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This is my collection of cartoon dollz that I made from other’s bases. Bases are the bald, naked bodies (usually with pre-drawn faces) some pixel artists share with others who then draw onto hair, clothing, and accessories.

You will see various ‘copyrights’ on these dollz because I made them during different periods in my life (and while sharing them on different domains). ASK are my initials from my first marriage (Amanda S Kisner), was my dollz domain for a while, and Hearts Enchanted was a place where I made and sold cartoon dollz tubes which some of these are examples of. So now you know why the different copyright pixels.

These dollz are linkware, which means, if you fall in love with any of these dollz and would like to display it on your blog, please feel free, provided you link the doll itself back to:

These dollz are made from copyrighted bases, thus they are not available to be made into siggies so please don’t contact me to ask.

Please do not edit any of my dollz or claim the dollz as your own creation.

Thank you!

Credits for bases:
(From left to right, top to bottom)

  1. Horned fairy portrait base
  2. Night & Day Fae, Mouth Speaks & Saloon Girl base:
  3. Fuschia Monotone base Scratchcat Dollz
  4. Purple & Orange Ponytail base DoC Dollz
  5. Realm of the Forbidden AV base by ABC Dollz
  6. Realm of the Forbidden Prom Amanda base by Heavenly Dollz
  • Format: Pixel Art
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop
  • Years: 1998 - 2015

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