One Day Fae Digi Giveaway – Arielle & the Will-o-the-Wisps

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The spooky season is almost upon us!!

I’m so excited for the autumn season and Halloween!!! I love how bright the leaves become as they change colors. They are almost like earthbound stars against the grey of the overcast skies. And scarves!! Probably my favorite accessory ever. From late September through early December I will almost certainly have a different scarf on every day lol. I just love them =) I went to a Pink Zebra party this weekend and ordered Pumpkin Bread and Cafe Latte wax beads.. I can’t have sweets very often since I am diabetic but I will inhale the flavor all autumn long hehe… But since autumn is just a month away I was inspired to draw a faery that was still flowery and summery but could definitely be a little darker, a little more autumny.. And soooo…

Our One Day Fae this month is Arielle & the Will-o-the-Wisps. Ooooooooo… < that’s supposed to be a ghostly sound lol…

Arielle & the Will-o-the-Wisps by Amanda S Byron

For my friends who are unfamiliar with the will-o-the-wisp also known as the will-o-wisp, corpse candle, or fairy light.. They are little sparks of flame sometimes seen over marshes. No one knows with absolute certainty what causes them so people throughout the years have come up with their own ideas. Some think they are faeries, others think they are the souls of the dead. Like I said, this faery can really go either way ;) I thought making them kinda ghostly would help with the spooky factor <3 But coloring them up with pretty fae colors would work just as well I think!!

In exchange for this free digi, all I ask is that you comment on this post with your favorite season!!!! =)

Giveaway has ended!!

When you do color her, be sure to share your project in the Facebook group and feel free to comment on this blog post with a link to where the project is featured on your blog!

After 24 hours this stamp will only be available in the shop (the shop version includes three additional PNG versions). Please be sure to use this digi in accordance with the Terms of Use found here: Please do not contact me asking for the digi if you miss the opportunity. Please make sure that you are not trying to download this digi onto a phone or some other device that has trouble downloading JPGs ;) I recommend downloading to your computer or tablet <3 If you have trouble downloading the image try Right Clicking and choosing SAVE LINK AS.. =)

Enjoy the new digi! Have a great day =)

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82 Responses

  1. Andrea

    I’m looking forward to Spring (winter is too cold, although the snow is fun!) Thanks, she’s lovely :)

  2. Cristina González Muñiz

    Thank you so much.
    My prefer season is winter. I love skiing and I need a lot of snowflakes on the floor. :-D

  3. Becky

    Wonderful picture can’t wait to colour it
    My favourite season is Autumn/fall because of all the lovely colours

  4. Helen

    Lovely – my favourite season is autumn although I find that every season has some I love

  5. Kirsten Persson

    Thank you so much, Amanda, she’s beautiful. My favourite season – hmmmm – that’s a difficult one, as they all have their charm. But HAVING to chose, I too chose autumn/fall – partly because of the colours, but also because I love Halloween (cute images not scary ones, because they give me nightmares LOL), and the fact that it’s the time of year I start lightning candles around the house in the evening. That’s soooo cosy.

  6. Deborah Skinn-Cotton

    She is wonderful, thank you! I love all the seasons, but in particular, I love Spring – all that newness popping up – the flowers and everything coming back to life xx

  7. Tammy Valley

    Thank you for the beautiful digi!
    I love the colorfulness & cool crisp air of fall. Halloween is an added bonus :D

  8. Alexandra Raoult

    Beautiful digi thank you so much

  9. sharon lewis

    My favourite season is autumn i love the colours and the coolness and even the rain

  10. Sherry

    Thank you so much for the beautiful digi! Fall is my favorite season, when the leaves change to so many colors. :)

  11. Cathie Borowski

    My favourite season is late early Summer – I love the warmth but before it gets too hot.

  12. sharlene chapman

    My fav is summer. Thank u 4 the gorjus digi!

  13. Suze Woods

    I think my favourite season is the same as Cathie’s – I love summer but definitely before it gets too hot.

  14. KateE

    My fave season is Autumn, love the colours of the trees and the crisp mornings. Thank you for the One Day Fae, she is stunning xx

  15. Sabrina Radican

    My favorite season is Fall. I love all the different colors around me, especially the leaves on all of the trees and the air becomes cooler, Which means no more HOT FLASHES! LMAO!!

  16. lori arnett

    Fall is my favorite season with all the leaves turning colours and the sunny yet cooler days.

  17. Cathy Derouche

    My favorite season is spring, when all is fresh and in full bloom

  18. Lori Podolsky

    My favourite season is spring when all of nature comes to life all around us. Also, my sons were born in the spring. Thank you so much for the gorgeous one day fae, Amanda. Enjoy your week, Lori P

  19. Crafting Vicky

    such a gorgeous image!!! Thank you! I used to love winter and fall the best but now with getting older I would have to say summer :)

  20. Julie Richardson

    A tie between spring and fall. Thank you for the adorable download.

