One Day Fae Digi Giveaway – Bella Summer Twilight Fae

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This Month Our One Day Fae is Bella Summer Twilight

 Bella Summer Twilight Fae

In exchange for this free digi, please leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite time of day (or night!) and why =)

Giveaway has ended!

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144 Responses

  1. Tammy Valley

    I’m a night person & been that way since I was little. :) Thank you!

  2. Michelle Millsom

    I love late night because, my Family think i was a vampire n a previous life mwahahaaaa xx

  3. Diana Sowers

    Im more of a night person. I usually wake up and just sit on the couch until I am fully awake.

  4. Kelcey

    I love the mornings because of seeing a new day begin…thanks!

  5. Tazmadazz

    Thank you for Bella, Amanda! My favorite time of night is midnight, it is quiet and if I’m sitting outside where I live you can here the animals moving around and sometimes chatting to each other in the moonlight. Also the stars are clearer as all the lights are out.

  6. Sally

    Morning is best for me when the house is quiet. Thank you so much xxx

  7. Nicola Gold

    I always loved the night time when I was young. I’d stay up as long as I could. I like it now for different reasons – kids in bed and I can have some adult time!

  8. Sandy Harrington

    Morning sitting enjoying my coffee.

  9. HeatherM

    I am not a morning person so afternoon is probably my most productive time, but really anytime that isn’t morning is good. :-)

  10. Heather

    Thank you :) I love Midnight too – so quiet and I get to think :)

  11. Lisa

    Thank you so much she’s BEAUTIFUL!!! My favorite time of night is like, two am. It’s quiet and I can create and it’s just peaceful!

  12. Carla

    She is beautiful!!! I’m a late morning person. After about 4 cups of coffee I’m ready to go. Thank You so much.

  13. Kathy Barley

    I have always been a nightowl. I seem to be at my best when most folks are going to bed. Now that I’m retired, I can give free rein to that tendency!

  14. Charlene Mitchell

    Thank you so much! My favourite time of day is night. I get a second wind around 10:30-11 pm and love to create then!

  15. Danni

    Thank you so much! I don’t know that I have a favorite time of day. I like mornings because it’s time to start the day fresh and then I like night as that’s when I’m most creative! :)

  16. Robin

    Night after 9pm (when my kids go to bed) get a little time to myself

  17. Jeannean M

    Thanks for the digi; I love her hair!! My favorite time of day would depend on what I am doing/where I am at. In general, I can say my favorite time is my crafting time, whenever I can fit it in!! (Otherwise, this non morning person, likes a nice summer morning if camping!)

  18. Julbee

    I love dusk, the quiet, beautiful sunset and beautiful moon.

  19. Jennifer

    Definitely night, as I have always been a night owl, just like my Mommie. It’s in my DNA!!! Thank you for the beautiful Fairy!!!

  20. Thank you for the freebie, and m favorite time of day is bedtime (usually after 11:30 news is over). That’s when I relax and read my kindle favorite book of the night!

  21. CJ

    She’s gorgeous Amanda. Thank you. Always been a night owl :)

  22. Sherry Gibson

    Thank you for Bella, she is beautiful! I have always been a nightowl, so night time is my favorite time…it’s peaceful and quiet. That’s when I would rather be creating. :)
    Hugs, Sherry x
    Loose Stitches and Unraveled Threads

  23. julie hasell

    thank you for the stunning image, I’m always awake during the night don’t sleep well the pain makes sure of that, so end up going back to bed at 5 so not a morning person lol but love the evenings when the sun about to set :-) xxx

  24. Natalie Godfrey

    Thank you so much she is adorable. My favorite time of day is early morning because it is peaceful. Everyone else is a sleep!

  25. Cheryl L.

    My favorite time of the day is 10am…Its still early enough to be excited about the day holds, but allows me plenty of time to shake off any grogginess.

  26. Tonya Doust

    My favourite time is night when I get to go to bed and try to sleep through the night but I never make it, wake up alot.

