New Releases: O Holy Night, & Christmas at the Beach
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New Releases: O Holy Night, & Christmas at the Beach

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O Holy Night…

I prefer to play it safe when it comes to the holidays. I try to stick to secular stuff. It’s what I enjoy the most and I don’t want to misconstrue a religious message. Images are a form of communication. Drawing something incorrectly or adding a symbol that doesn’t belong (or omitting one that does) can quickly offend. But since I had requests for a Hanukkah digi, I thought perhaps this would be a good year to wade into these waters of deeply held faith and contribute to the two major religions that have holidays this season of which I am aware. Hopefully I have not offended anyone.

Gabbie & Gibran O Holy Night by Amanda S Byron

I really love how this came out. I think I will spend a lot more time in 2017 working on drawing men. I am actually pretty happy with the drawing of Joseph but my brown marker was a bit too liquidy when I was doing his eyes and it turned into a mess. I’m just glad I managed to salvage it. This took me quite some time to finish *phew*

You can grab this digi below.
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Gabbie & Gibran O Holy Night by Amanda S Byron

Christmas at the Beach

I also had a suggestion for some summer themed Christmas images since my friends down under are celebrating during the warm months of summer. So I came up with Destiny Christmas at the Beach. Do my friends down under go to the beach on Christmas?? I think I would. But this image would also be great a Christmas vacation at the ocean 🙂
(Don’t forget coupon code: halloxmas for 31% off your digital stamp order through October 31st!)

Destiny Christmas at the Beach by Amanda S Byron

In other news…

 I was hoping to get a coloring book together for a Halloween release but after a 9mm kidney stone put me on my bottom for a week, I am too far behind for a Halloween release. So instead let’s call it a Christmas release – though it is NOT in a Christmas theme. =) That is it for me today. I am wiped out and I still have lots of drawing to do!
Thank you so much for visiting!

Have a Wicked Weekend!!


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Note that I have the WRONG date for Ophelia ‘The Grinch’ below. She will arrive on October 27th!

October at Faery Ink..

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5 Responses

  1. Miss Mudge

    OH. MY. GOODNESS!! Words cannot express how much I love O Holy Night!!! Thank you so much for this gorgeous image! I am a pastor’s wife and an avid crafter/color”er” and I am always on the lookout for sweet images like this to put on my Christmas Cards for people in the church!

  2. Karen Kizer

    Lovely digis! So sorry to hear about your stone. I just came home two days ago after my 3rd surgery for a 1.9cm stone that was very stubborn. I can so sympathize! It is amazing you get so much done! I am excited to get upright and get started on my Christmas cards! Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. Sue

    Beautiful. Love this. I would make some gorgeous holiday cards!! Hope you are on the mend soon. I heard the stones are very painful?! Take care and love the new digi’s

  4. Jeanetta

    The images are amazing and perfect for the holiday season. I hope you are feeling better and healing (from the kidney stone). Thank you!

  5. Sue H.

    Amanda, Your new releases are awesome!!! I couldn’t find one to do for Christmas yet.. Being in Florida, I’m not in the fall mood as of yet!!! No leaves have fallen!!!! Good luck to you and your images are great. Love the O holy night!!!