Throwback Thursday – Retirement Sale!

Throwback Thursday – Retirement Sale!

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Out with the old…

Since there’s just so much new! 🙂

It’s only natural that the more you do a thing, the better you get at it.

So when I’m going through the older images here at Faery Ink, it’s nice to see how much I’ve improved thanks to all the practice I’ve put in.

When I’m choosing images to color samples for and offer for Throwback Thursday, I choose images I really like, images I’m proud of, images that I don’t think I can improve upon just yet, images I want to color myself and most importantly, images I think you’ll enjoy coloring.

As I’m making these choices, I come across images that don’t meet all these requirements.

Some of them I know I can do better – and want to do better.

These you may see, new, revamped versions of in the shop one day.

Others are just not appealing to me – not my style.

If you already own any of these, or if you are purchasing them during the sale – make sure you have them downloaded already or download them right away.

I’m not sure if my e-commerce software will keep them in your account here at Faery Ink once I delete their listings.

So to be on the safe side – make sure you download them asap.

Some of the images being retired are freebies…

But there will be more, fresh freebies added in time =)

  1. The Artista
  2. Acorn Fairy
  3. Balloon Cutie
  4. Halloween Vampire Bride
  5. Wild Nature Elf
  6. Pumpkin Cutie
  7. Vamp Angel
  8. Vampy Cutie
  9. Lady Litha Fairy
  10. The Autumn Fairy
  11. Witchy Broomstick
  12. Fairy Fionna
  13. Bella Sunshine
  14. Ragdoll Heart
  15. Ragdoll Fairy
  16. Bella Mardi Gras Jester
  17. Fairy Fionna
  18. Princess Penelope
  19. Steampunk Mad Hatter Angel
  20. Dragon Rose Fae
  21. Roxie Angel of Ascension
  22. Penelope Fairy Dust
  23. Sola Flora Face
  24. Mandy Love
  25. Mandy La Flor
  26. Penelope Valentine
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