If I’m “lucky” I will keep my life organized… with this!!
» » » If I’m “lucky” I will keep my life organized… with this!!

If I’m “lucky” I will keep my life organized… with this!!

Top o’ the Mornin’ to ya! Wanna see a beautiful new digital stamp?

Autumn Rose- Spirit of Ireland will flip your kilt!

Hey everyone!! How is your month going? We’ve been busy around here!! My oldest turned 6 a few weeks ago so that was a big deal!! I always find myself struggling to keep track of everything I need to keep track of! Between hubby’s life and each of the kids lives, my life and crafting commitments; its a struggle to keep it all straight! LOL I have planners everyone and most of them have overlapping details. The one in the kitchen is the master planner, it has everyones everything so anyone can look and see whats going on. Then there’s a calendar in the kitchen that has major events and babysitter schedule (super handy for the sitters to take a peak and make sure we all agree when they should be here!!). The one in the scrap room is for the DT commitments. But… what about when we are out of the house? I know I have a calendar in my iPhone but I honestly feel like its more work to put it in there and type all the details than to just jot it down in a calendar! So that brings me to today’s creation!! I took the lovely Autumn Rose- Spirit of Ireland and created a little calendar that’s perfectly purse sized!

Isn’t she just so lovely? I love all the details Amanda drew in there for us!! The Celtic knot hem line and the shamrock sash are just perfect!! I adore the way she drew the wings too; so different and so much fun!!!

I don’t have a lot of Irish or St. Patricks Day themed supplies kicking around here. It’s a little too early in the year for them to be out in the stores yet and we don’t have a lot of store options anyway. So my cricut, mists and I made the papers to showcase this beauty! If you”d like to see more of how I did it take a peak at our Workshop Wednesday tutorials this month!

Once I laminated the cover its hard to get a clear picture of the papers beneath but I do hope they show enough! Autumn Rose was such a treat to showcase in these greens and golds!

Inside the front cover I put an Irish Blessing printable and layered it up with a some green cardstocks.

Then I did the same thing on the back with an Irish Blessing Printable from HERE.

The inside of the calendar is a personal planner printable purchased HERE. I printed it on cardstock and then distressed the edges with some Tim Holtz Mowed Lawn distress ink.

There ya have it!! My inspiration for you this month! Why buy what you can make at home and customize perfectly for your needs!!! Plus, we see questions all the time “What do you do with your images after you color them?” Well my friends, you do anything your little heart desires!!

Have a great month and I’ll see you all again soon!!! Thanks for popping in!!

Sara Pyper
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I have been creating since I was a young teenager but only really got to be serious since my daughters were born. I work part time evenings so I can be home raising our daughters in the day time and creating beautiful things and make alittle spending money in the evenings to pay for the supplies to create the beautiful things! LOL
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  1. Wanda Tensen

    This project is amazing!!! What a great way to stay organized and with such a beautiful cover!