New Releases – Mermaid Birthday, Arielle Butterfly Princess Fae, Coco Beach Baby & Soleil
» » » New Releases – Mermaid Birthday, Arielle Butterfly Princess Fae, Coco Beach Baby & Soleil

New Releases – Mermaid Birthday, Arielle Butterfly Princess Fae, Coco Beach Baby & Soleil

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Well that was quite a title…

I’ve got a pretty big release for you this week. I had a commission fall through that I knew you would probably love!! And since it’s been so bright and sunny and perfectly summery the past few days I thought I would just release it along with the images I already planned. So prepare yourself – this might be a little bit long 😉

Let’s start with the planned releases shall we?

Arielle Butterfly Princess Fae

Arielle Butterfly Princess Fae by Amanda S Byron www.faeryink.comI ran a poll in the Faery Ink Facebook Group to see what kind of creature companions fans would like to see paired up with the faeries here and butterflies took the lead pretty rapidly… I have a few butterfly faeries available already in case you missed them here, herehere and here – I was happy to see the pollers loved butterflies as much as I do <3


I’m not sure how safe the faeries will feel with cats… In all my time with cats as pets I’ve seen them do some pretty vicious things to winged creatures lol… But cats are next on my list of “creature companions”. Did you vote in the poll? If not, what kind of creatures would you like to see here at the shop?

Also, I’m totally loving the Copics gold palette I put together for her wings and crown:
From dark to light: YR23 > YR21 > Y21 

Coco Beach Baby

I don’t think I use Coco nearly enough… So I pulled her out to make an adorable beach baby for all your vacation scrapbook layouts and beach/pool party invitations. I really love how her skin color came out. I started with a fantastic color palette from Jennifer Dove at Just4Fun Crafts & Dove Art Studios, before realizing I do not own E23 :/ So I substituted with E33. But I think E23 looks really cool so it is going on my “Copics to Buy” list. Here is the palette that inspired this skin tone. You can find loads of color palettes on my Color Palette Pinterest board here.

Just4Fun Crafts Skin Tone

By the way, this is a double set, meaning you get all of the file formats for both hairstyles including bonus jpgs of each that include summer sentiments like “Beach Queen with Mermaid Dreams” and “Life’s a Beach!”

Coco Beach Baby by Amanda S Byron

Tattoo Art – Soleil

Tattoo Art - Soleil by Amanda S Byron

A tattoo flash digital stamp for you to color – or get tattooed =) Soleil – Sun Goddess and her pet moons lol.. Or something 😉 I get so many tattoo commissions, I decided a tattoo art category might be appropriate <3

Welcome to the Mermaid Birthday Party

And this is where the new release doubles 😉 All of the digis I’m about to show you are available individually but I thought I could offer you a better discount and a quicker download by putting them together in a single zip file as a special release available this weekend only…

Mermaid Birthday Party Pack!

Mermaid Birthday Treasures

Mermaid Birthday Treasure by Amanda S Byron

I colored the Bonus JPG of this one as I was trying to get all of these releases colored in one day… However the main image for Mermaid Birthday Treasures is even cuter… Check it out! —>

Mermaid Birthday Treasure by Amanda S Byron

Mermaid Birthday Kisses

“Mermaid Kisses & Birthday Wishes!”

Mermaid Birthday Kisses by Amanda S Byron

Mermaid Birthday Besties

I just couldn’t separate these two – so this one is a 2 for 1 deal 😉

Mermaid Birthday Besties by Amanda S Byron

As you can see, I’ve been getting lots of practice coloring mermaid tails. It’s your turn now!

The Mermaid Birthday Party Pack is available through June 5th only! After that you’ll have to pick them up individually in the shop.

Thanks so much for dropping by! I hope you find something you absolutely love <3

Have a fantastic week!

Zaftig Zahra Manda

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Daydreamer, faery believer, dandelion wisher, artsy bookworm, fortune-telling witchy woman. I draw pretty girls with wings and things so you can bring them to life with color…

I’m the artist behind the digital stamps here at Faery Ink.

I live for my family & for making pretties. I’m an Aquarius with Cancer moon & rising. (So I’m a little eccentric and my feelings run super deep). I love to make stuff, draw, paint, cook, read, play guitar, bargain hunt, read tarot & runes and listen to music. I’m trying to love living a more active lifestyle, but I’m an introverted hermit so active’s not so easy!

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5 Responses

  1. Jeanetta Scott

    Beautiful images! I wish I had saw the Mermaid Birthday Party Pack earlier today, but I was in a hurry to get them. Maybe next time. Thank you.

  2. Jennifer

    OMG!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! So super excited for the birthday mermaids, perfect for my birthday weekend!!!!! It’s like you made them just for me!!! Thank you for these gorgeous girls!!!

  3. Maryann Laursen

    Absolut gorgeous and thanks so much for the awesome partypack, that I just bought and downloaded, it´s absolut stunning images manda, and sooo darling cute.
    A very Happy Birthday all week-end here.

  4. AJ

    Loving these new releases . How fun.

  5. JaneyG

    Yes, the gold palette is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Is there any chance you would share Arielle’s other colors, too? I especially love the blues. 💙