Halloween October calendar featuring Zombie Angel digital stamp
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  Zombie Angel is such a great image it was perfect for a calendar! Well if you follow me you know that I’m desperately trying to get ahead of the game… the CHRISTMAS game…. YUP I said Christmas!  I want to make more handmade presents this year… and one of the ones that I decided to make is some Desk Calendars using some old (found in thrift store) flip albums frames.  I have a wood one started and this is the … Read More

Junk journal featuring Autumn Rose Boots n Bows
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Autumn Rose Boots n Bows is such a great image it was perfect for journaling! By now you know that I really really love doing other stuff than cards 🙂 And there’s something that I’ve been meaning to try and that’s making a junk journal!  This is the center folds of my junk journal.  This was done on some cardstock for paint that I gessoed and then did some gelli printing over. I think it really created a fun background for this … Read More

Follow Your Heart
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Follow Your Heart.. Or.. When You Are Suffering.. The Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood challenge this week was “Quotes”. For the art challenge, we made graphic memes using some of our favorite quotes. I am more a poetry girl, than a quotes girl but I tried to do a little of each. Both of these memes are made from art journals I made this week. I filmed the following journal and another one but I am having a … Read More

Blister in the Sun
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When I’m out walking… I strut my stuff… The Bloggerhood challenge last week was “Music”. I didn’t have time to get it finished last week but I was pretty excited about this challenge so I did it late. A few years ago, my husband and I went on a little road trip to New Orleans. It was a 10 hour trip and my husband likes to drive so I had plenty of time to read, snooze and doodle. One of the things I … Read More

Speed Art Journal – Practice Makes Perfect… Almost!

Speed Art Journal #2 Making these videos is as fun as I expected it to be!!! A thumbs up, comment, share and/or subscribe are all highly appreciated! http://www.youtube.com/user/FaeryInkArt/ :love: Originally, I thought I would do two faces so I could get double the practice on those skin tones, however the second face went wonky from the very beginning and I decided I did not care to bother with it. I love how the hair came out though. Very loose and … Read More

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