Got a question?

You might find the answer you are looking for here =)

  1. Will you sponsor my challenge blog?
    No. I don’t sponsor challenge blogs. Unfortunately the community is flooded with challenge blogs. When I did sponsor challenge blogs it became a bit of a job just keeping up with all of them.
  2.  What do you use to make your digital stamps?
    Pencil and paper for sketching. A scanner to bring the sketch into Paint Tool SAI, and the cheapest Wacom tablet on the market. Often, I skip the pencil and paper sketches. But I couldn’t make nice digital stamps with any or all of these things if I did not also have many years of studying how to draw and putting what I’ve learned to practice by drawing and drawing and drawing some more.
  3. What do you use to color your digital stamps with?
    Right now I mostly use Copic alcohol markers. (The Copic Sketch are my favorite). I color on Hammermill Digital Color Cover Copy 100lb cardstock.
  4. Can I use your images to make stickers to sell on Etsy (or anywhere)?
    I have been asked this at least a dozen times. People are all about selling stickers right now I guess. The answer is most likely – No. The only way this would be a “Yes” is if you are hand coloring every single sticker on every single sheet you print out. If you read the Terms of Use, you’ll see I don’t allow my images to be colored digitally and I don’t allow the images to be used in anything that is colored and then printed. I love stickers though and if you do hand color each and every individual sticker I would be stoked to see them =)
  5. Can I color sample images for you for the digital stamps you don’t have colored samples of?
    I like to color them myself and will get around to all of them eventually. But thanks for offering!
  6. Can I get -insert image here- tattooed on my “body part”?
    Mostly yes, however – I have a few requests here. The first is that you purchase the digital stamp or coloring page of the image. This way I am compensated even just the $3 – $4. This is a small sum compared to what you are preparing to pay the tattoo artist, yes? The second is that you read the description in the product information to be sure the image does not specifically stipulate it can not be used as a tattoo. I have drawn many, many tattoos for people and I would hate for you to replicate their custom design. Last I would love to see it if you do get some Faery Ink “ink” done!

I will add to this as time allows <3