  27. Marcelle Kleinmeulman

    She is beautiful! Anytime is my time. I often don’t get time to just sit and colour so I take it with me and do it if I’m having lunch, waiting at the doctors, having a cuppa, waiting to pick the kids up, during the church service ;)

  28. keena

    Night, Because IM NOT AT WORK : ) THank you’

  29. Letitia Hensley

    I love the night sky. I also love sunset and sunrise. Thanks for the digi.

  30. judi fisher

    I’m a morning person ……….. Nightime makes me sleepy

  31. Twila

    Thank you! I love her! She is beautiful!! <3

  32. Jennifer Daniels

    Give me the night. I’ve always been a night hawk even when I was little. Thank you 😊

  33. Ceci Reyes

    Thank you very much. My favorite time is night time, I usually go to sleep by 3-4 ó clock in the morning, Though coloring time is best in daylight.

  34. belinda

    I’m a morning person love the morning sun with breakky

  35. Frankie Holland

    Thank you so much for the lovely image. I too am a bit of a night owl and am at my “creative best” between about midnight and 3:00 a.m. !

  36. Sandra Le Doux

    I’m a night owl… definitely not a morning person. I like nights so much because it’s when everything is quiet and peaceful. :)

  37. Bobbi Silva

    I love the night it is peaceful and different from the brightness of the day.

  38. She is gorgeous! Thank you ♥ I’m a night owl ~ healthwise, my body functions better late in the day and at night, and all the interesting things online happens at night ;) Like now, should be time to get up, but I’m off to bed instead!

  39. Christy Porter

    Definitely a night person. I live in a very hot place so my most relaxing time is once the sun goes down.

  40. Jean

    I am a morning person, love getting up early. Nobody else about no noise and have a bit of me time .
    Thanks for the digi she is beautiful.
    Jean xx

  41. Kirsten Persson Kristensen

    Thank you, Amanda, she’s stunning.
    I’m definitely an evening/night person as that’s when I’m off work and able to colour. However, I also love the light hours, when you can sit in the garden and enjoy nature.

  42. Jessica Berger

    Thank you very much for this cute digi!
    My favourite time on day ist the night!

  43. TracyM #6773

    Thank You for this beauty!
    My favourite time of day is the evening … because I have RA and my body doesn’t co-operate very well in the mornings.

  44. Jarka Ef

    wow, she is so beautiful. thank you very much. I can´t wait to colour this digi. wish you nice day!

  45. Ea Christiansen

    Thank you for the gorgeous freebie. 😍
    The best time for me is at sundown. Sitting in my garden, with the sun in my face, looking at the beautiful colors and getting inspired. ☺

  46. Sian Hillman

    She is lovely thank you so much. My fav time of the day has to be the afternoon/evening because the kids are home from school and I can spend time with them. Also I like to sit and watch tv while I colour or make cards.

  47. Debora Bayrak

    Thanks so much, she’s gorgeous! I don’t have a favorite time but my most creative time is about 3 or 4 in the morning.

  48. sandra kingsley

    thank you Amanda!
    i am both, an early riser to make the most out of the day, and a night owl colouring until all hours.

  49. Michelle

    I remember when I was younger I used to love staying up late watching a trashy film or show whilst everyone else was asleep…. My body clock would appear to be a bit broken now as it’s rare I can stay awake past 10pm….so I take my joy in the quiet hours of around 6am….whilst everyone else is still asleep and the day is about to begin….
    Thank you for the beautiful Bella and have a great day xxx

  50. Shannon Abblitt

    Thank you!
    My favourite time is around 11pm when everyone is asleep (or should be) and I can enjoy some quiet alone time.

  51. Net

    Thank you so much Amanda – she’s gorgeous

  52. Charlene

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous image. My favorite time of day is night time…once everyone is in bed and I can just sit back and either craft or read a book without interruptions. :)

  53. melba dobson

    love night
    so much quieter

  54. Lea Wilkin

    Thank you she is really beautiful. I think I’d have to say very early mornings before sunrise. I love watching the sun come up.

  55. Patricia

    Thank you for the freebie. Mostly I am an evening person but sometimes in the morning

  56. Karen

    I love early morning walks with my dog while the streets and parks are still quiet.

