Acrylic Painting – I’m Improving!

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Acrylic Painting – I Am Starting to Get the Hang of It! I have been doing a little more with the acrylic paints lately and I thought I would share what I’ve managed. Keep in mind, I am rather new to these so I am very much in the novice stage. However, I finally made something I am happy with so I think I am improving! As I’ve mentioned before, I participated in Life Book 2013 and had plenty of … Read More

Do you Bloglovin?

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Faery Ink does! Come follow Faery Ink on Bloglovin :flirt:

Open-Minded Crafting Fun Challenge!!

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I am so excited!! Susan and Vicky from Open-Minded Crafting Fun Challenge Blog invited Faery Ink to be a sponsor for 2014 =) Here is a little information about their bi-weekly challenges: “The goal of this challenge is FUN. And this will be translated in accepting all creations so long as they fit in the challenge that was given. Yes it will not be an anything goes… we want to be able to challenge ourselves a bit don’t we… isn’t … Read More

Faeries, Bubbles, and Stars – A Light and Charming Yuletide Gift!

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Who doesn’t love Faeries, Bubbles, and Stars? I know I love them! How about you? I sat down to make one of those “speed art” YouTube videos the other day. I really want to get into YouTube because I think I could give you much better tutorials in video rather than written format. My aim is really to create tutorial videos with tutorial pdfs to accompany them. I signed up for LifeBook 2013 last year and I really loved how … Read More

Mandala Madness!

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Mandalas, everywhere mandalas! To be fair, I have to give credit to my friend Kimi of Kimicatt’s Kreations for turning me on to just how easy it is to make mandalas (and relaxing, and hypnotic, and addictive!). She shared this video on her Facebook and I kinda went crazy from there… This was my first mandala… All I could see were the mistakes. It was almost enough to take the fun out of it for me, but not quite. I … Read More

Free Original Art and Hello! My Name is Mrs. Byron.

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Yes! I did say FREE Original Art! Faery Ink is having it’s first ever free original art giveaway! Winners will be able to choose from one of the original pieces in the image above (I will have a link to go to so you can see each piece a little better before choosing ^_~) I am going to choose three names from the entries and each name will be worth 1 free original art. First name drawn gets first choice, … Read More

Alice in Wonderland, Fionna the Fairy Digital Stamps and new FacebookCovers

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I love Alice in Wonderland! Guess what!? I made two new stamps for you to make the most amazing cards, smash books, scrap pages and other super awesome self expressions ever with! One from that Alice sketch I shared with you before. The second from a sketch I made a couple years ago that I always loved and I think you will too. I’ve posted them both over at my Etsy shop. They are fabulous aren’t they? I was so … Read More

Colored pencil commission and a little 80s nostalgia

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I was commissioned to do this colored pencil drawing of my friend Debbie’s late husband Scott. Scott was an amazing man. Only days before his death he helped to rescue a family from a burning car. He was truly a hero and I was very honored that Debbie would feel I was worthy of making this piece to commemorate her beloved husband. I don’t draw men often enough, but I think I did a pretty good job here. Figuring out … Read More

Selene’s little gnome =)

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Isn’t he a cute little gnome? I wanted to share with you the finished portrait I did for Selene of her little grandson as a gnome.. ^_^  It took me about 17 hours over 10 days to finish. I have a lot going on outside of drawing, that keeps me busy (nourishing my kids, my relationship, my mom is in town, etc…). This was a lot of fun to do and Selene says she loves it so I am super … Read More

A Colored Pencil Fairy – Va va voom =)

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A Colored Pencil Fairy Vixen I was recently commissioned to do a portrait for a lovely lady named Maryann to give to her lover. Maryann said their flower was the sunflower and her favorite color was purple and she wanted to be a faery… and so I faerified her with a bit of va va voom for her lover to enjoy ^_~ I did this all in colored pencil. It took forever lol. So much yellow I actually had to … Read More

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