New Releases – The Key Keeper & Shy Rose Fae

Helllloooooo! Well, I took a week off to get my head in order. I failed, but still I carry on ;) I’m getting divorced and to be frank, it’s really doing a number to my muse. Focusing is getting really difficult. Trying to translate my imagination to images on paper or on the screen is more difficult than I think it’s ever been. I’m going back to the basics to try to refresh my mojo but honest to goodness all I want to do … Read More

New Releases: Tottie Cat, Close to Me, & Wedding Cuddles
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It’s Couples Week! Woot! This week we have 3 new digis and they are all ‘couples’. All of the digis are on sale through the 28th! =) Wedding Cuddles Spring is such a nice time for wedding projects I think =) Tottie Cat For some of us, the best companion is our cuddly kitty! Close to Me Some days the best feeling in the world is to be in someone special’s embrace Have you been by the Faery Ink YouTube … Read More

New Releases: Time for Wine Layla & Ballerina Gabbie and Her Kitty
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I hope you’re having a fantastic week! Just a little reminder that our One Day Fae Digi Giveaway arrives Monday the 20th ;) Ballerina Gabbie and her Kitty The perfect little fairy for your favorite ballerina. She comes with a bonus jpg image featuring Ballerina Gabbie without wings! She is on sale for 24 hours! (Through midnight Sunday the 19th)     Time for Wine Layla Some days are best finished off with a big glass of wine. Layla heartily … Read More

New Releases: Fable Fae & her Bunny, Ami Spring Blossoms
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Spring Forward into Snow… I’m so over winter.  But I did take a few cool photos while I was walking Sir Didymus in the snow the other morning… I am trying to take photos more often since I think it’s good practice for finding a good composition – plus it’s fun. I would love to have some spring photos to share since this week’s new releases are two beautiful spring girls… But Mother Nature is clearly not agreeable ;) Ami Spring … Read More

New Releases: Spring Maiden Autumn Rose & Aja Feeling Good
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It’s a new dawn.. it’s a new day… It’s a new life for me.. And I’m feeeeeeeeling goooood… Lorddddddddddd!! I love some Nina Simone!!!!!!!!!!!! So I hope you don’t mind if I indulge a bit with a little tribute this week to the lady of soul and her amazing talent. One particular song really lifts my spirit… I hope you’re feeling good!  Aja Feeling Good Aja Feeling Good comes with a bonus jpeg that does not have a banner or sun … Read More

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