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New Digital Stamp: Fable Jack-o-Lantern Witch

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Oh my the shop’s been busy…

I think I’ve added 7 (technically 8) digis to the shop this week. That’s quite a lot when you consider I generally only add one or two at most in a week.

If you aren’t in the Facebook group, you might not know that I added Demera Block Party to the shop last weekend… She was free to the party participants for 24 hours or so. The version with the radio is a bonus JPG. There are the usual four different file formats of her without the boombox.

Demera Block Party BONUS JPG by Amanda S Byron


On Monday, August 1st, I added 4 digis created from the Hybrid concepts our Facebook group members came up with during our birthday celebration in May… I still have 4 to do, and I am hoping to get them added later this month or in September.

Butterfly Kangaroo Fae by Amanda S Byron

Hybrid Snowy Owl by Amanda S Byron

The Bubbly Octomaid by Amanda S Byron

Hybrid Vampire Butterfly by Amanda S Byron


I also added our creepy $1 Summerween digi on Monday…


Make sure you pop in at Markers! Papers! Digis! and join in for the fun coloring contest and trick or treat bag project challenge =)


Then I decided to start cleaning out my work folder. I have work folders in here from 2014 lol… But as I was cleaning things out, I came across a few digis that I started working on and then forgot about. Apparently I do this every few months lol Because I found a few! Well I finished one up and since I’m finished up with September releases and I’ll be working on holiday stuff for October, I thought I would add this one out of the blue =)

Demera & Destiny Besties by Amanda S Byron


And then, I found out that I forgot to add Maggie Daisy Fae to the shop after she was our One Day Fae in May, so I also finally added her this week…. So if you weren’t able to grab her in May, now is a good time since we have that 50% coupon going (did I mention that yet? No? Okay, hang on, that’s coming in a minute!)

Maggie Daisy Fae by Amanda S Byron


Finally.. we arrive to our regular release of the week – Fable Jack-o-Lantern Witch. I know I have a lot of friends who are truly creeped out by zombies and the like so I thought I would offer a cutie pie witch for them =) She is going to make such an adorable little addition to your Trick or Treat bags!!!

Fable Jack-o-Lantern Witch by Amanda S Byron

And here is her warm Halloween color palette…

Fable Jack-o-Lantern Witch by Amanda S Byron

And I thought it would be a great idea to create a little infographic you could pin or save to your device to know what’s going down at Faery Ink each month… I may try to add it on the 1st each month. We’ll see!! =)

August 2016 at Faery Ink!

Our winner of this week’s digi is….


Tazmadazz (T*******

Congratulations!! Fable Jack-o-Lantern Witch has been added to your account. Login below to grab your new digi!

Check back next week to see if you’re a winner! Don’t forget to comment on this post for your chance to win our next release!

Learn more about the New Release Weekly Giveaway here.

Check out the Facebook group to share your makes and join in this month’s challenges!

Demera Block Party!I’ve extended this challenge through August!!! 

Fun in the Sun!

Whimsical wishes!


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11 Responses

  1. Tazmadazz

    Thank you Amanda, love her as well as her darker side!!! Was so surprised by the email!! Love the new ones for this week especially the Besties!

  2. Frankie Holland

    Congratulations, Tazmadazz….she is a real cutie!!

  3. Aunty sue

    Another awesome set of images and how generous all the discount throughout august. Thanks.

  4. tindaloo

    oh thank you so much for doing the little infographic! I always miss out on freebies ♥ so it is very good to have it saved on my laptop where I see it every time I turn it on 🙂 Love the new digis, especially the Bella dragon fae I missed out on! Have to get her for sure ♥

  5. Kitty

    Love the New Hybrids. They are awesome. Great idea to add An infographic. Bought the Summerween image. Hope to find some time to color her. Have a wonderful day.
    Crafty hugs,

  6. KateE

    Thank you for the brilliant discount codes for the whole of the month, im off to shop now 🙂 xx

  7. JaneyG

    Thanks for making Fable Jack-o-Lantern Witch. The hubs and I like cute witches. Thanks, also, for the discounts! I’d buy everything, if I could. LOL! I just love your work!

  8. Bonnie P.

    I love all the new designs but I especially like the Jack-O-Lantern witch. You can never have too many halloween digis????

  9. AJ

    Love the new digi’s including this fun jack-o-lantern witch.

  10. Jenn Borjeson

    Everything you do is just so awesome! 🙂 Thanks for the cuties!

  11. Kirsten Persson

    Just saw this cute witch on your pocket-letter and thought, why did I not buy this when I last bought digis in your shop – Guess what? You released her the day after my visit, Amanda. That’s not fair! LOL LOL Well, hopefully I get to visit your shop and buy her before Halloween. I’m not so much to scarred faces and skulls, they give me nightmares but the cute and fun witches suits me more. I can colour their faces green and still love them 😀