  21. tindaloo

    Thank you for this gorgeous image Amanda ♥ First time I heard of will-o-the-whisps were in the disneymovie Brave, where Merida follows them and they aid her in her quest, think first time I color your image up she will end up having fiery red hair :)
    My favorite seasons is autumn and winter – loving the earthy colors and I enjoy the cozy dark evenings. We don’t have as rich a tradition of halloween as the USA here, but every halloween I love rewatching Hocus Pocus and the nightmare before Christmas, the Labyrinth and Dark Crystal and other favourites ♥
    When it drops below freezing temps outside I’m putting some logs in my fireplace and listening to them crackle while I sit in my blanket and watch my fave shows on tv or read a good book. The summer for me is always too bright, easily gives me migraines, and I hate the heat… can’t breathe if it’s above 22°C.. And the spring – always too much stuff in the air that gives me allergies.. Luckily I live in northern Norway, so we only get about two months each year with warm weather – rest of the year it’s either freezing or raining *lol* :)

  22. Manetta Kanefsky

    My favorite season is Fall and I miss it so much (moved from NH to FL). I miss the crisp air but the sun is warm. I miss the crunch of the leaves as you walk in the woods. I miss the pumpkins everywhere you look! I miss the color of the maple leaves as they turn color from the cold nights. Thank you so much for the beautiful image! Got my printer working so now I can begin coloring again!

  23. bad kitty

    thank you for very pretty digi!

  24. Suzanne Corker

    Winter definitely… It includes Xmas!!

  25. Frankie

    My favorite season is spring. I love how everything comes back to life after the winter. Thank you so much for the adorable image.

  26. TracyM #6773

    THANK YOU, she is such a CUTIE :)
    My favourite season is Autumn, mild days, chilly nights … then again, all the seasons have wonderful moments, it can be a little hard to struggle through the hottest days of summer though!

  27. Donalds

    Thank you. My favorite season spring becsusr everything is brand new.

  28. Selena

    i love spring all the new and green and fresh not too cold and not too hot and rain i love a light rain and a few thunderstorms too every once in a while. thank you for the image

  29. Jackie

    I like every season, they are all spectacular in their own way. But, I love fall more, only because of everything pumpkin! Love pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, ;)

  30. Merrie

    I love Fall too. Warm days and cool nights. Beautiful colors. The smell of burning leaves.

  31. Lisa Randazzo

    Thank you so much for the wonderful digi Amanda, she’s beautiful and I love the addition of the Will-o-the-Wisps.
    My favourite seasons (I have 2) is Spring because of the not so hot/not so cold temps and new growth and Autumn which my most fav for the same type of temps as spring but all the beautiful Autumn colours.

  32. Alison Heikkila

    She’s beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing her with us. I love the Will-O-the-Wisps! My favorite season is the Fall, because…hello?! Halloween!!!!! ;) Thanks again!

  33. Diana Sowers

    Thanks for the adorable image. My favorite season is Fall. I just love the colors and it relaxes me.

  34. MammaMia

    Thank you for this gorgeous Faery Amanda. My favourite season is Spring – I love all the green shades as Mother Nature paints a new canvas after the cold winter.

  35. Christine Kosmak

    Thanks again Amanda for another gorgeous image to get to colour, hopefully soon as I’ve just gotten a new printer!
    My favourite season, I guess I may as well say I have a choice of two, Autumn/Fall and Spring as they are not too hot or cold but just right!! lol!!

  36. Terriavidreader

    Spring is my favorite season. But I do love them all, and that’s why I live in the midwest.

  37. Heidi

    Thank you for the beautiful fairy… My favorite season is summer…

  38. Patti

    I love spring, fall and winter. Summers in Florida are too hot!

  39. Patricia

    Thank you for the freebie. I don’t think I have a favorite season. I like all of them for different reasons. Maybe winter if I have to choose one :).

  40. Deborah

    Thank you. I LOVE summer the most and fall after that…love the colours at fall…but then comes winter….ishhhhh seems too long here:) but I survive:)

  41. Julie D. Richards

    Fall is my favorite.

  42. Lanette MacAlister

    Thank you so much! A beautiful image that I am going to love colouring

  43. HeatherM

    Thank you! My favorite season is Spring. I love when things start to turn green and flowers start to bloom.

  44. AJ

    Thank you. She is pretty.

  45. Ceci Reyes

    Thank you very much. I love the fall, I love to see how the leaves fall from the trees, with all that dried leaves of many colors on the ground I feel they are talking to me. Also is the harvest season and the colors are my fav.

