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Guest DT Call!

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Who wants to come play behind the scenes?

Faery Ink has a fabulous Design Team. We have had a lot of great ladies on the team, some have stayed, some have moved on, all were wonderful. But, in the end, the ladies who were the best fit are the ones still on the team (a few have been with us for over a year). I get comfortable with people and find it hard to let them go – I like a small tight group. But I feel bad that I don’t offer a lot of opportunities for other project designers to get on the team and have some fun with Faery Ink images behind the scenes.

Which is why I am looking for guest designers! =) Guest designers will be a ‘one month’ design team member. You’ll have two projects that you are -required- to do (a new release project with an image of my choosing and an inspiration project with an image of your choosing from the new releases), but you will be welcome to participate in the multiple ‘optional’ projects that I offer the Design Team each month. At the end of the month, if you’ve gotten your projects completed on-time, you also get to choose 3 digis from the Faery Ink shop to add to your digital stamp collection. In all, you’ll have the opportunity to earn 7 digis in the month that you are our guest designer. (Maybe more if you’re part of a month where we have events scheduled).

That is what I’m offering you.

This is what I’ll be expecting from you. (And I am a bit of a stickler about these things)

  • You need to be on-time with any project you are given or agree to take on. If you’re not, you will probably not be chosen again for any future guest DT spots and obviously you won’t get the bonus digis that come with being on time.
  • Your projects need to have thought and time put into them. Please don’t procrastinate and then have to slap something together. I would actually prefer that you not make anything at all. Your mission as a project designer is to show our crafty friends how much fun it is to make beautiful projects from these images. If your projects are sloppy and thrown together with no thought or care, you are showing people that you weren’t excited about the images. Thus you’ve wasted my time and yours. Which brings me to…
  • You need to truly LOVE Faery Ink images. Please don’t apply if this is just another way to get ‘free’ images. I don’t give away images to my design team members, they earn them with their passion. I want a design team of people who are passionate about what they are doing, having a great time doing it, and are proud to be on the Faery Ink DT. If Faery Ink isn’t really your style, that’s perfectly understandable – we all have our own preferences. But, it means you are not a fit for the DT so please don’t apply =P
  • You need to be a social (& social media) butterfly. You must have a blog, a Facebook and at least one other social media that you are active on (Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are my favorite social medias for sharing projects). Also, you participate in groups geared toward crafters and people who like to color and have no problem sharing your projects made from Faery Ink images in them. If your blog has only been updated once in the past 3 months then you should be posting on Facebook and other social medias a lot.
  • You need to be able to take clear photos of your projects. It makes me so sad to see a gorgeous project hidden by shadows in a poorly taken photograph. You don’t need to be Annie Leibovitz, but you should be able to take a picture that is not too dark, or too light. If you can’t get good lighting, open it up in a graphics program and adjust the Brightness/Contrast until it’s clear and easy to see.
  • You need to be a decent writer. If English is your native tongue, you should know how to use capitalization and punctuation appropriately at the very least. If you can create interest and personality in your writing – even better! If English is not your native tongue you need to be fluent enough in it to explain what you’ve done with your project. Sadly, English is the only language I am fluent in and it’s important that we be able to communicate.
  • You need to be someone who likes to learn new things and continuously strives to improve.

You’re probably thinking that this is a lot for a guest designer but keep in mind there may be offers for a long term spot made to those who mesh well when spots are available =)

So if you read this much and you think you’re up for it.. here’s how to apply:

  • Create a post on your blog titled “Faery Ink GDT Application” (or something along those lines :p )
  • Be sure to include this url on your post or your entry won’t be accepted in the InLinkz below.
  • Include two projects using Faery Ink images. One should be an old favorite (which you should link to the original post on your blog where you shared it) but the second should be brand new, made specifically for this GDT Call.
  • Answer the following questions and include them on your blog
  • Then add the link to the blog post you’ve made to the InLinkz below. 


  1. How did you find Faery Ink?
  2. What are your top 3 favorite Faery Ink images? Why? (please include the URL to the images in the Faery Ink shop)
  3. How many projects have you made from Faery Ink images?
  4. What kind of projects do you like to make from Faery Ink images? (cards, art journals, boxes, candles, art for your personal use etc…)
  5. How many design teams are you currently on?
  6. How many projects do you need to complete each month in order to satisfy your obligations to your other design teams?
  7. Would you be open to a long term spot on the team?
  8. Is there any month between December 2015 and November 2016 that you will be unavailable to be a guest designer?
  9. Are you familiar with the WordPress blogging platform?
  10. How often do you post on Facebook?
  11. Do you participate in groups on Facebook?
  12. What other social media platforms are you active on? (Please provide links to your profile at each)
  13. Is there anything you would like to add?

Now that you’ve gotten that all together, create your post and get it added to the InLinkz widget below.

You have until November 28th to get your application in. If you’ve been selected you will get a Facebook friend request from Amanda Byron (that’s me 🙂 ) no later than the 30th. From there I’ll ask you a few more questions and if that goes well, I’ll let you know what month you will be guest designing. I’ll message you a few weeks before to remind you but be sure to put it on your agenda.

When your month arrives you’ll be pulled into the Faery Ink DT group on Facebook. We work a month ahead, so if you are guest designing in February, you will actually be behind the scenes from 1st of January through the 1st of February. If you are chosen for January 2016 guest dt, this means you will be pulled into the DT group right after we speak (and thus will have two projects to add to your plate for this December), so make sure to keep that in mind when answering question number 8 =)

I am really excited to see your answers and your projects but most especially for the opportunity to get to know some of you a little more <3 <3

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5 Responses

  1. Margaret A (Granmargaret)

    Thank you Amanda for the opportunity to apply for a guest designer spot. Added my card yesterday. Best wishes.

  2. Jen

    What a great opportunity for those of us who love Faery Ink! Unfortunately, I don’t know WordPress, am only on Facebook and have a blog, and my photography is not that good either.
    Good luck to all applicants!
    Jen Leeflang

  3. kate

    what an amazing opportunity!! Unfortunately I am only on facebook and my blog so don’t qualify. All the best to the applicants and enjoy your month if you are chosen

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