If I’m “lucky” I will keep my life organized… with this!!
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Top o’ the Mornin’ to ya! Wanna see a beautiful new digital stamp? Autumn Rose- Spirit of Ireland will flip your kilt! Hey everyone!! How is your month going? We’ve been busy around here!! My oldest turned 6 a few weeks ago so that was a big deal!! I always find myself struggling to keep track of everything I need to keep track of! Between hubby’s life and each of the kids lives, my life and crafting commitments; its a … Read More

Workshop Wednesday #8- Playing with Mists and Autumn Rose- Spirit of Ireland

Stamping with Mists is what we are going to do today!! I’m so excited to show you another fun technique to use to make your projects just pop! Hey everyone!! We are at the end of the month which means today is our last Playing with Mists technique! This one was really fun to do and I think you will all get a lot of use out of this one!! Grab a coffee and have a watch! That’s a super … Read More

Sending You The Luck of The Irish

Top o’ the Morning to you from Autumn Rose, The Spirit of Ireland! There are many mythological creatures and beings that appear in Celtic tradition including fairies, leprechauns, giants, banshees and selkies. According to Wikipedia, “The Tuatha Dé Danann are a race of supernaturally-gifted people in Irish mythology. They are thought to represent the main deities of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland. Many of the Irish tales of the Tuatha Dé Danann refer to these beings as fairies, though in more ancient … Read More

Workshop Wednesday #7- Playing with Mists; Using Autumn Rose- Spirit of Ireland

Another week of Workshop Wednesday- Playing with Mists!! A new technique to use to create the perfect project for your digital stamps! Hey Faery Inkers!! I’m super excited to share this emboss resist technique with you all today!! Its such a fun way create so many different textures for your projects!! Have a look: Well what do you think? Something you are dying to go try!! It was so much fun! I can’t wait to do some more emboss resist … Read More

Workshop Wednesday #6- Playing with Mists and Autumn Rose- Spirit of Ireland

It’s time for another Workshop Wednesday- Playing with Mists! Are you ready to see another super fun technique to use with your digital stamp projects? Hello there!! I have another Workshop Wednesday technique for you! We are going to do some reverse stenciling or negative misting.. which ever way you want to say it! Take a peek below! There ya go! How cool is that? I cannot wait to do more of this in the very near future!!! Check you … Read More

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