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One Day Fae Digi Giveaway – Chibi Fairy Godmother

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This Month Our One Day Fae is Chibi Fairy Godmother

Chibi Fairy Godmother by Amanda S Byron

This month is our very first Chibi One Day Fae Digi Giveaway! =D

I hope you enjoy it!

After 24 hours this stamp will only be available for a fee.

Please be sure to use this digi in accordance with the Terms of Use found here:

Please do not contact me asking for the digi if you miss the opportunity.

I DO NOT deliver this digi individually for any reason.

If you miss the opportunity to grab it for free you’ll just have to purchase it or go without.

I’m very sorry!

Please keep in mind, another lovely fae will be available next month =)


Click here to go to the product page to get your Chibi Fairy Godmother!
Click here to go to the product page to get your Chibi Fairy Godmother!

(When you color her, be sure to share your project in the Facebook group and feel free to comment on this blog post with a link to where the project is featured on your blog!)


 Doing some shopping?

Make sure to use coupon code 1dayfae for 30% off your digital stamp order through September 27th! =)

Coupon code is good on all regular price items 🙂

One Day Fae Digi Giveaway Coupon

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Check out Faery Ink’s first coloring book! Pretty Girls with Wings and Things =)
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Enjoy your new digi! Have a fantastic week =)

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Daydreamer, faery believer, dandelion wisher, artsy bookworm, fortune-telling witchy woman. I draw pretty girls with wings and things so you can bring them to life with color…

I’m the artist behind the digital stamps here at Faery Ink.

I live for my family & for making pretties. I’m an Aquarius with Cancer moon & rising. (So I’m a little eccentric and my feelings run super deep). I love to make stuff, draw, paint, cook, read, play guitar, bargain hunt, read tarot & runes and listen to music. I’m trying to love living a more active lifestyle, but I’m an introverted hermit so active’s not so easy!

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13 Responses

  1. Jenn Borjeson

    Amanda, you totally rock. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  2. Teresa Wollmann

    Thank you for the cute Chibi Godmother Amanda!

  3. Trina Flynn

    Super cute Chibi! It is so hard to believe Halloween is right around the corner…summer feels like it just came and vanished to fast!

  4. Christine Kosmak

    Thanks Manda for this chibi godmother! She’s gorgeous!

  5. Bonnie Lynn Schroeder Ratzloff

    Thank you so much Amanda!!!

  6. Bec B

    Thank you, I can see her being used as Halloween or Cinderella!

  7. Fikreta Posavec

    thank you!
    love this cute image!

  8. Hilde Larsen

    Thank you so much, she’s supercute ♥ and your coloring of her is amazing 🙂

  9. Mary Trainer

    Thank you! x

  10. Maryann Laursen

    Thanks soo very much for this beauty here, she´s just adorable.

  11. Lori Podolsky

    You are so kind, Amanda! Thank you so much for the beautiful images! Lori P xx

  12. Shannon

    She’s totally adorable!! Thank you!!!

  13. Vivian Foo

    Appreciate your generosity. Love the carriage very much.