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Did you know Faery Ink has over 400 images available in the shop?


That’s a lot! That means I’ve averaged more than 100 images a year since I started making digital stamps.

It’s no wonder I haven’t managed to color all of them, when I think about it this way…

But not having colored samples for the older digis (and some of the newer ones too) just bugs me!

So I’m trying to work on it. Little by little. Printing out a few, here and there, and coloring them up to add to the product listing.

While I’m in there, I’m also refreshing the listing a bit.

I got to thinking… Since I’m in there, freshening things up a bit, why not show off the new samples with a little sale for my friends who haven’t snagged these oldies but goodies yet?

I thought a “Throwback Thursday” sale for the digis I’m coloring up would be a nice treat for you? What do you think?

Today is the first in what I hope becomes a tradition, like our One Day Fae Digi Giveaway (coming July 24th btw!)

This Throwback Thursday our Throwbacks are Superhero Arielle, Dreaming of Coffee and Autumn Rose Boots and Bows.

You can grab them for $1 each through the weekend. 

Superhero Arielle

Superhero Arielle was released in July 2015. She was my little ode to my favorite Amazon superhero – Wonder Woman. Superhero Arielle by Amanda S Byron

Dreaming of Coffee

Dreaming of Coffee was also released in July 2015. Who can’t relate? Although for me, it’s a nice cuppa tea…

Dreaming of Coffee by Amanda S Byron

Autumn Rose Boots & Bows

Autumn Rose Boots & Bows was released in August 2015. She was the first of my fashionista series =)

Autumn Rose Boots n Bows by Amanda S Byron

Are these already in your collection?

Check out what’s new on sale in the shop!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic week =)

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4 Responses

  1. Joan Clark

    I love your stamps and would love to have them all. I use an iPad, so are
    Digit stamps ok for that. Will I be able to buy and download and save them? Never bought a digi.

    • Manda

      If you are able to print from your iPad, then you should be able to use digital stamps from your iPad. I would suggest downloading one of the free digital stamps and seeing how that works out first =)

  2. Christine Thomas

    I can certainly understand you wanting to color them all because I’d love to do that also. :-} I just hope you’re able to continue making gorgeous images for all of us “fans”. Congrats on the # of images!!

  3. Tracy Welham

    Superhero Arielle is one of my favourites – great for charity makes, I always give a little nod to Faery Ink on the “handmade card” sticker. I love how you have coloured Autumn Rose Boots and Bows, not sure if I have her in my collection. Creative Blessings, Tracy x