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New Digital Stamps: Tea Time Arielle & April Showers Fable

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I wish I could say we are experiencing April Showers…

But no, Mother Nature prefers snow in April here in Ohio! Haha. I think this is the first time I’ve ever experienced snow in April. It’s definitely different! Considering we pulled our fans out a couple weeks ago, I think the battle between Father Winter and Lady Spring is quite intense lol. I am not bothered by it either way but my nose did feel like it was going to freeze and fall off as my daughter and I took a walk just as it started to snow yesterday. It lived though. So I can still smell the roses! Woot!

Speaking of awesome, if you subscribe to Faery Ink on YouTube, you might have noticed my really ancient “Harvey” tattoo in some of the coloring videos. It was baaaaaaaaad. Not only was it the name of my first husband (I was a wild 15 year old), but it was also over 20 years old, faded and blurring out, as tattoos sometimes do after all those years.


Well I’ve been putting off a cover up for years and I’ll tell you why. Towards the end of my marriage to Harvey, he started seeing someone else, I threw him out and he promptly covered my name… with the most awful tattoo I have ever seen in my life:


It looked kinda like this. I don’t know who drew his tattoo but this rendition I did with my non-dominant hand and it still looks better than what he had permanently tattooed over my name.

Anyway, so I was a little worried that the same might happen to me, like covering each other’s names was some kind of jinx. I don’t know how to explain the logic there except to say the dude was seriously abusive, got me when I was just 14 and had me all kinds of brainwashed and it’s been 9 years since his death and I’m still fighting my way out of it. Anyway, to make a long story short, I finally got the courage to cover his name on my wrist… So I did some research, found a few portfolios I liked, drew a couple different designs I liked and headed into the tattoo parlor and got this:

Barn Owl Triple Moon Goddess


I wasn’t planning to get it colored but she upsold me haha.. I love it! My tattoo artist is Tiffany Rummel at Artful Impressions in case you are in the area and in need of a good artist. I barely felt it, she is that good!

So if you see a new arm in the coloring videos, it’s still me! Oh and check out what I’m going to get later this week:

My faery self!

I still have to work up some color compositions for this one but I’m really excited. If ever I should honor anything with permanent art on my body it is definitely the fae. I originally drew her to put over that tattoo but I have moles all over the top of my forearm that I didn’t want to distract from her purdiness. So she’s going on the inside of my forearm instead where my skin is a super white, mostly blemish free canvas. I hope you like her as she will be available for you to color in May!

You are probably more interested in what’s available today – right!?! So this week our releases are spring related… April Showers Fable is dancing in the rain and Tea Time Arielle is having a sit on her favorite mushroom chair while she sips some yummy tea…


Coloring inspiration…

I hope these color palettes inspire and help you along with your coloring…

Here is my Pinterest board for color palettes in case you’re interested. If you use ProMarkers instead of Copics, you may find this website handy:


faeryink_colors_arielleteatime faeryink_colors_fableaprilshowers


Make sure you are subbed to the Faery Ink YouTube channel so you can get tips and tricks as I color these with Copics!

Check out these lovely projects from the design team…

Gorgeous card by Vannessa Hasty

This beautiful rainy day card is by the super talented Vannessa Hasty.

Stunning card by Samantha Aguilera

This gorgeous purple spring themed card is by the ultra talented Samantha Aguilera



Pop over to the shop and grab your new digis!

Tea Time Arielle Amanda S Byron

April Showers Fable by Amanda S Byron


Our winner of this week’s digis is….


Holly ( he*****-*****

Congratulations!! Tea Time Arielle & April Showers Fable have been added to your account. Login below to grab your new digis!

Check back next week to see if you’re a winner! Don’t forget to comment on this post for your chance to win our next release!

Learn more about the New Release Weekly Giveaway here.

Check out the Facebook group to share your makes and join in this month’s challenge – Flower Power!


Flower Power Facebook Challenge
Whimsical wishes!


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10 Responses

  1. Sarah burr

    Ooh I love em both!!! 💗💗💗💗

  2. Judy Mason

    Amanda, These are both sooooooo gorgeous! I’m hooked on the rain/shine theme these days…umbrellas, showers, rainboots, rainbows, etc. I’m rushing off to get this new Fable right now!

  3. Angelique

    Aww, theyre adorable.
    Great colouring and the tattoo looks awesome.

  4. Wanda

    Hugs Amanda! Thank you for sharing part of your life with us, I absolutely love your new tattoo!

    This two digis are beautiful!!!!

  5. Jennifer Greco

    I LOVE both of these images! You have outdone yourself! The coloring on your samples is fabulous, so so wonderful to have all the colors listed for watching videos and coloring along (trying to!). Your new tattoo design is fabulous I saw it on FB too and I think it’s perfect!

  6. Jeanetta

    Beautiful images! Thank you Amanda. I love them. 🙂

  7. Roberta Stevenson

    These are all beautiful! Love all of your images. Your tatoo looks wonderful too!

  8. Holly

    EEK ! Thank you So Much Manda, I love that I won the 2 brand new digis.
    They are wonderful, and of course while I was there picking them up, I decided to
    grab last week’s Awesome dragon digitals.
    Big Hugs, Holly

  9. Ardilla

    Really nice images and love the color combos.
    The DT made super cards!!!

  10. Donna Mundinger

    LOVE these gorgeous new gals and your fab new tattoo! Adorable new Fae for May, too. xxD