New Releases: Fable the Busy Elf & Ophelia Series II – The Grinch’s Girl
» » » New Releases: Fable the Busy Elf & Ophelia Series II – The Grinch’s Girl

New Releases: Fable the Busy Elf & Ophelia Series II – The Grinch’s Girl

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Fable the Busy Elf

This is probably my favorite of the holiday releases so far this year 😉 Like I said before, I love the secular stuff. Elves are in the fae family afterall.

This little elf keeps herself very busy making toys for all the good little girls and boys (and even a few naughty ones too!)

Fable the Busy Elf by Amanda S Byron

Fable the Busy Elf comes with a bonus JPG of Fable without the teddy or bag of toys. So she’s a great option for whether you have a little more, or a little less time to sit and color =)

You can grab this digi below.
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Fable the Busy Elf by Amanda S Byron


Ophelia as The Grinch’s Girl

(A Coloring Page)

After posting a poll in the Faery Ink FB Group letting the folks there decide where to go with the second Ophelia series, the winner was “Famous Literary Characters with a Dark Twist”. Well, I had to make two adjustments to this. One, Ophelia is a girl which means I’m taking some artistic liberties in my interpretation of the theme and Two, instead of digital stamps, these are going to be coloring pages. To retell the stories with a twist, I think having a background of some sort would be really useful. So coloring pages it is!

One important thing to keep in mind though is that coloring pages are different from digital stamps in that a.) they are less expensive because b.) they are just for coloring, maybe hanging up in your house if you want – but definitely not for commercial use or toward a profit in any way.

I wrote a whole story to go with this and decided Faery Ink wasn’t the place for it but I did keep this little bit…

The Grinch had a girl named Ophelia…
She loved arson and whiskey and she’d kill ya..
When he’d gripe and complain
Of how Christmas drove him insane…
She’d nod and then say, “Babe, I feel ya!”

You can grab Ophelia as The Grinch’s Girl below…

Ophelia as the Grinch's Girl by Amanda S Byron
Last but not least!

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  1. Donna

    How adorable is Fable as an elf and EEEK! Love, love, LOVE the new coloring page! Ophelia ROCKS and your poem is hilarious. Can’t wait to see more of these. xxD

  2. Fiki

    love those new images!

  3. Nicola Gold

    OMG such fabulous things! I’m definitely getting in the Christmas spirit now!