Changes are coming…
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**Update** Use your Review coupons here and soon. They will not work at the Etsy shop!   New year, new shop   Well kind of anyway. I sort of started on Etsy (actually Shopify, but that lasted like a week) and the Etsy shop I started with is the same shop I’m currently moving the files over to now. I love coding and designing websites so I really do enjoy having my own shop, on my own server space but … Read More

The Art Vuh-blog: Kitty Jack-o-Lantern
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Hello! Hello! Hello! =) I thought it would be handy to start adding new You Tube videos over here. A nice way to keep up with doing them since I tend to collect lots and lots of video footage and don’t get around to actually editing and uploading it until a couple months have passed. Perhaps putting it on a schedule and having the blog to keep me on task will help with it. Plus it gives everyone an easier … Read More

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