New Digital Stamps: Bella, Heart of the 90s & Gabbie the Orchid Faery
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What era claims your heart? The 90s were an interesting decade for me, the last decade of my youth; I met my first husband, started having kids, discovered the internet. Although there are eras I never lived in that I wish I could experience, my life was heavily defined by the culture of the 1990s. My favorite music artist is Tori Amos with artists of the era like Björk, Ani Difranco, Liz Phair, Bikini Kill and Hole still filling my most listened to … Read More

New Digital Stamps: Faery Dream Tree & Guinea Pig Holiday!
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What Do Faeries Dream Of? I wonder this sometimes. Considering how enchanted and magical their own land is, I am inclined to think they must dream of rather mundane things.. like breakfast toast and socks eaten by the dryer monster.. What do you think? Our Fae Dream Tree digi is really more a coloring page than a digital stamp. After printing it out at 5″ x 7″ I had a terrible time not ruining her face so if you are … Read More

Happy Halloween!

Samhain Blessings & Happy Dias de los Muertos! I hope those who celebrate are having a wonderful time =) We are a pagan household so while we celebrate Halloween as a fun aspect of the start of the dark half of the year, we also celebrate Samhain as a sacred time of change, to honor our beloved dead, and to prepare for the brutal winter soon coming. It sounds real out-there but basically we share stories about loved ones who are … Read More

Kit and Clowder October Create and Learn
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Witches and Vampires and Jack-O-Lanterns – Oh my! I’m a dork, I know, but I’m so excited I can’t help myself 😉 If you haven’t noticed, I kinda sneaked in a couple Halloween images a few days ago without mentioning them anywhere.. If you have noticed, and you’re not already familiar with my favorite coloring lessons, you might be wondering what that’s all about. Well I am here to tell you =) Alyce Keegan is the amazing artist behind Kit and … Read More

New Digital Stamps: Demera Star Angel & Rockabilly Autumn Rose
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Angels are kinda like faeries.. I mean, they have wings and they fly. Sure, faeries are known for mischief and a wee bit of trickery, but angels have been known to get into a little trouble now and then too 😉 Before I go on about the new digis added today, a little reminder about our weekly giveaway! Comment on this post and any other post that starts with “New Digital Stamps” (from this month) to win free digi’s from next month’s releases! Learn … Read More

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