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One Day Fae Digi Giveaway – Gabbie Art Nouveau Fae

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November Giveaway – Gabbie Art Nouveau Fae

What art style favors faeries more than art nouveau? The organic lines, curving like vines and leaves – the flowers and flowing hair.. Faeries fit this style so perfectly that it was only a matter of time before I offered you a faery giveaway in this style.

We are doing things a little differently this month =) All of our designers have been recognized for their fabulousness with a designer of the month post so I am going to be busy brainstorming a new way to give them a little more time in the spotlight. Although they have this opportunity every month in their inspiration posts, I’d like to arrange something more prominent and detailed – but I’m still thinking on this so more on that will come… For now, on to the giveaway!!


In exchange for this free digi, all I ask is that you comment on this post with the colors you think you will use when you bring her to life. When you do color her, be sure to share your project in the Facebook group and feel free to comment on this blog post with a link to where the project is featured on your blog!

In case you really like my palette and would like to try it out, I’ve also added this image for you to pin and save for future reference.

Gabbie Art Nouveau Fae Color Palette by Amanda S Byron



Now I’m sure you’re ready to get your free faery right??? =)

After 24 hours this stamp will only be available in the shop (the shop version includes three additional PNG versions). Please be sure to use this digi in accordance with the Terms of Use found here: Please do not contact me asking for the digi if you miss the opportunity. Please make sure that you are not trying to download this digi onto a phone or some other device that has trouble downloading JPGs 😉 I recommend downloading to your computer or tablet <3 Click the image below and the full sized black and white digital stamp will open in a new tab or window. Right click to save it from there =)

Giveaway has ended!


Doing a little shopping while you’re here?

Coupon code has expired! </3


Enjoy your new digi!!!

Have a Faery Magical Week!

Demera Fae Pixel Signature by Amanda S Byron

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Daydreamer, faery believer, dandelion wisher, artsy bookworm, fortune-telling witchy woman. I draw pretty girls with wings and things so you can bring them to life with color... I'm the artist behind the digital stamps here at Faery Ink. I live for my family & for making pretties. I'm an Aquarius with Cancer moon & rising. (So I'm a little eccentric and my feelings run super deep). I love to make stuff, draw, paint, cook, read, play guitar, bargain hunt, read tarot & runes and listen to music. I'm trying to love living a more active lifestyle, but I'm an introverted hermit so active's not so easy!

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45 Responses

  1. Maureen W.

    Thank you so much for this gorgeous freebie! I think I will try her with colored pencils in shades of blue and purple!

  2. Cecilia Reyes

    Thank you!!! I think I will use blues and teal and the wings on silver… she might looks invernal..

  3. Margo D.

    Love her! Thank you! 🙂
    I am thinking shades of purple, green, gold and maybe blues too. 🙂
    Multi color would be extra fun too! 😀

  4. Hanne M.

    Thank you so much Amanda for the lovely image! I think I’ll go with shades of green, maybe with some yellows too.

  5. Rae Ann

    She is so gorgeous! I love the colors you chose! I think I would give her a try in blue greens and violets. Thank you so much for another wonderful freebie!

  6. Joanne

    Thank you for the beautiful image. I am going to try a pink and light purple color combo. I also love the colors that you used

  7. Christine Kosmak

    Ooohhhh, just thinking about colouring this gorgeous girl up I might just have to do a few different colour ways, but the first colour that popped into my head was red, either with green or blue, with possibly some touches of black and gold!! That’s if and when I get around to colouring!! lol! Looks like I got an slightly early birthday present!! Thanks for the gorgeous image!

  8. Hilde Larsen aka Tindaloo

    She’s wonderful! ♥ Thank you bunches Amanda

  9. Suze

    Thank you for the free digi. I’m not sure what colours I would choose – it often depends on my mood when I sit down to colour!

  10. Andree Clark

    thank you so much for this beautiful image-I’m going to go with frosty blues whites and silvers x

  11. Erika "Paws"Horvathova

    Thanks so much for this gorgeous freebie. I will probably use green + blue (or maybe violet).

  12. sandra kingsley

    thankyou! i will be doing her in mauves!

  13. Sam Roberts

    Thank you 😀 I will colour her purple with water colours xx

  14. Suzy

    OMGoodness !!! How super AWESOME she is…. THANK YOU 😀
    I think I might try her in shades of grey and black – just to be different 🙂

    IKE xx

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  15. AnyOldCraft

    Oh Manda she is beautiful thank you.
    I think she will look good in blues and purples 🙂

  16. Sharon

    Thank you Amanda for this gorgeous freebie, she is lovely. When I get to colour her I think it will be aqua and some blue and maybe light lavender or something similar.

  17. Jeanetta

    Thank you! She is gorgeous. <3

  18. Karen Pimblett

    Thank you so much for your kindness.

    She is so very beautiful. And I am looking forward to bringing her to life. I think my colour scheme will be spring themed. I am still full of the flu and already longing for spring time next year. Grins.

    Huge hugs.

  19. doudou2106

    Oh so beautiful! Thank you so much!

  20. tracy bayley

    Thanks Amanda! She is beautiful. I will have a go using pinks and purples 🙂

  21. Margaret

    Gorgeous. I think I’ll use shades of Lavender.

  22. Shelli

    She’s beautiful. Thank you.

  23. Teresa

    Thank you Manda, she’s lovely!! And thank you for the color card.

  24. Donna Mundinger

    Oh WOW! She’s so fabulous! Thanks so much. I think my first coloring will lean towards blues and olive greens with perhaps some gold. LOVE her! xxD

  25. Heather McDougall

    Thank you for being so generous with a lovely image. I think I will color her in pastels since those are my favorite colors.

  26. Pamela

    Thank you Hun. She is awesome. I’m going to try some pinks.

  27. Diana Sowers

    Love this image. Hmmm…..trying to figure out what colors I would use. My favorite color is turquoise so maybe something with that and greens and pinks. Not sure yet!!!!

  28. linda muir

    Thanks. I plan to use lime green, robin’s egg blue and yellow.

  29. Trina

    I don’t know which colors I’d like best, but there are some good ideas from the other commenters! Thank you so much!

  30. Trina Flynn

    Lovely Fairy, Thank you so much for your kindness…I was thinking about trying the colors you used Amanda and then try to color her up using some pretty purples or blues.

  31. Leza

    Thanks so much for this lovely digi stamp.

  32. Lawren

    Thank you so much, she is beautiful!

  33. Mary Marin

    Beautiful’ Thank you

  34. Suzi McKenzie

    Thank You for the beautiful freebie. I think i might colour her in brown, teal and gold.

  35. Louise

    Thanks Amanda, she is beautiful.
    I will probably colour her in greens and purples. 🙂

  36. Sara

    Blues and purples probably. She’s so pretty!

  37. April S.

    I’ m thinking purple and green!

  38. Crafting Vicky

    Love this digi!!! Thank you!!!!

  39. Mel C

    Beautiful, thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving!

  40. Linda from ladybugstampers

    Beautiful image thank you so much

  41. Keena

    Thank you so much, shes beautiful, I want to try her in some deep plums, and earthtones….

  42. Margaret A (Granmargaret)

    Thank you for the lovely free image

  43. AJ

    She is gorgeous. Thank You for your generosity. 🙂

  44. Hanne M.

    Now she’s on my blog. I did go with greens and yellows like I commented earlier – although more with yellows than greens… 🙂