The newest Faery Ink Designer!

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The magnificent and super talented Lisa of Fairypixeler Cards has joined the team ^_^ Please check out the beautiful card she made from the Faery Ink digital stamp “You Rock My World“!! Please be sure to pop by and drop her some blog lovin =) And check out all of our designers at Faery Ink! If you are a craft blogger, please consider joining the team while you’re there! And to those of you fortunate enough to have that special someone … Read More

Faces, faces, faces! =)

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Well I can’t wallow in my sadness forever. It changes nothing and just makes me miserable.. I thought I would warm up for some digis by sketching some faces for the 29 Faces challenge. I started a digital stamp but there isn’t enough substance to it yet to show anything. Face #5 Face #6 Face #7 There is still a lot of work to do on it. Most likely this is as far as this is gonna get though. I … Read More

So much to post about today!

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First I want to quickly post up my 4th of 29 faces for the 29 faces challenge. I have a witchy layout to make for a witchy/fantasy shoppe I am working on so I decided to doodle a little witch this morning. This is definitely not something to be used for the layout but it was a nice warm up for possibly something more. I also wanted to show you this beautiful card that Paula made with Happily Ever After, … Read More

29 Faces Face #3

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For once I kinda like the effect from my crappy photography ^_~ Anyhoo. I’ve been going crazy the past few weeks trying to figure out a main character for my digital stamp / web graphics shop (under construction still *sigh*) I was excited to find a digital downloads addon for WordPress that I could use to make receiving purchases instantaneous for folks who buy my stamps (there will be someone… some day! haha). But I have gone through three different … Read More

29 Faces Challenge

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Day One! ^_^ I wanted to give this challenge a go. Before I go on I would just like to point out that I am fully aware that anything requiring me to do something “every day” is almost certainly never going to actually happen “every day”. I am not a routines and scheduling kind of girl. For me, it’s all about spontaneity and disorganization, although I do try to be more organized, it’s just that I fail at it. Anyhoo, … Read More

Just a quickie..

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The flu has finally flown off! I am so happy about this! The kids had a half day today so I was able to get to work sooner than expected and have been busting tail to finish off a custom order so I can get to updating all my sites *whew* Really quickly, I want to share two new digi stamps I’ve added to my shop at Etsy. And I wanted to mention that my birthday is Monday and for the … Read More

Works in Progress

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As I wait again for the children’s bedtime to come around I thought I would scan some of the drawings I’ve made so far in for work later in Illustrator (and to share with you ^_^) I don’t go too crazy nitpicking things in my sketches since I will pull them into Illustrator for the final renditions anyway. This is why there will be the occasional off-eye or funky mouth hehe. My Homies Gnomies hehe A balloon for you! Blessed Imbolc! … Read More

I’m sick,

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And I feel just awful. I guess it’s the flu. My throat is horrible sore, I’m congested, feverish and walking 3 feet feels like climbing a mountain. Oh it’s a nasty one alright. I wouldn’t even be out here right now except that if I am not out here when bedtime for the kids rolls around they will stay up all night and I’ll have school admins calling me first thing in the morning expecting me to come retrieve my … Read More

Art haul =)

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I like seeing what other people use to make stuff. Particularly beauty blogs because I never see hauls on art blogs 🙁 Maybe we can start a trend?? Sometimes I learn about something in a haul that I’ve never heard of before and want to try out ^_^  I’ve also found ways to save a little money from hauls. So I am going to share my hauls here and maybe you will find something new to try out! First, my … Read More

Candy!?! I think? lol

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I am still learning the crafters lingo guys so please bare with me if I muck it up at times ^_~ Today’s post is a goodie give-a-way except it’s my favorite kind – the kind where everyone gets the candy! Also did you know you can use digi stamps in the Silhouette Cameo machine? I didn’t even know the machine existed. I don’t actually own a cutting machine myself (maybe one day!) but my friends Malisa and Tabbetha use the … Read More

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