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Mixed Media canvas, Lahla Mermaid

Hi everyone! I still can’t believe that I am writing this blog post. My name is Cristina González Muñiz, but maybe you know me by my blog name, Sementes de Papel (paper seeds). I am from Santiago de Compostela (St. Jacques) in the North of Spain. It usually rains a lot here (I am living in one of the most rainy cities of the sunny Spain LOL), so I love to spend time in my home, coloring beautiful stamps with my copics while my sons study or play together.
Since I met Amanda faeries I started to loving them, I found her eyes with a sweet, infinite look, but today I have to show you not a faery, a beautiful mermaid instead with the same infinite look as her sisters faeries. Let me introduce you to the misterious Lahla Mermaid.
Lahla Mermaid. Sementes de Papel
Lahla Mermaid. Sementes de Papel
I have made a canvas with sea topics. I find her beautiful over her rock with the lighthouse in the background.
Lahla Mermaid Canvas
Isn’t her hair lovely? But pay attention of the detailed tail too: you will have a lot of fun coloring the folds.
Faery Ink
Lahla Mermaid, by Cristina
I decided to print a wide image in order to enjoy the details. And I worked the background with mixed media technics, over a canvas cardboard.
Lahla Mermaid, Sementes de Papel inspiration
A beautiful 7Dots paper (Verano Azul collection), gesso, stencils, gelatos, inka gold, die cuts and some seahorse like Lahla friends. For more details on the materials I used to create my canvas, please, pop along to my blog
Lahla Mermaid
Background details
My Copic palete has been as vibrant as I could.
Copic combos
Copic combos
I hope you like it! And really, it has been my pleasure. Hoping to come back again!
Cristina Gonzalez
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I’m a Spanish mathematician and crafty woman that started working as a consultor in new technologies long time ago. At this moment I work in our geologhical company with my husband. I live in Santiago de Compostela, at the end of the Way of St. James, and I dislike the always rainny weather, but I take advantage of it crafting and colouring when my two sons give me an hour of relax for my own. I always see the rain together with my copics. I love the snow and skiing. Pyrenees specially, are my second home.

Cristina Gonzalez
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4 Responses

  1. Aurora

    Que bonito! Me encanta el diseño, con el papel rasgado como el mar, y el faro al fondo. Y esos troqueles de caballitos de mar, son una padasa! Un abrazo. Aurora

  2. Bonnie P.

    She is just beautiful!

  3. Samantha

    This is just jaw droppingly beautiful!!

  4. Tindaloo

    awesome canvas! so many gorgeous details ♥