Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday II   Woohoo =) Another Throwback Thursday! Will this be a weekly event?? Ummm I don’t know!? Some weeks are busier than others so I can’t say for certain. But since I had a little extra time to color I thought I would get these colored up and post a Throwback Thursday again this week. I hope you enjoy! This Throwback Thursday our throwbacks are Bella Love Potion #9, Saloon Girl Bella & Fae Believes Sign You can … Read More

Throwback Thursday
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Did you know Faery Ink has over 400 images available in the shop?   That’s a lot! That means I’ve averaged more than 100 images a year since I started making digital stamps. It’s no wonder I haven’t managed to color all of them, when I think about it this way… But not having colored samples for the older digis (and some of the newer ones too) just bugs me! So I’m trying to work on it. Little by little. … Read More

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