One Day Fae Digi Giveaway – Arielle Flora Fae

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You voted for her!

And now she is yours =)

If you are a member of the Faery Ink Group over on Facebook, you may remember the little poll we had where we voted on the One Day Fae Digi Giveaway for this month.. Arielle Flora Fae won by a landslide! And here she is for you to enjoy!

I forgot to add the color palette – whoops! Here it is =)

Arielle Flora Fae Copics Color Palette by Amanda S Byron



In exchange for this free digi, all I ask is that you comment on this post with what kind of faery you would like to see as March’s One Day Fae giveaway!

When you do color her, be sure to share your project in the Facebook group and feel free to comment on this blog post with a link to where the project is featured on your blog!

After 24 hours this stamp will only be available in the shop (the shop version includes three additional PNG versions). Please be sure to use this digi in accordance with the Terms of Use found here: Please do not contact me asking for the digi if you miss the opportunity. Please make sure that you are not trying to download this digi onto a phone or some other device that has trouble downloading JPGs ;) I recommend downloading to your computer or tablet <3


Giveaway has ended!!!

If you missed the giveaway, never fear! We have a giveaway every month with a fresh new faery to bring you joy and make you smile from ear to ear <3 



Whimsical wishes!



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Daydreamer, faery believer, dandelion wisher, bookworm, eccentric artsy, fortune telling, witchy type. I draw pretty girls with wings and things so you can bring them to life with color... I'm the artist behind the digital stamps here at Faery Ink. I live for my family & for making pretties. I'm an Aquarius with Cancer moon & rising. (So I'm a little eccentric and my feelings run super deep). I love to make stuff, draw, paint, cook, read, play guitar, bargain hunt, read tarot & runes and listening to music. I'm trying to love living a more active lifestyle, but I'm an introverted hermit so active's not so easy!

107 Responses

  1. kate

    tropical frangipani faery

  2. GrandmaBonnie

    thank you very, much!!

  3. Bonnie aka raduse

    Don’t know if you have one, but I would love to see a butterfly fairy, or some type of cat fairy.

  4. Linda

    what a beautiful image love her

  5. Suze

    A frangipani faery would be nice.

    • Suze

      And thanks for this lovely faery which I have just downloaded.

    • Heather

      I had to look up “frangipani” :) Can I second this that idea!!

  6. Mindy

    Thank you for the Beautiful digi! I would love to see a luck of the irish fairy.

  7. Christy E

    She’s so pretty Amanda. Thank you.

  8. Jeanetta

    Aww, she is fantastic! Thank you for the digi and coupon. :)

  9. Bernadette Strong

    A butterfly fairie would be nice

  10. Cheryl Wright

    Amazing! Thank you so much! I love fairies, any fairies. Pixies, elves and anything fantasy – love them all. (I make cards and donate them to charities/community groups. Kid’s cards are always in short supply.)

  11. Kim

    Tooth fairy….you know the one that looks like The Rock! lol

  12. Deb Ochs-LaGrone

    Thank you Amanda! I would love to see a PEACOCK fairy :)

  13. MaryAnn

    Oh I vote for a cat faery! Thanks for the giftie!

  14. Julie O

    Thank you for the beautiful fairy! Maybe something with a flower included for spring would be nice?

  15. Anet

    Thank you Amanda she is just adorable. Gabbie The Orchid Faery will be nice.

  16. Beth W.

    Happy Birthday to you! And in 15 minutes, Happy Birthday to me!!! LOL I’m another lucky January, carnation, garnet gal born on the 29th. So hope yours was a good one and thanks so much for the wonderful free digi ~ how awesome! All the Best

  17. Teresa

    Thank you for such a pretty girl!! How about and Irish or cat fairy please!!

  18. Mel C

    Thank you so much, what a sweet face!

  19. Sheryl

    she is gorgeous, And many Thank yous to you all at Faery Ink….

  20. Deborah Brewer

    Thank you for this sweet digi, I love her.

