Throwback Thursday Sale
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Halloween is sooooooooooo close!! I just love Halloween. Everyone gets the opportunity to show off their spooky side. So. much. fun. I just hope the weather starts feeling a little more Halloweenish around here soon lol. I thought in this week’s Throwback Thursday sale, I would make all of the throwbacks Halloween themed so you might be inspired to get involved with the 2017 Halloween Artist Trading Card Swap =) (Go ahead, click the link, you know you want to :p) … Read More

Decorate a Jack-o-Lantern with Faery Ink!
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Oooo the Halloween season has arrived! And I looooove Halloween so I’ve planned a few little fun things to help you get into the spirit of the season as well =) To start things off we are having a little Jack-O-Lantern Decorating contest!! Draw Your Own Jack Face, or Use One of Mine… Step 1: Grab one (or all) of these pumpkin-jack digital images.. Step 2: Grab this sheet of Halloween extras to decorate your pumpkin with.. (or draw your … Read More

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