New Releases: Spirit of Ireland Autumn Rose, Glitz and Glamour Fable & Birth of Spring Fable
» » » New Releases: Spirit of Ireland Autumn Rose, Glitz and Glamour Fable & Birth of Spring Fable

New Releases: Spirit of Ireland Autumn Rose, Glitz and Glamour Fable & Birth of Spring Fable

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I think I’ve found it…

The color tools I want to focus on this year – or at least for a while. Watercolor and colored pencil. I had so much tonight coloring this week’s featured digi. I thought I was going to try to get into acrylic painting, and I did – try. I have an acrylic painting with all the base colors laid in sitting on my easel as I write this but no motivation to go any further. But sitting down tonight to color Birth of Spring Fable with the watercolor paints and my Prismacolor pencils was perfect. I have really enjoyed coloring with alcohol markers over the past few years but I feel like I have stretched those muscles quite a bit and I want to give some other medias more play time. Hopefully you will enjoy seeing what I do with these as much as you’ve enjoyed my Copic adventures. I’m sure at some point I’ll whip the Copics out again as I don’t want to get rusty 🙂

I am totally head over heels about every single one of our releases this week. Have a peek to see if you are too!

Remember – all of the new releases are on sale for this weekend only!

 Birth of Spring Fable

Birth of Spring Fairy Fable by Amanda S Byron

I loooooooooooooooooove her. She was inspired by my green babies (my house plants), and all the wonderful sunny days we’ve had this past week.


Birth of Spring Fairy Fable by Amanda S Byron

I did the first layer of color for her with watercolor paint. Then I did several layers of color pencils. She is so vibrant and beautiful – just like spring.

Glitz and Glamour Fable

I am going to be editing videos all day tomorrow but if I can finish early enough – I am going to tackle this one with water colors. I think I could do something pretty cool with this one in pink. What color would you Glitz and Glam this Fable in???

Glitz and Glamour Fable by Amanda S Byron

Spirit of Ireland Autumn Rose

Instead of going the traditional leprechaun and pot o’ gold route, I thought I would create something for St. Patrick’s Day that celebrated the holiday the way folks here in the states really think of it – as a day to celebrate our Irish heritage and I thought this beautiful faery would do nicely =)

Spirit of Ireland Autumn Rose by Amanda Byron

Thank you so much for stopping in. Have a fantastic week!!!

Whimsical wishes!

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5 Responses

  1. Twila

    They are all really beautiful!! I’d have to say the warmer sunny day inspired is my fav.

  2. Nicola Gold

    Gorgeous images as always Amanda

  3. Jeanetta

    They are breathtaking! Thank you. 🙂

  4. AJ

    Birth of Spring Fable is colored beautifully, as usual (^_^) … Love all 3 of these wonderful images.

  5. Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo

    Gorgeous images, and I LOVE that you’re taking on the watercolor/pencil route for a while 🙂 Watercoloring is my favourite medium, and I look forward to get inspiration from you as you color beautifully ♥ ♥ ♥ Never thought of doing a second layer with my pencils on top of watercolors, it’s always been one or the other, not combined! a must try! 🙂