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One Day Fae Digi Giveaway ~ Lahla Elemental Fae – Spirit

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This Month Our One Day Fae is Lahla Elemental Fae – Spirit

 Lahla Elemental Fae - Spirit by Amanda S Byron

This month our One Day Fae is the fifth element – Spirit, Akasha, the Great Void or Universal Consciousness. It is from Spirit that all other elements are created, so, although each element is important, the fifth element is the most important of all for without it, nothing would exist.

(And if that’s too trippy woo woo for you, well this little faery is a cosmic beauty made of constellations that is sure to delight any star gazing fan in your life so do enjoy!! ^_^ )

In exchange for this free digi, please leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite “element”: Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Spirit =) Are you an earthy nature lover – (earth)? Do you have a fiery passionate personality (fire)? Is the beach your second home (water)? Do you like exploring the esoteric/religion/different cultures (spirit)? 

(When you color her, be sure to share your project in the Facebook group and feel free to comment on this blog post with a link to where the project is featured on your blog!)

 Giveaway has ended!

After 24 hours this stamp will only be available for a fee in the shop. Please be sure to use this digi in accordance with the Terms of Use found here: Please do not contact me asking for the digi if you miss the opportunity. Please make sure that you are not trying to download this digi onto a phone or some other device that has trouble downloading JPGs 😉 I recommend downloading to your computer or tablet <3 If you have trouble downloading the image try Right Clicking and choosing SAVE LINK AS.. =)


 Doing some shopping?

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One Day Fae Digi Giveaway Coupon

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Enjoy your new digi! Have a fantastic week =)

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65 Responses

  1. Erika Estuova

    Thank you for the freebie – I just added all the elementar fairies to my collection, they are gorgeous. I have two fav elements – Air and Earth

  2. Heather

    Thank you so much xxx I am more a Water girl….. feel so at ease near water

  3. Marcelle

    Thank you so much, she is beautiful, must go get the others now 😉

  4. Deborah

    Thank you. She is beautiful. I would say I’m water. Love the sun and my pool😎

  5. Margaret A (Granmargaret)

    Thank you for the freebies. I love the beach but unfortunately I don’t get there now.

  6. Bonnie Lynn

    Thank you so much!! She is beautiful!!

  7. Tammy Valley

    She’s gorgeous! I’m a little bit of everything and not dominant in any.

  8. Deborah Skinn-Cotton

    Thank you ever so much, she is gorgeous and I look forward to colouring her 🙂 My favourite element is Water (my Chinese Zodiac is a Water Dragon)

  9. Treebug

    thank you. Yes, I am an earthy nature lover …
    have a great day!

  10. Karen

    Lovely image. I love all things nature so I am earth

  11. Michelle

    Thank you so…much love her!

  12. sue

    Thank you so much! What a beautiful digi.

  13. Shannon

    Yet another lovely addition to your shop – love the elementals you’ve created! Probably earth is my fave. Thank you!

  14. TracyM #6773

    Thank You for this cosmic beauty!
    I’m leaning more to earth … but have to confess that you reminded me of a cool movie “The Fifth Element” 🙂

  15. Shannon

    Love these new elementals! Earth is my favorite. Thanks again for the gracious gift!

  16. Devlin

    Earth fits best with me. Thank you, she is stunning.

  17. Beth

    Thank you…she’s a beauty! I am an Earth lover <3

  18. Bec B

    Love the Fae, thank you! My choice would have to be fire!

  19. Vivian Foo

    Fire and also an earthy nature lover. Thank you so much for this gorgeous fae. Always grateful for all your beautiful freebies. You are so kind.

  20. Jeanetta Scott

    Beautiful! Thank you <3

  21. Sonya

    She’s so lovely! I would say I’m mostly air but also a bit of earth.

  22. Mel C

    Spirit is lovely to complete the set, thanks so much!

  23. Diana

    Thanks for the freebie. I love water!! The beach and swimming is my happy place. LOL

  24. Angel

    Thank you so much for the freebie. I will be checking out the new elements digits in your store during my free time.

  25. laura wallace

    Water 🙂 thank you

  26. Donna Mundinger

    Oh she’s gorgeous! Thank you so much. Already bought the other fabulous elements so now the collection is complete. Me? I’m FIRE! LOL xxD

  27. Sherry

    She is so beautiful, thank you…..Mine is EARTH for sure….love gardening and camping, hiking

  28. Kelcey

    Very pretyty- thanks. My favorite element is water!

