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Throwback Thursday

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My favorite time of year is nearly here!

Autumn is my favorite season… Halloween, my favorite holiday =D

This week’s Throwback Thursday begins the Halloween festivities here at Faery Ink…

Our throwbacks are You’re So Wicked, Gabbie Vampire and Destiny Lollipop

You can grab them for $1 each through the weekend.

I’ll be peppering Halloween images into the sales and releases over the next month or two.

So if your inner goth is itching for witches and vampires and ghosts and frankenbrides…

I’ll have you covered <3 And of course there will be other stuff too…

I know Halloween is not celebrated in a lot of places after all </3

On to the Thursday Throwbacks!


You’re So Wicked

You’re So Wicked was released in October 2015.

Some think she’s scary, others think she’s beautiful.

Maybe she’s just scary beautiful?

Either way, just stay out of her way because she’s definitely wicked!! =)

Destiny Lollipop

Destiny Lollipop was released in September 2015.

My first online creative community was the “cartoon dollz” community.

In that community “Lolita” dollz were pretty popular.

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to draw this.

Almost 2 years later I’ve finally given her some color =)

Destiny Lollipop by Amanda S Byron

Gabbie Vampire

Gabbie Vamp was released in September 2015.

She’s a cute little vamp just looking for some bloody fun to get into 😉

I used only BV23 and BV31 to shade her creepy pale skin…

Gabbie Vampire by Amanda S Byron


Don’t forget!

The One Day Fae Digi Giveaway arrives 10 pm New York time Monday the 21st =)

Are these already in your collection?

Check out what’s new in the shop!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic week =)

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  1. Tracy Welham

    I love Autumn too, looking forward to Halloween. Gabbie Vamp is one of my favourites. I really love your colouring of her. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

    • Manda

      Thank you Tracy. =)