Tutorial Tuesday – Coloring Moon Sitter with Copics

Happy Tutorial Tuesday!   It’s Tutorial Tuesday again. Can you believe it? I managed two whole weeks in a row.. Woohoo! Consistency, I got it. (For the moment ^_~) Please bare with me as I get accustomed to making these tutorial videos. Speaking on camera is still pretty new to me, explaining what I’m doing vocally, usually as I’m doing it, while on camera, even more so O_O I’m still working out what will work best so the videos will … Read More

New Digital Stamps: Fae Babies & Destiny Snow Faery
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I’m ready for winter already… Or so I think anyway 😉 Just when we started getting that delicious hot cocoa weather, Summer decided to poke her head back into the picture and as I sit here writing this, in mid-central Ohio, it is 73 degrees fahrenheit. It should be in the 50s right now, and I was kind of excited about moving up to the great cold north and now I’m baking in South Carolina weather. Maybe I brought it with … Read More

New Digital Stamps: Witchball & Doodlebug Teddy

Dare you look into the magical Witchball? Or Crystal Ball or Scrying Sphere or Enchanted Globe etc… If the powerful feminine archetype known as the witch is too much for you – never fear we have teddy bears this week as well! Yay! Witchball But if you love witches, like me, then you are going to looooooooooooove this week’s new digi ‘Witchball’ and the absolutely breathtaking card our DT Julie made from it below. DT Julie does some amazing 3-D effects … Read More

Drawing a Doll Base

Draw Your Own Freestyle Doll Base from Scratch This tutorial teaches you how to convert a rough sketch into a tight, crisp doll base. It was written in Adobe Photoshop CS4. It’s likely this can be pretty easily translated into your graphic program of choice provided it offers layers. Using whatever color you can easily see over your background or transparency, quickly sketch in a rough idea for the pose you want to create. Do NOT replicate mine please. Create a … Read More

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