  29. Roz

    Thank you very much for the beautiful freebie. I love the water element.

  30. Jenn Borjeson

    Thank you so much Amanda, she’s gorgeous!

  31. Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo

    she’s lovely! thank you for this cosmic fae ♥ my fave element is earth, love creating in earthtones, and I surround myself with earthy things, clothes, furniture 🙂

  32. Päivi

    Thank you for the lovely freebie. I like water, but spirit is my favorite.

  33. Christine Kosmak

    Thanks for another gorgeous image!

  34. Suzanne McKenzie

    Thank you for another gorgeous freebie, I adore your elemental girls, can’t wait to print them all out and colour them. I’ve always felt an attachment to Fire, being a Leo lol xxx

  35. AJ

    She is wonderful. Thank you. I am going to have to say that Earth and Spirit are my favorite two elements.

  36. Bonnie Taylor

    Thank you so much! She is beautiful! I would say that my favorite elements are Earth and Air.

  37. Marji Franklin

    She’s amazing! Thank you so much

  38. Tracy Welham

    Gorgeous! I think earth is my favourite element as I love nature and watching the changes in colours and textures that the seasons bring. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Cleah

    Thank you for the beautiful Lahla.I think I’m more of an earth or nature person.

  40. Angel

    I am definitely a fire. Thank you for the lovely fairy!

  41. Laurian

    Thank you for the lovely fae, I am definitely an earth person with a touch of fire!

  42. Tazmadazz

    My favorite elementals are two Fire and Spirit! Thank you for the Spirit Elemental Fae Manda!

  43. Ike

    Such a gorgeous freebie – Thank you. I am an Earth person but I like to try and be a little Spirit too 🙂 xxxx

  44. Nicola Gold

    Air for me as I’m an air sign. I often dream I can fly!!

  45. Nicola Gold

    Air for me as I’m an air sign. I often dream I can fly!!

  46. Donette M Robertson

    Thanks. Earth.

  47. Deanna

    love the elementals you’ve created! Probably earth is my favorite. Thank you!

  48. Suze

    Thanks for the image. Although I have a fiery passionate personality I live in the water and love the beach – so water for me!

  49. Holly Stahly

    I am Spirit ! I do enjoy the other elements, too
    Amanda, This set of is awesome, every time I see your new work
    I think , that’s my fav. But these lovelys take the cake.
    Any chance you could do a male set ?
    Mega hugs Holly

  50. Wendy Nicola Jackson

    She’s beautiful Manda. Thank you!! xoxo

  51. Linda

    Thank you Amanda she is beautiful but all your images are. I am a leo so of course I love fire….

  52. Grandma Bonnie

    Thank you, Amanda, she is so lovely!

  53. Grandma Bonnie

    I forgot to respond with my favorite, i really don’t have one as my favorite. I love them all. 🙂 If i have to pick one i think it is Air. I think i need a “Time” Spirit because i never have enough.

  54. Heather McDougall

    Thank you Amanda, she is beautiful! My favorite element is water because I love the beach and my happiest childhood memories were at the beach.

  55. karen dale

    Spirit is beautiful, I’m an earth sign born, I’m very family minded and love nature so its pretty correct, but your spirit digi is awesome thanks for the digi, I will enjoy colouring her x

  56. Rae Ann

    I was born under an air sign and carry the majority of the air elemental characteristics. I don’t know if air is my favorite, but air is me. =)

    Thank you for another gorgeous fae this month!

  57. Dana L

    I think I’m fire.

  58. Trina Flynn

    I honestly think my favorite element is a little of earth, fire, water and spirit! Thank you for the lovely Lahla Elemental Fae-Spirit she is lovely!

  59. Natalie Godfrey

    Awesome she is adorable! I bought the other 4 elements the other day and I want to say that I am Fire!!

  60. Lanette MacAlister

    Thank you so much, Amanda. I’m a big time fire girl with a fire birth sign – Leo.

  61. Danni

    I’ve never really thought about what element I am. Hmm…nothing really is dominant but leaning towards Earth and Spirit. Thank you so much for the free digis each month.

  62. Chantay Crews

    Thank You for the image! I am a WATER kinda gal.

  63. JaneyG

    Thank you, Amanda. I was born an Aquarius and posses most of the associated traits, but latelyI generate more towards the spirit.

  64. Kathy

    Thank you Amanda, I am fire!

  65. Lynn Milewski

    Thank you for sharing your freebies. I so appreciate it!