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Creativity is messy journaling artist

Coco Faery Artist is just fabulous to let the messy creative artist out on a little journaling card.

I know that i have told you before but I will tell you again I really love making journaling cards.  I started doing those as a way to journal but out of a typical journal.  I make small ones but I also make bigger one using some recycled cereal boxes.

I have made a little video to share with you the process of this

And here’s the actual journaling card that I made.  The image was colored with my copics.  I used paints to make the background with lots of stencils as well.  I really wanted to make a messy artistic and bright background for this little FAE.

coco fae Artist

I hope you will be checking out this new image and that you will want to get messy!  You can also come to my blog for more detail list of the items used.

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday everyone.


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