  57. Maryann Laursen

    Thank you so very much. She´s such a cutie and is just perfect for some tiny boxes, I was going to make, so will hopefully get to try her right away .
    I´ve always been a night owl, but now a days, after I unfortunately had to be healthretired, I can´t lay down much, so now I´m both the early bird and a night owl, so I like to craft at any time of the day or night now, depending on how my body will cooperate with my head LOL.

  58. Kaz

    I am more an evening/night person, winding down relaxing with family during the evening.

  59. Bente Lie

    Thank you for the beautiful freebie <3 I love quiet mornings With a cup of coffee, before I the kids get out of bed and we all have to rush to School and work :) Have a beautiful day!

  60. sabrina van vloten

    she is so lovely :) thank you

  61. Mary Trainer

    Love the night..its quiet and peaceful though these days I have difficulty staying awake too late LOL. Thank you, Bella is gorgeous as always xx

  62. Sandra Hawker

    Thank you, don’t really have a preference, depends what I am doing!

  63. Cal Shrive

    Amanda, thank you so much for Bella, she is gorgeous! My favourite time of day is first thing in the morning, I love getting up early, I can get all my housework done so much quicker before the kids wake up for school… such a good feeling being able to sit down with the children and talk to them while they are having b’fast :) :) :)

  64. nelida

    Thanks Amanda! I love mornings

  65. Rosa A/Scraprosa

    Thanks so much for this beauty! My favourite time is late in the evening, I’m a real night owl :D That is the time when I do most of my colouring :D

  66. aunty sue

    used to be night but think as i get older very very early morning when all is quiet is fab.

  67. Emily Shroom

    Thanks for the freebie, she is gorgeous. I’m a night owl so love the nights.

  68. Michelle Cockburn

    Thank you so…..much! She is beautiful xx

  69. Erika Paws

    Thank you for the beautiful freebie – my fav part of day is evening where all the family is together

  70. Shannon

    Thanks again Amanda! She’s beautiful! My favorite time of day has to be early morning – so peaceful!

  71. Tracy Welham

    Thank you, beautiful image. I’m an early bird, love going out early in the morning to walk my dog. Creative Blessings, Tracy x


    gracias,soy noctambula por naturaleza…de noche soy toda concentración


    gracias,lo que mas me gusta del dia…la noche

  74. Shannon Maino

    Thanks again Amanda! She’s beautiful! My favorite part of the day is early morning – so peaceful and calm!

  75. Cathy Holford

    My favorite time of day is the evening when I can snuggle down with my hubby and 2 cats.

  76. Lisa Taiariol

    Love her. Thank you!

  77. kerrie brown

    thank you so much for the gorgeous Fae-Bella xx my favourite time of the day well i should say night lol is about 12-2am as i am the only one awake at home and the house is completely still and quiet… but i am also a morning person i wake up at 6am even if ive been awake most of the night and spring into a well oiled morning routine to get my youngest 2 kiddies to schools breakfast club at 8am… by the time we leave i will always have made lunches, loaded dishwasher, loaded washing machine and double dutch braided my daughters hair… once back from school run at 8.15am i am then free to work or chill until i collect them again at 3pm… it was strange at first having no children at home… as a mum of 4 i always had at least one at home with me… but ive now gotten used to the time alone and i actually really enjoy it x

  78. Crafting Vicky

    Wow so beautiful! Thank you!

  79. Jane Savage

    Thank you, she is stunning! So very generous! I’m a morning person. I used to be a night person but age has caught up with me! LOL

  80. Pam

    Thank you for the digi! So very kind of you.
    My favorite time of day is morning because the whole day is ahead of me filled with possibilities.
    Hmmm….just realized, this is quite thefunny answer coming from a night person.
    :) Pam

  81. Lena Johansen

    Thank you, she is really beautiful.
    My favorite time is after midnight. Then the noise is going away, and I feel that the ugliness of the world is gone. And finally the world breath, and me with it.


    I’m a day person.

