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New Digital Stamp: Lady Lahla Anthea

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A Spring Bride? Or a Bride’s Maid Maybe?

I don’t know what I was thinking when I drew this one but she just flowed out and I love her… Unfortunately I realized as I was coloring her that the heat and humidity in my studio is doing a number to my markers, so while she is mostly colored in Copics, I have had to do some work in Photoshop to make her presentable.. So I’m not including a color palette this week as it would feel dishonest. Sorry guys! Her hair became a sticky mess as it seemed a few of my colors were just melting as I was coloring 🙁 I have tried to put off adding an air conditioner to this room but I guess I will have to just do it. I can’t afford to replace my Copics (as I’m sure you can imagine!)

Lady Lahla Anthea by Amanda S Byron

And I am trying to finish up any “left behind” digis I found while cleaning out my work folders and here is one that is exactly one year old… My daughter Autumn Rose officially started high school last year which inspired the beginning of this one.. Not sure what happened that had me put it away and never get back to it.. I think I ended up taking on a couple projects for Kit and Clowder and just forgot about it.. But here it is now.. just in time for school starting up again =)

Autumn Rose First Day of High School by Amanda S Byron


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12 Responses

  1. Sherry

    Oh WOW, Lady Lahla Anthea is so beautiful and elegant! She would look beautiful in any color, I am thinking Victorian as well. 🙂 I love her dress and beautiful long hair!
    Autumn Rose is such a beautiful name! Perfect for your beautiful back to school image. So very Adorable!

  2. Kirsten Persson

    It doesn’t show too much, that you had trouble with your markers. But it confirms that I shouldn’t sit on my terrasse and colour during summer :-). The terrasse is for my colouring pencils instead
    I think your colouring of Lady Lahla Anthea is gorgeous despite your marker problems, Amanda. Well done!

  3. Cathy Holford

    I love her! She is in my favorite colors!

  4. Jennifer Scull

    you might think you had troubles, but I think she is stunning! another gorgeous image for your store! 🙂

  5. Bad Kitty

    wow! this is amazing!

  6. Donna

    I can’t believe summer is almost over but Autumn Rose (gorgeous name!) looks happy to be back to school. So cute! and lady Lahla is beyond gorgeous! Love the image and your coloring. Fabulous! xxD

  7. Lori Podolsky

    How beautiful and elegant she is. W0W! Such a sophisticated lady.

  8. Jane

    OMG! Thank you! Now I know why you sent her to me. Lady Lahla Anthea is just gorgeous! I love the way you colored her, too!

  9. Nicola Gold

    Wow what an amazing image. So much detail…. all those folds and flowers. Wasn’t too long ago I would’ve been scared to colour something like that!

  10. Lawren

    Very pretty!

  11. JaneyG

    So what if you had to photoshop the hair? I really wan to know the greens you used. I love the greens!

  12. Jennifer Greco

    She’s so beautiful! Your coloring is absolutely AMAZING!!! Wooooooooow!