New Releases: Coco Music of My Heart & Fable Winter Caps
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New Releases: Coco Music of My Heart & Fable Winter Caps

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Is Christmas really so close already??

Holy crap. December is flying by. Only one new release left and Christmas is over… /sigh. I am ALMOST ready for the holidays. How about you??

I have to admit I have a lot of fun with the holiday releases once I get into them.. So much fun that although I’m sure you guys are well past making holiday projects, I’m still in the mood to draw holiday images 😉 And since I am, and the spirit of the season is alive and well I’ve sneaked a couple little presents in with this week’s new releases (and maybe a couple in with next week’s releases too). We will still have our “big present” in the Faery Ink Facebook community a little closer to Christmas, but I wanted to sneak a little surprise in for the folks who spend their crafting dollars here at Faery Ink. I know it’s never an easy decision where to spend those dollars with all the talent we have in the digital stamp community. I hope you know how much I appreciate that you choose Faery Ink when you do <3 Please enjoy these little gifts! (Be sure to download them as soon as possible. I’d like them to be special for the holiday so I’ll pull the gifts down January 1st and I’m not entirely sure if they’ll stay in your account at that point. So just in case, be sure to save to your hard drive as soon as you’re able before the end of the year.)

 Coco Music of My Heart

Who is getting ready for Valentine’s Day??? I’m a hopeless romantic, it’s true, but I can also be a bit of an anti-valentine sometimes. However – this one is definitely for the hopeless romantics out there… This digital stamp comes with two bonus JPGs: one without the words and one with Coco sitting by herself – no heart or words.

Coco - Music of my Heart by Amanda S Byron

For 48 hours only – you can get this digi on sale for $2.75!
Sale ends Sunday December 18th! 

Fable Winter Caps – Kitty Owl Panda

I freaking LOVE those cute little animal hats. My sister got my daughter a panda one for Christmas a few years ago and it was ridiculously adorable. It was the inspiration for Fable Winter Caps, but I couldn’t decide on which animal to do so I did three of my favorites. How cute is the little paw (or talon) print on the scarf to match the hat??? You get all 3 full digis in this set.

For 48 hours only – you can get this digi on sale for $3.25!
Sale ends Sunday December 18th! (Don’t forget coupon code: whitexmas for an additional 25% off!)

Fable Winter Caps by Amanda S Byron

Fable Winter Caps by Amanda S Byron

 Be sure to mark your calendars!

December 2016 Events

Thank you so much for visiting. Have an amazing week!

Happy Holidays!

Amanda - Faery Ink Joy to the World Siggie


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7 Responses

  1. Donna Mundinger

    OMG, ADORABLE! Loving all those cutie hats. The kitty is my fave, of course. Coco os a cutie too and love the different options for her as well. xxD

  2. Sue Hml

    This is beautiful, Love cats. Love them all and all the different things that you can do. MXms. ….. Sh

  3. Trina

    Amanda you always create amazing images! I absolutely love both the new images but Fable Winter Caps those hats are adorable. Three years ago we bought our daughter Amber one with a big fluffy panda face. She wore it for a little while until the next teen trend came along…lol Happy Holidays to you and the family! Hugs, xx

  4. Tracy Welham

    The Fable Winter Caps images are so super cute! Must say I am really looking forward to the literary characters with a dark twist images. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  5. Suzi McKenzie

    OMG I’m loving those winter cap images, so cute, can’t wait to colour them up.
    Gorgeous images as always, Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo

    such a supercute release! so love her cute hats ♥

  7. AJ

    These two are cute.