  83. karen dale

    I’m a night person myself, I live in chronic pain and the quite of the night allows to do as I please to help myself with the pain and includes some crafting xx thanks for the free image x

  84. Kim Norcross

    i am a night person, i do so much more crafting at night than any other time of the day

  85. Trista

    Middle of the night when everything is quiet!

  86. Cindy

    Thank you for the little fae, she is very lovely. I prefer either after noon or in the evening.

  87. Bec B

    Night Owl, I like time in my own.

  88. wendy

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful stamp. My favorite time of day is the morning. I wake up full of energy and ideas. I usually poop out by 2 PM and need a nap.


    My favorite moment is in the morning. Just before the children get up, I can take care of myself and do some housekeeping

  90. Sissy

    I love everything about night, but I am a morning person.
    I am more alive and more productive in the early hours.
    Thank you for this stamp – it’s stunning!

  91. Susan Jones

    10 am me time! Thanks bunches! She is beautiful!

  92. shellshearer

    Love the night time…quiet, dark & snuggly
    Thanks for the freebies hun
    Hugs Shell xx

  93. Barbara G.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art work. My favourite time of day is any time I get to spend time with my adult children.

  94. charlene short

    I am a morning person :) thanks for the amazing image♥

  95. Sandy

    I guess I am more of a morning person. I have always gotten up and baked, and had the whole house cleaned by 10 am. I do enjoy family time in the evenings though! :) Thank you for the wonderful digi! She is just beautiful!

  96. Alicia

    I’m a night person – midnight is a favorite!

  97. Patti

    I have always been a night person!

  98. Melanie

    Thank you so much, she is a beauty! xx

  99. Maria D.

    Thank you so much!! You are always so generous!

  100. Mel C

    Beautiful, thank you! Early morning, coffee and computer time!

  101. AJ

    She is beautiful. Thank You.. I think I am more of a mid-morning to afternoon person. That is when I am more productive.. After I have had my morning cup of tea.. (^_^)

  102. Bettie

    I’m a late morning person! Thanks for the freebie!

  103. Deb

    Definitely a night person, love the time when everything is cool and calm.

  104. gail lass

    Thank you for this pretty image. My favorite time of the day is about 9pm when all the house is quiet and I’m in my craft room!

  105. Robin C

    Beautiful! Thanks so much! Hugs, Robin

  106. Marie-Anne

    Thank you for this lovely image. I’m more night person. Always have been. Love to sleep in en get to bed late.

  107. Kim

    She’s beautiful! Time of day… Dusk because I love sunsets in Hawaii!

  108. Vicki Hutley

    I’m a late night owl! Thank you for the digi

  109. MammaMia

    Thank you for this beautiful fae Amanda. If I can have 2 times of day, one will be dusk and the other will be just as dawn is breaking – I love listening to all the birdsong around our house which is strongest at these two times of day.

  110. Carmen.

    Thank you so much Amanda she is so cute and will be a joy to color. My favorite time of day is once everyone goes to bed. I have been known to stay up all night if I am doing something I enjoy.

  111. Karen Kizer

    absolutely gorgeous Amanda! Thank you for sharing so much!

  112. Suze

    THanks Amanda – she is lovely. My favourite time of the day would be first thing in the morning – except when I have to get up for work! Often I’m the only one up and out of bed and I feel refreshed after sleep. Perfect time to craft undisturbed.

  113. Geraldine

    Thanks so much Amanda.
    I am a night person but have to get up for work sometimes so I make the best of it!

  114. Bettina

    I am deffo a night person and thank you for this gorgeous fairy x

  115. Tricia

    Thank you for the digi. She is beautiful. I am a night person. I love the dark.

  116. Holly Stahly

    My favorite time of the day is 3:30 AM That’s when my honey wakes up.
    So, if I was up all night or wake up with him, I get to see him.
    Amanda, you really out did your self on this Fairy.
    I love 90% of what you create, but she’s a stunner.
    The way you colored her, WOW WEE just AWE some
    Thank you for sharing sharing you talent with us
    once again.

