I see the bright colorful tulips blooming. What a nice idea to have us post a spring time memory it’s fun to read all the different stories. Again ‘Thank You’ for the image.

  62. Ciza

    My favourite speing time memory is when you see the first bumblebee for the season. It’s something special. :)

  63. Erika Horvathova

    Thank you for this cute lil girl – my fav springtime memory is watching how nature wakes up (love spring green)

  64. Catherine Nunez

    My grandson was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2, he went from being a very verbal little guy speaking complete sentences to one that couldn’t speak at all. I found the key to relearn his speech when the flowers in my garden began to bloom and the butterflies were coming we would walk and he would point I would answer then one day he began to speak. It is my greatest memory and he still loves my garden and butterflies that we now raise from caterpillar to butterflies together.

  65. aunty sue

    thank you so very much love it just so cute

  66. Eja

    Thank you! Hmm, favourite spring time memory… not sure, but I do love spring when the sun comes out :)

  67. Jacq

    Thanks for the super cute image! My fave springtime memory was from taking my two young nieces to see the baby lambs at a local farm. :)

  68. Susan Brovont

    Thanks so much for the adorable image. My favorite springtime memory is when the snow is gone and the weather starts to warm. So I like every spring.

  69. Shannon

    Super cute image this month! Thanks so much! My fave memory of spring was being able to spend time with my grandmother in the garden getting ready to plant.


    Lovely image. Thank you for sharing her! My favorite springtime memories are all of my gram, who passed away last year at the tender age of 104 and 1/2 years old. She had not only a green thumb but two green hands, and nothing she grew dared to wither and die, or just not sprout up. Garfening with her was an education, but I didn’t inherit her green magic unfortunately.

  71. Mel C

    So adorable, thank you! Memory: taking pic of my young son in field of bluebonnets.

  72. Charity Chamberlain

    Thank you so much for this adorable image! Favorite springtime memories are always celebrating some birthdays in the family.

  73. Fay

    Thank you Amanda, new lambs dancing in the fields always make me smile and Tuis in the flax and Kowhai flowers

  74. Cathie Borowski

    Thank you for the gorgeous image – I always love the first weekend in Spring when you can open up all the doors and windows and the world has that clean smell about it.

  75. heidi

    thanks for the adorable digi….. favorite springtime memory is when I was a young kid, on the first warm day of spring before the snow was completely melted, walking thru the field of snow and crusty grass to get to the just melted river to go for our first swim of the year……. and freezing ourselves but not really caring.

  76. Lidia R.

    Thank you very much for your generosity in giving us these freebies every month. My favorite springtime memory was when my 3 brothers and my older daughter were small and we celebrated their birthdays together in the same month.

  77. Cleah

    Thank you for the lovely fable tweets! Since springtime brings flowers and blooms, it’s the dragonfly catching that I have fond memories of.

  78. GermanPie

    It’s super cute. Thank you so much.

  79. creepy glowbugg

    Thank you so much for another gorgeous faery freebie. She is delightful!!
    My favorite spring time memory is waiting anxiously for the apricot and plum blossoms in our yard to bloom.
    It is always a sure sign that spring is on it’s way!!

  80. Judy McKay

    My favourite spring time memory is walking in the forest looking at all of the wildflowers.

  81. Amanda Coleman

    thankyou ,my favourite springtime memory is running through the cow paddocks as a little girl with not a care in the world .

  82. Margaret A (Granmargaret)

    Thank you. Spring is my favourite time of the year. Not too hot and not too cold. I was married in November which is the last month of Spring here in Australia.

  83. Tammy

    She is adorable!! Thank you so much for sharing her with us.
    My favorite spring memory is two fold. Going horseback riding during the day and the horses being frisky from the new grass and then going to the drive in to see the movies. Ah, if only I could be that young again, lol.

  84. Julie

    Thanks hun for your kindness so love her :-) I just love to go out with the family with the windows down singing along to some fab music hoping not to scare the wildlife lol seeing all the the new flowers and leaves on the trees you just know summer is on it’s way xxx

  85. Melissa

    Thank you for her!
    One of my favourite memories is collecting lilacs with my Nana in her garden

  86. Chrissy

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous favourite memory is light rain on freshly cut lawns..mmm..lovely.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  87. Nan

    Thank you she is so cute! My memory is of going to the creek with my daddy and him trying to realize I would never be able to swim; I sink I don’t float. Crushed him poor thing but he got used to it :)

  88. Colleen

    Thank you Amanda, she is so adorable. I can not wait to use her. Think she would be great on a little girl’s card.

  89. Colleen

    to me spring = tulips and flowers. i love the colors that flowers bring.

  90. Cristena

    thank you so much! my daughter and son both sleep with ALL yes, ALL their stuffies and we go to a special bear shop on my bday. we all love stuffies here and I know they will love to color this fantastic image as well… what a great combo with the stuffie

  91. Karen Neil

    Thankyou very much, she is adorable.

  92. Tazmadazz

    Love Fable and Tweets, thank you Amanda! My favorite spring memory is opening up the windows to hear the birds singing.

  93. Charlene

    Thank you so much for this adorable image. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2013. I spent most of spring that year at my mom and dad’s helping them, bringing my dad to his chemo treatments and just being there to do whatever was needed. I spent many hours talking to my dad and doing things with him that I had never been able to do before. That time brought my dad and I closer than we have ever been. We lost him in July of 2014 and so my memories of that spring will forever be my favorite spring memories.

  94. Jan

    My fav for spring memory is flowers everywhere… Just relaxing and chilled! Thanks for the feebie

  95. Nymph

    Spring is fun. I tend to go for more walks in the spring because it’s cooler then.

  96. annie

    delightful and thanks so much.xx

  97. Eileen Taylor

    She looks fabulous, can’t wait to ink her up

  98. Kelly

    Thank you. My fave spring memory is going to tropical north queensland in 2010 and going bush walking to find waterfalls with my brother.

  99. Rannah Romps

    My favorite spring memory is one Easter when my grand girl were like 2 years old and we had an Easter Egg hunt. They were so darn cute!! And the older one (4 months older) helped the other one find some eggs. It all was so precious.

  100. Sarah

    A favourite springtime memory would be walking up to the bit of woodland behind the farm I grew up on, with my mum, and seeing the carpet of bluebells there.

  101. Sharon

    Thank you Amanda, she is gorgeous, but they all are gorgeous! :)

  102. Christine Kosmak

    Thank you so much Amanda for this image! Fable Fae and tweets are absolutely adorable! Hhhmmmm, favourite spring time memory, not sure that I can think of one. Apart from the fact that spring here in Australia is September to November which my birthday is during, but that’s not exactly a “favourite” memory!! lol! I’d have to say I just love seeing all of my plants flowering and taking pics of them, well the plants that haven’t given up the ghost anyway!

  103. Jessica

    What a cute Image Amanda !
    My favorite spring time memory is Spring came and the days were longer. The flowers came out, the birds singing. I´ts the most beautiful time of the year

  104. Jenn Borjeson

    Thank you so much for the adorable freebie. My favorite springtime memory… the smell of fresh rain after a LONG winter! :)

  105. Kerrie Brown

    thank you so much for this pretty fairy xx my fave springtime memory is 14 years ago when I gave birth to my own little fairy princess – my first daughter Ashleigh-Rose xx

  106. AJ

    Thank You.

  107. Sherry

    Oh, she is so Adorable! Thank you so much! My favorite Spring memory is remembering all three of my children playing outside, when they were younger. Memories are all I have left of my oldest child, so they are all precious memories.