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Do I Do Enough?

That is what I asked myself this past weekend.

I took my mother and my children to Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday.


Discovery Place, if you’ve never been, is a science centered museum targeted toward families.

It was so much fun. The kids had a blast with all the interactive games and displays.

If you are ever in the area with kids in tow, it is a great place to spend the day.. I couldn’t recommend it more.

When we were done with all the exhibits, we had lunch and then headed to the Imax Dome Theater to catch a movie.

I had the times mixed up so we didn’t get to see the movie we originally planned to see.

Sometimes, I think – maybe things really do happen for a reason.

We ending up seeing “Journey to the South Pacific”.

It was beautiful. Lots of underwater scenes of gorgeous marine life.

It gave us a look into the life of people living on the islands around Papua and we learned so much about what is happening to our oceans in that region and what that means for the marine life there, especially the coral reefs and the sea turtles (which are nearing extinction).

I was so moved by the mama sea turtle, who swam thousands of miles to bury her eggs in the sands of the same beach she was hatched on.

Then to find out that out of the 100 she buries, only 10 actually make it to the ocean safely.

And to think they are going extinct. It is heartbreaking.

Then to see all the effort the islanders put into keeping the ocean and marine life safe…

It made me think about how little I really contribute to the world.

I asked myself if I was really doing all I could to make the world a better place, to contribute to the earth that sustains me, that sustains my family.

Do I do enough?

For a moment, I caught myself thinking that I really don’t have anything I can contribute.

But really, we all have SOMETHING we can do to contribute to the world around us.

I am, by no means, rich.

However, I’ve spent many years learning to draw and color and make things that put a smile on someone’s face.

So, I was inspired to start contributing through my drawings, in this case, my digital stamps.

Every month I will offer a ‘charity digi’ from which all sales (minus Paypal fees) will go toward a particular cause.

It’s not much, but with your help it can be more =)


The above original artwork is available in black and white and black on transparent digital stamp format here:

It is $5.00 but you receive 3 digital stamps, each in both PNG and JPG format.

All of the money from sales of this digi (after Paypal fees) will go to the One World One Ocean Foundation.

There are over 400 people on the newsletter.

If just half of Faery Ink’s subscribers purchased this digi that would be $1000 toward preserving marine life.

That’s a lot more than I contribute all by myself…

So, if you would like to contribute to creating safe places in our ocean for marine life to thrive and get a couple gorgeous stamps to color in doing so, head over and get yours today =)

If you would like to link back to this page, you can use this logo:


How would you like to win a free original artwork?

And to give you just a little more to keep you thinking about the turtles (and to convince you to help me, help them) I’ve added a little bonus to this month’s charity digi..

Color any of the digital stamps from the One World One Ocean charity sea turtle set and post it on your blog with a link back to this post. Afterward, come over and link up to your blog in the InLinkz widget below.

You have to make sure you link back to this post directly so your link up will show below =)


One winner will receive the original 4″ x 6″ (10cm x 15.25cm) artwork shown above. It comes in a magnetic photo frame so it will be lovely on your fridge (if you’re a magnet collector like myself) or it can be taken out of the magnet frame very easily and traditionally framed if you prefer.

Challenge runs from today through midnight EST May 5th. Winner will be announced the following day =)

Please share this with your friends so they can join in for fun, helping a worthy cause and a chance at original art and free digis.

Thank you so much for helping to make the ocean safer for the beautiful and mysterious creatures that call it home.


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2 Responses

  1. Paula

    I totally love this post, it’s so selfless. You know when I was choosing which charity I wanted to sponsor it took me quite a while. Not because I never wanted to give but the fact that I wanted the charity to tick the boxes for me. I think charity is a personal thing. And you are right we don’t have to be rich to be charitable.

    Can I have a link button for my blog to link this post xxxx. Love it xxx good on you xxx

  2. Manda

    I have on charity that is very special to me which will be featured probably a few times here. I’ve added a linker =)