  117. Vanessa

    I am by far a night person! I wake up about the time everyone else is getting tired. I push through the day tired and in a brain fog, but once it is past 9pm or so I come alive and could stay up all night. My husband says I am truly a Vampire. I’m ok with that! ;)

  118. Vanessa

    By the way thank you for the gorgeous digi. I love me some Doctor Who and I can’t wait to see the others. Thank you for your generous gift. ❤

  119. tina zapusek

    I’m a night person :). Thank you very much!

  120. Trina Flynn

    My favorite time is night time because it is the time I can relax and have alone time! Thank you Amanda for the lovely image she is beautiful!

  121. Karen Glenn

    thank you so much my first digi now to figure out the easiet way to download and print,
    daytime would be my best . . x

  122. Donna Mundinger

    Thank you so much, she is gorgeous! My favorite time of day is wine o’clock. ;) xxD

  123. Anne

    Thank you Amanda she’s lovely. My favourite time of night at the minute is between 1 and 3 am i’m hooked on Pit bulls and Parolee’s on Animal planet.

  124. Vivian Foo

    Thank you Amanda! She is stunning! I’m a morning person love the freshness of the day.

  125. Helen Smith

    Thank you so much for this beauty! My favorite time of day has to be when I get home from work to my hubs.

  126. Merrie

    Thank you so much for sharing- she’s beautiful! Morning is my favorite time of day! I like to get all my chores done in the morning so I have the afternoon to craft (doesn’t always happen tho LOL)

  127. Lanette MacAlister

    Another real beauty, thank you. My favourite time of day is between 02.00 and 05.00 hrs. It’s a time when I can think and enjoy the quietness of the early morning.

  128. Rae Ann

    Thank you! She is so gorgeous! I am not even remotely a morning person so my favorite time is at night. Usually when everyone has gone to sleep and the house is peaceful. It is a rare occasion that I get to just be myself in the quiet house!

  129. sharla~

    thank you, she’s gorgeous!! I’m a total night owl! :)

  130. Cathy

    Definitely night time. Not much of a morning person. I tended bar for years and my husband was in a band. Thanks for the digi…she’s beautiful.

  131. April S.

    Thank you!! I seem to be more of a night person. Definitely not a morning person!!!

  132. Christine Kosmak

    Thanks again Amanda, for another gorgeous fae digi, Bella Summer Twighlight! I don’t really have afavouritetime of day/night. Although, I was going to say my favourite time of day was whenever my son isn’t here, as then I can get some housework etc done without him complaining, which is rare as he has Aspergers Syndrome and OCD and might go out once a week/fortnight! The other “favourite” time of day/night would be whenever I’m free of pain, which is rare these days!

  133. Jacq

    Thank you for Bella, she is gorgeous! I’m a morning person, but not too early, lol

  134. PJ

    I have always been a night person, the morning just seems confusing.

  135. Lorraine

    I am a mid morning person as I need time to waken up lolol. This is a beautiful image, thank you

  136. Tracy B

    I am a late night person but my early morning wake up doesn’t let me indulge at the moment. Maybe one day ;)

  137. Sharon

    Thank you for the freebie. I am a night person mostly, but like to get appointments etc over with in the mornings….. but I like the quiet of night……….

  138. Barbara

    Morning….WIDE AWAKE!!! Thank you!

  139. sharon lewis

    My favourite time is 2am as its all quiet and cool outside and a little spooky. Thank you for the digi shes beautiful

  140. Jenn Borjeson

    She’s adorable – and thank you for always keeping her up a bit longer! :) My favorite time of day is morning. I love the quiet and the “newness” of it.

  141. Rebecca

    I like night time because I like sleeping.

  142. Michele

    I love the early morning, especially spring/summer when the whip-poor-wills are out.

  143. Lori Podolsky

    Thank you so much for this beauty, Amanda! I am a night owl because it’s quiet and peaceful, my family is home (most of the time – LOL!) and I feel very relaxed and comforted by the darkness.

  144. Christine Thomas

    Even though I missed the “One Day” I still think she’s beautiful and hope she comes up for sale because I’d love to color her, too.