New Releases – The Key Keeper & Shy Rose Fae
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New Releases – The Key Keeper & Shy Rose Fae

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Well, I took a week off to get my head in order. I failed, but still I carry on 😉 I’m getting divorced and to be frank, it’s really doing a number to my muse. Focusing is getting really difficult. Trying to translate my imagination to images on paper or on the screen is more difficult than I think it’s ever been. I’m going back to the basics to try to refresh my mojo but honest to goodness all I want to do is sleep anymore. Obviously, that is not realistic. So I am going to soldier on. I hope you will bare with me while I get through these next few months <3

But enough of my drama 😉 On to the digis! Yay!!!

(Oh I almost forgot! These are on sale for 48 hours, so you can save $1 each by grabbing them now.)

Shy Rose Fae

Shy Rose Fae is a new twist on an older digital stamp – Shyflower Fairy.
Shy Rose by Amanda S Byron
I also put together a little color palette for Shy Rose =) I hope you enjoy it!
Don’t forget you can grab all of my color palettes on my Pinterest board here:
Shy Rose by Amanda S Byron

The Key Keeper

The Key Keeper is a digital image made after one of my old cartoon dollz from a decade ago. She came out a lot better than I hoped. How adorable is the dragon and the little pixie sitting on the key??? <3  She comes with wings as well in the bonus jpg file!

The Key Keeper by Amanda S Byron

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I hope you have a fantastic week!

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