New Releases – Autumn Rose Cupid & Fable and the Snow Pirate
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New Releases – Autumn Rose Cupid & Fable and the Snow Pirate

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Helloooo 2017!

I know a lot of people are so grateful 2016 is over. Me too 😉 But there was a lot to love about 2016 as well and for that I’m grateful!

Since my birthday is on the 28th of this month, I thought we could all celebrate a tiny bit with a nice 28% off discount =) Just enter coupon code bday28 at checkout.

This week we have two adorable new digis… Fable and the Snow Pirate is sure to delight the Pirate lovers among us and who can resist the little beauty that is Autumn Rose as Cupid?? They are both on sale this weekend only.. Don’t forget to use the coupon code to save even more!

 Fable and the Snow Pirate

Yarrrr!! Fable and her Snow Pirate friend are playing in the snow on this windy winter day…


Fable and the Snow Pirate by Amanda S Byron

Fable & the Snow Pirate comes with a bonus JPG that does not include her Snow Pirate friend…

Fable and the Snow Pirate by Amanda S Byron

Autumn Rose as Cupid

I feel like I don’t have nearly enough ‘formal dress’ images on offer here at Faery Ink. So I’ve been working to get a few of those added to the shop. Here is my Valentine contribution to that effort =) I think she is absolutely dazzling in this big beautiful gown.. What do you think???

Autumn Rose as Cupid by Amanda S Byron

Make sure you grab these while they are on sale this weekend only! Don’t forget coupon code: bday28 to save even more.

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Happy New Year!

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8 Responses

  1. Jeanetta

    On my! I love them. Autumn Rose as Cupid is my favorite, but Fable and the Snow Pirate is cute. Thank you for the awesome coupon. I’m off to do some shopping. 🙂

  2. Suzi McKenzie

    Gorgeous new images as always, absolutely adore Autumn Rose as Cupid is, will definitely be adding her to my collection xxx

  3. Nicola Gold

    Wow. A pirate snowman, so cool.
    I love Autumn Rose as Cupid… all those folds! 💘

  4. Donna

    Love the new release! just went shopping and thanks for the extra coupon. xxD

  5. Melissa

    These are all incredible as always!! I love Fable and the snowman!! Autumn Rose is gorgeous as well!! Also thanks for the coupon!! I will definitely be adding to my list!!

  6. AJ

    These are fabulous images. I especially love autumn rose.

  7. Karen Kizer

    I love the many personalities of Autumn Rose!

  8. Cathy

    So cute