Colored pencil commission and a little 80s nostalgia

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I was commissioned to do this colored pencil drawing of my friend Debbie’s late husband Scott. Scott was an amazing man. Only days before his death he helped to rescue a family from a burning car. He was truly a hero and I was very honored that Debbie would feel I was worthy of making this piece to commemorate her beloved husband. I don’t draw men often enough, but I think I did a pretty good job here. Figuring out … Read More

Selene’s little gnome =)

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Isn’t he a cute little gnome? I wanted to share with you the finished portrait I did for Selene of her little grandson as a gnome.. ^_^  It took me about 17 hours over 10 days to finish. I have a lot going on outside of drawing, that keeps me busy (nourishing my kids, my relationship, my mom is in town, etc…). This was a lot of fun to do and Selene says she loves it so I am super … Read More

A Colored Pencil Fairy – Va va voom =)

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A Colored Pencil Fairy Vixen I was recently commissioned to do a portrait for a lovely lady named Maryann to give to her lover. Maryann said their flower was the sunflower and her favorite color was purple and she wanted to be a faery… and so I faerified her with a bit of va va voom for her lover to enjoy ^_~ I did this all in colored pencil. It took forever lol. So much yellow I actually had to … Read More

I love my Art Journal! =)

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I’m back! =) And arting again! Yay! I have had a tough time allowing myself to create. I was letting pressure to perform suffocate my muse and deter me from experimenting and making mistakes, which is how we learn anything. I decided to devote my creative time to my art journal for a while. In my art journal, what I make is purely my desire with no worry about who will like it, who won’t like it etc… I can … Read More

Just some photos =)

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I just wanted to share these pics of my daughter Arielle, grandson Aiden and son-in-law Chris that my 12 year old daughter Autumn took. Aren’t they great shots of this beautiful little family? =) This is my favorite one! Aiden is looking toward the future! hehe Lol this one is funny I think with the way Arielle is holding Aiden hehe.   The adorable little family <3  

Wow, Two Posts in One Day!

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But I wanted to share with you guys how beautiful “near-Spring” is here in the South Carolina upstate with photos from my visit to Hatcher Gardens today. Today was pretty much a perfect day weather wise. It was just cool enough to maybe need a light jacket, there was a very slight breeze and the sun was shining so beautifully. I had a few errands to run and decided I would stop at the Gardens after I was finished with … Read More

Nothing new really

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I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately and been busy with the not-so-fun kind of life stuff. But I thought I would post some older stuff I never got around to sharing. I made this when I first learned how to use the water-soluble wax pastels. There was no planning or anything involved, just doodling really. A little dragonfly fairy. Face #14 And then this is from one of the Life Book 2013 lessons. It was teaching gradation. … Read More

Snow in South Carolina

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Today I woke up to snow falling outside my bedroom window. It was soft and fluffy and not totally unwelcome. We don’t get a lot of snow here which means that when it does snow, it’s a truly special thing. My beautiful daughter Arielle and my grandson Aiden in his first snow ^_^ Arielle’s beautiful little family.   Aiden, washed out by the snow ^_~   I think we don’t have enough left in this world that is allowed to … Read More

Faces and Digis on the Drawing Board =)

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I am really feeling much better tonight. I think the funk has officially lifted ^_~ I wanted to share some faces with you today and also a little sneak peek at a few digital stamps that are in the works. These are just a couple girls I doodled to warm up for designing some digital stamps.     Face #9   Face #10 These are digital stamps I’ve sketched up. I think I want to do a couple more before … Read More

The newest Faery Ink Designer!

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The magnificent and super talented Lisa of Fairypixeler Cards has joined the team ^_^ Please check out the beautiful card she made from the Faery Ink digital stamp “You Rock My World“!! Please be sure to pop by and drop her some blog lovin =) And check out all of our designers at Faery Ink! If you are a craft blogger, please consider joining the team while you’re there! And to those of you fortunate enough to have that special someone … Read More

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