New Release – Spring Blessings Gabbie & Self Love with Zaftig Zahra
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New Release – Spring Blessings Gabbie & Self Love with Zaftig Zahra

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Oh I am fickle indeed…

Last week I was putting my markers in time out, this week I’ve colored both of the new releases with… you guessed it – markers!

I really need to play in other medias because that’s how you stay well rounded as an artist, but markers are just so much faster to finish a coloring with than pretty much everything… I knew my favorite of this week’s releases was not going to be favored among a lot of folks because she’s ‘alternative’ (or at least the version I colored – because she’s the Bonus JPG aka the Manda version) so I wanted to color the other digi too. So time was important and I whipped the markers out and put them to work. I do love how the featured release came out…

Remember – all of the new releases are on sale for the next 48 hours only!

 Self Love with Zaftig Zahra

I wanted a character line that was shaped like me, so Zaftig Zahra was born =) Hopefully you guys will enjoy her. The colored version you see below is the Bonus JPG. This is NOT what comes in all the different file formats. This Bonus JPG has piercings and tattoos that the original digital stamp does not. So you can rock out or keep her sweet and simple =)

Self Love with Zaftig Zahra by Amanda S Byron

Self Love with Zaftig Zahra by Amanda S Byron

Spring Blessings Gabbie

When I drew the Artist Fae Gabbie for the 2017 layout here at Faery Ink, I just felt like she would make a good spring fairy and here she is =) There is a Bonus JPG with this one too that features a blank banner for you to add your own sentiment to.

Gabbie Spring Blessings by Amanda S Byron

Thank you so much for stopping in. Have a fantastic week!!!

Whimsical wishes!

Zaftig Zahra Self Love Signature

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6 Responses

  1. Jeanetta

    Stunning images! You are awesome, Amanda. <3

  2. Karen L Kizer

    I think Zahra is my favorite image ever!!! I love that reality is gently portrayed in her. She is so beautiful!

  3. Heather McDougall

    You are such a talented artist. I love Zahra and looking forward to more digital images of her.

  4. Trina Flynn

    Beautiful images, Then again all your images are FABULOUS 🙂 You had me smiling about putting your markers in time-out! Oh, how I needed a good smile tonight. Hugs xxoo

  5. Jane

    Oh, Amanda, I L❤️VE Zahra! It’s great to finally get to color a busty gal like me! Thanks.

  6. tindaloo

    gorgeous images ♥