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New Releases! Lahla Mermaid Lei & Fae Wolf

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How Have You Been?

I’m doing pretty good right now

It has been a crazy first half of the year (or 7-8 months really).

My husband and I were on the verge of divorce.

I haven’t been myself at all.

I felt like I was having a mid-life crisis, and maybe I have been.

I no longer know who I am, or where I fit in the world.

But also, and maybe more importantly, I was tired of being unappreciated.

My husband gets it and is working on it and has shown me that he gets it by making changes.

So I’m sticking it through, I’m hanging in there.

And I’m giving myself some much needed attention as well.

I started therapy a month ago and it’s been helping.

Things have settled down.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been hanging in there with me while I go through all this personal drama.

You are seriously the best!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Hopefully the new releases this week have made your patience totally worth it 😉

Without further adieu…

Lahla Mermaid Lei

Lahla Mermaid Lei by Amanda S Byron

Lahla Mermaid Lei is the first mermaid of the season =)

Who’s ready for a swim??

This flowy hair is a fun challenge and I took it up a notch with some colorful ombre too.

I love how it came out – what do you think?

The Copics I used in her tail:

BG49 | BG05 |  BG53 | YG03 | YG21 | G00

I colored the whole tail with G00, then I stippled the colors in from light to dark, right to left, overlapping each to create the gradient effect.

Fae Wolf

Fae Wolf by Amanda S Byron

Fae Wolf is something I’ve been itching to draw for a very long time.

The faery and wolf combination represents myself and my husband.

Faeries have always been my ‘spirit creature’ and wolves have always been his.

But after I drew it, I knew the pose was not “us”, so a true representation of us will have to be drawn still.

For now, I hope you enjoy this.

I had a lot of fun coloring it!

The Copics I used for the “gray wolf” fur:

W7 | W5 | W3 | E33 | W0

I started by covering the wolf in W0.

Then I went in with W3 and added little flicks in all the areas where I wanted the darkest fur to eventually be.

Then I went in with W5 and added more small flicks in the area I defined with the W3.

I did the same with E33 and followed with W7, adding more small flicks to finish up the darkest areas of the wolf’s fur.

Next, I texturized the lighter areas with a little E33 in small flicks and finished up with small flicks of W3.

Lastly, I added some white along the perimeter with a white gel pen.

Raglan Roxie

Raglan Roxy by Amanda S Byron

Raglan Roxie is just a simple little digi that should be a pretty easy color – great for ‘warming up’ and wonderful for projects that need versatility.

What you see colored here is the Game of Thrones fandom version.

It is NOT included in your purchase.

You can get it for a limited time at the link on my Instagram profile here:

I always appreciate a follow but it’s certainly not required 😉

There is also a Doctor Who version in the Facebook group here:

And if you subscribe to the newsletter, you should already have the Big Bang Theory version =)

But if you’d like the ‘plain’ tee version – you can grab her in the shop at a discounted price.

If you rushed over here right away – chances are the One Day Fae Digi Giveaway is still going on!! Which means you should pop over and grab your free digi but also – don’t forget to use coupon code 1dayfae at checkout so you can save 30% on the new releases <3 The coupon is good through May 24th so hurry!! =)

\Bella Summer Twilight Fae

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3 Responses

  1. Christine Kosmak

    Hi Amanda, sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been having. I could tell you of the horror stories of my son’s father etc, but won’t go into an epic story. Glad to hear that things seem to be improving for you as that the last thing needed for creativity and being creative is stress. On another topic, OH MY GOODNESS!! These two new digi’s are amazing and I may just have to succumb and get an order in!!

  2. AJ

    Lovin’ all three of these beauties, especially the mermaid.

  3. Jeanetta

    Beautiful! I am in love. 🙂