  46. adie

    Such a cute image. Love all the seasons. Where I grew up we had lots of summer and hardly any fall or spring with a dash of winter lol.

  47. Jen Leeflang

    Oh she’s gorgeous! Thanks so much!

  48. Gabriela Acosta

    Thanks so much <3


    I love Winter, then Autumn and then Spring,guess what? I hate summer!!!

  50. cat s

    Thankfully I love snow and cold because allergies make winter my favorite season.

    But favorite colors are Autumn.
    Thank you

  51. Erika Horvathova

    Thank you – my fav season is spring, but I like colors of autumn too

  52. Stephanie

    I love summer. River trips, camp fires, fishing, all are some of my favorite things to do in the summer. I’m not big into skiing and the like, so winter activities are not for me. I mostly hibernate in the colder months.

  53. Tina Goodwin

    She’s absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much!

  54. Maria K.

    Thank you so much! She’s fabulous! My favorite time of year is fall! I love everything about it… the colors, apples and pumpkins and the weather – the crispness of the air without being too cold!

  55. Marie-Anne

    Thank you she’s lovely.

  56. Donna Mundinger

    Gorgeous! Thank you so much! My fave season is Autumn and it’s coming right up! xxD

  57. SharonH

    Thank you so much, she’s beautiful! My favorite season is Summer! <3

  58. Melissa

    My favorite season is fall!! I just love the cool crisp air!! Thank you for such a beautiful image!!

  59. April Stevens

    Thank you!! My favorite season is fall a little cooler and Halloween!!!

  60. Moira

    Lovely thank you, so sweet. My favourite season is Autumn (Fall)

  61. Amanda

    I love fall! Much more comfortable as far as the heat goes! I’m a jeans and sweatshirt kind of gal with flip flops of course! Love the colors of fall and the beautiful crisp nights!

  62. Maria

    Thank you very much! Your images are beautiful!

  63. Geraldine

    Thanks Amanda, love your digis! Can you give me a day between Sunday and Monday please? lol thanks

  64. treebug

    Thank you so much, she is so beautiful!
    I love all seasons but perhaps I prefer Spring and Autumn because of all those colours …


    so very pretty!!! Thank you very much!!!!

  66. Kerrie

    I love summer, going out for picnics to the park. U can’t beat it x

  67. Crafty Kiwi Mama

    Such a gorgeous image Manda. My daughter loves it when Merida follows the Will-o-the-Wisps in Brave. So this will be an awesome image to use for a card for her. Thank you for your generous heart. Love it! Hugs, Wends xoxo

  68. Cathy Holford

    How wonderful. Thanks Amanda!

  69. Shannon

    Thanks so much Amanda – she’s a beauty! My favorite season is fall!

  70. Trina Flynn

    My favorite season is usually summer but this year it has been extremely brutal. I can deal with it hot but not to the point I can barely breath! I can honestly say I’m looking forward to Fall and the beautiful foliage :) Thank you for the gorgeous image!

  71. Charlene

    Thank you so much for this gorgeous image. My favorite season is winter…I know, most people prefer fall, spring or summer lol But I love winter. I love to see the snow falling, although I hate driving in it, and go for long walks and feel the snow crunch beneath my boots. I also love how crisp and clear the air is and looking up at the moon in a clear dark sky. My daughter on the other hand is totally fall…she is a Halloween nut. Not for trick or treating, just loves all things Halloween.

  72. Joanne

    Thank you for the image. You are so generous. I like summer but if keeps getting as hot as it has i might have to change my mind :)

  73. Jeanetta

    Thank you for the beautiful image! I love her.

  74. Camilla Karlsson

    Thank you, she is beautiful!

  75. Twila

    Thank you she is so pretty! I love FALL! <3

  76. janet.vince

    Thank you love Summer

  77. Sarah N

    Living in a city, the seasons tend to merge together and only the temperature changes, so my favourite season would have to be spring (when I lived in the countryside) for the fresh air and bluebell woods.

  78. Rae Ann

    Thank you so much, Amanda! My favorite season is autumn! I love all of the colors and cool weather. Unfortunately I don’t get to see them now that I live in the south. I get the cool weather, but no colors. =(

  79. Catherine Nunez

    I love winter, I know that spring and flowers for months are on their way….I love to raise butterflies with the kids

  80. Vivian Foo

    Autumn is my favorite with the changing of leaves colors. Thank you so much for this beauty.

  81. Liw Lejdbrandth

    Thank you so much for the free digi, and my favorite season has to be summer with sun, lovely weather and warm winds in the air. The other seasons has it’s charms as well but I am a summer girl and wish I could have summer all year around as I had when I lived in Florida.

  82. Cindy

    Love each season. They all have their beauty, ex. summer, for the hot weather and long daylight time. Thank you for the lovely faery.