A day of rest…

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I guess getting up at the break of dawn all week caught up to me for somehow I managed to sleep 15 hours today! At least I hope it was just the early mornings. Sometimes when I get to sleeping like this it means my depression is kicking and I have done a wonderful job this year of keeping that in check so I will not be having it rear it’s head right here at Christmas. Just not going to … Read More

My first smash page! Yay ^_^

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First I just wanted to show you guys what I found when I went to bed last night… Tony, Autumn and Penny… no room for Mama in the bed lol This is what happens when I get to bed late lol. Penny takes my spot! I love cuddling up with my babies at night. It’s how my parents did things and it’s how my late husband and I chose to do them as well. When it comes to things in … Read More


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It has gotten sooo cold here! Thankfully it is nowhere near as cold as many places, but I could do without it regardless. I am a sun-bird. Give me sand between my toes and the sun’s warm rays against my back any day. I do love the beauty of the snow and one good snow a year is a pleasantry but snow all winter long? I’ll pass! Aiden was a little on the cranky side today so getting around to … Read More

Digital Stamp Freebies & Wednesday Updates ^_^

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First I wanted to post the two new designs that have been added to the shop. This week’s designs are “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”, a Valentine’s themed dragon and my art nouveau angel whom I am tentatively calling “Art Nouveau Angel” ^_~. Stop Dragon My Heart Around  har har har ^_~ Art Nouveau Angel I hope you will take a moment to check em out ^_^ Well I couldn’t figure out how to get Etsy to let me give away … Read More

Santa Claus has come to town!

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Did I ever tell you guys I have the most gorgeous grandbaby ever? It’s true. I know everyone says it but it’s for really really true with Aiden ^_~ Today Grammie got to do what Grammies do best, I sent Arielle and Chris (Mommy and Daddy) to the mall with orders to not return without photos of Aiden and Santa in hand. I couldn’t go, I’ve been waiting around all day for my landlord to show up that I might … Read More

Drawing a Doll Base

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Draw Your Own Freestyle Doll Base from Scratch This tutorial teaches you how to convert a rough sketch into a tight, crisp doll base. It was written in Adobe Photoshop CS4. It’s likely this can be pretty easily translated into your graphic program of choice provided it offers layers. Using whatever color you can easily see over your background or transparency, quickly sketch in a rough idea for the pose you want to create. Do NOT replicate mine please. Create a … Read More

Colorful Shading for Your Digital Art

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How To Use Bright and Colorful Shading to Make Your Artwork Pop! This tutorial was written in Adobe Photoshop CS4. It’s likely this can be pretty easily translated into your graphic program of choice provided it offers layers. In this tutorial you will see how I use colors for more vibrant shading as in the example below. First, draw your doll with each item on its own layer. This is very important because it makes fixing things much easier =) Here … Read More

Colors, Shading and Light in Your Art

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** I would just like to note I wrote this 10 years ago. I have learned more since then, but I think it’s still very useful and I think you can learn much from it if you are just starting out** What is color, shading and light? Before you begin this tutorial, I want to make a few things clear. First, everything I tell you here is from experience or bits and pieces I’ve learned through self study. I am not … Read More

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