Heart on a String journal page by Crafting Vicky

Heart on a String journal page by Crafting Vicky

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Heart on String is such a great image to use in a journal page!

And it’s an image that actually got me out of bed and journaling at past 11PM!!!!  Yup just needed to be out of me and unto a page.  Do journaling do that to you?  I’ve found so far that I just get this idea that just needs to come out and be put to paper!!!!  It’s like it’s got a life of it’s own.  And this is what happened with this great image!

heart on a string

 I used mixed media stuff on this page….  even some nail polish!!!! 🙂  If you want to see the details click here to go to my blog.

Here’s a closer look at the digi colored with my copics, and revlon nail polish lol.  I also added some real pins to it as well as a ribbon to follow the string.

heart on a string-1

I find that creating journaling like this can be so very freeing!  Hope you try it as well if you haven’t already!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!


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