Throwback Thursday
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My favorite time of year is nearly here! Autumn is my favorite season… Halloween, my favorite holiday =D This week’s Throwback Thursday begins the Halloween festivities here at Faery Ink… Our throwbacks are You’re So Wicked, Gabbie Vampire and Destiny Lollipop You can grab them for $1 each through the weekend. I’ll be peppering Halloween images into the sales and releases over the next month or two. So if your inner goth is itching for witches and vampires and ghosts … Read More

New Digital Stamps: Destiny Lollipop & Ghost of Lenore…
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Are you into Sweet or Spooky or Sweetly Spooky? How is life treating you? Or maybe I should ask – how are YOU treating life? =) I have been keeping life pretty busy with the big move and getting the kids into their new schools here in Ohio. It’s all been pretty exciting but with the move I was not able to pre-plan these blog posts so I apologize that I am incredibly late getting to everything! This past week … Read More

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