All about the site…

Faery Ink has been around since 1998 though it began its life as the domain The first thing I wanted to do when I found the internet was use it as a tool of expression so I used online tutorials to learn html and css and within a year I was able to create my own websites from scratch. I was 18 when I made that domain and grew out of the ‘grrl’ phase after a bit. It was created so I could share ‘cartoon dollz’ and other pixel art that I made using Paint Shop Pro, while I experimented with new web design techniques and trends. I have drawn for as long as I can remember so pixeling was the obvious choice for a computer based hobby. My first pixel arts were awful but I was making lots of friends and having a great time so I stayed at it…

If you ever feel down about your creative capabilities just check back here and have a look at this:


That was my first ‘satisfactory’ cartoon doll circa 1998. We all have to start somewhere!

Pixeling is a little different from drawing in that you are drawing everything pixel by pixel in a computer graphics program. In pixel images, the edges are jagged where the pixels have to create ‘steps’ in order to create anything other than a straight line.  At this time PNG was not yet widely used and had only recently been invented so in order to create transparent backgrounds you had to save your images as GIFs. Only pixeled images could be saved as transparent GIFS as anything else would have blurred edges. That is no longer the case but GIFS are cool anyway since you can make animations with them!


‘Jagged’ right? No smooth lines like you see in digital stamps. Pixeling is fun, but sometimes tedious work.

I ‘pixeled’ a lot! And I got better. Good enough that I started offering cartoon dollz ‘bases’.  Bases are what a lot of people dressed up to create their cartoon dollz.

basetodoll faeryink_faeryempress

People actually liked my bases. I was shocked and excited. So I made loads of bases and my site gained a lot of popularity.

In 2003, my friend Malisa, suggested I start selling my pixels. There was already a community established where ladies sold “cute country graphics”. Well my graphics weren’t very country but they were cute so I thought I would give it a go. I purchased the domain and let go by the wayside. At Faery Ink I combined my free (or ‘linkware’) bases, cartoon dollz and tutorials with my attempts at ‘cute, country graphics’. I never really became all that great with the country aspect of the graphics. Country graphics were simplified and I love adding lots of detail, but as it turns out, there was a market for my style and I was able to sell cartoon dollz for ladies to adopt out from their websites.  Eventually, I also sold premade and custom web designs and in the end Faery Ink was a membership site filled with pixel line art, tutorials, Paint Shop Pro tubes, email stationeries, signatures, site calendars, live clocks… basically all matter of personal website fun and goodies.

Then my marriage dissolved and in the midst of this personal chaos, someone hacked Faery Ink. Not once, but twice! I gave up on it for a while as my life was in a shambles and it was just not in me to rebuild all that I had lost. I learned a lot of hard lessons in that time, including to back up, back up, back up EVERYTHING. Now I have an external hard drive and cloud storage space that I keep everything on and I haven’t had to lose anything since.

Eventually my life settled down but Faery Ink held a lot of memories for me that I wasn’t ready to deal with surrounding my first marriage. But I was pixeling again and I wanted to share again, so I created This was a membership site for tubes (colored pixel graphics that members used to create web graphics with). I had fun with it for a couple years but I was starting to feel stagnant. I had been pixeling for 15 years at this point! I didn’t really know where I wanted to go from there but I knew it was time for something to change.

Then my friend Paula introduced me to digital stamps as a new creative outlet and a way to make a little money with something I love doing. She showed me what they were and said, “These are basically just cartoon dollz!” and I thought, “She’s right!” and I started drawing digital stamps. Through digital stamps I also found art journaling and mixed media art which have also become a passion of mine. So I resurrected and here we are today =)

Why Faery instead of Fairy?

I don’t remember what my thinking was but I suspect it had something to do with the Celtic mythos I was studying around that time =)

Where is Faery Ink?

Faery Ink is ‘officially’ located at But I have created a presence for it in loads of other places. You should check them out and don’t forget to +follow, +like, +join etc… I try to return the favor =)

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