  21. Ria

    aww she is gorgeouss as always thanks :) I would love to see a more Pixie kinda fairy ;)
    hugs Ria

  22. Danielle

    Thank you so much for this beautiful fairy freebie. I can’t wait to color her up! For March I’d love to see a fairy that represents Easter in some fashion – like bunnies or chicks. A spritely little leprachan fairy would also be fun.

  23. Lisa

    Thank you so much for this gorgeous digi!! I like the idea of a fairy that’s sort of domesticated. In jeans, walking a dog with her wings behind her, something like that!!

  24. Hilde Larsen aka Tindaloo

    She is absolutely adorable ♥ thank you!
    My wish for a new faery is a steampunk fairy ~ one with a sassy punky
    style and spikey hair, and mechanical wings instead of insect ones! :)
    .. and a tiny little robotic friend or steampunkish insect?

  25. cwest

    Love her and can’t want to color her up, Thanks so much for this adorable stamp.

  26. Cathy Barbera

    She’s so beautiful. How about a faery with a puppy?

  27. Cleah

    I think I would love to see a Gem Fairy like a Pearl Fairy.Fairies who take care of the earth’s precious stones. Thanks so much for Arielle Flora Fae-so lovely. :)

  28. Jan Scholl

    I would like a baseball fairy. ONe that anyone could insert their favorite team insignia on. Can you tell I am ready for BASEBALL!!!

  29. Frankie

    Thank you so much for the beautiful digi. I would love to see a hummingbird faery or maybe a dragonfly faery.

  30. Michelle

    Oh I like the idea some left on your fb post of a boy faery for St Patricks day xx thank you very much, she is a cutie. Have a fab day x

  31. Charity Chamberlain

    Thank you so much for this beautiful image! I would love to see a fairy with like an Archery image. Pulling a arrow back in a bow or having some arrows in a quiver on her back. another fairy that would be cool is like an animal fairy, maybe like a cat.

  32. Jo hood

    Thank you for the lovely free digi. I would love to see a fairy that was a boy for Mother’s Day. Maybe a cute baby. Xxx

  33. Susan

    Thank you! A fairy with books and coffee would be fabulous.

  34. Päivi

    Thank you very much for this lovely image! A steampunk fairy would be fun.

  35. Sherry Gibson

    Thank you so much for the beautiful image! I would like to see a faery with a pet dragon. :)

  36. Teresa

    frangipani faery thank you

  37. Sharon

    Thank you for this image Amanda, happy birthday too. I would like to see an old lady fairy, fairies come in all ages don’t they? :D

  38. Hanne M.

    Thank you Amanda for this sweet, sweet image! I would love to see some kind of fern faery in March. Dragons are also always welcome in the images. ;)

    Happy Birthday too!


  39. Rae Ann

    Happy birthday! Thank you so much for the gift. =) I think something St. Patrick’s Day related would be wonderful. Maybe a shamrock faery or a luck faery of some sort.

  40. Becky

    Thanks for the fairy I would love to see a pixie fairy sat on a toadstool

  41. Karen Hawkins

    Hi Manda! Your artwork is amazing, thank you so much for this fairy, she’s beautiful! I hope the March one is the Dragon Rose Fae.

  42. Andrea Reid

    Thank you for the cute Image. Hmm, what about an Easter Fairy. Hugz. Andrea.x

  43. Ann-Marie Johansson

    Steampunk fairy

  44. Sandie Gough

    Totally gorgeous hunnie. I’d love to see a fairy who is a little bit teenager! With a little bit of ‘who me?’ or ‘no way!’ or ‘are you kidding me’ stances…you know the ones, the one where you have to remember we are not allowed to kill them lol xx x
    hugs hunnie x

  45. Rebecca B

    Thank you for such a beautiful Faery! What about a crafty faery??

  46. Susan

    Thank you!! I love all fairies so anything would be great!!

  47. Ina M Good

    Thank you she is gorgeous I agree for tropical

  48. Kerrie Elvidge

    Thanks Amanda she’s beautiful! Hope u had a lovely birthday! I would love you to do a pregnant faery! Just because I’m selfish and I’m 12 weeks away from giving birth LOL xx

  49. Liz

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you! I love all kinds of flower fairies :D

  50. Gayle Morton-Grant

    Happy birthday Amanda! And thank you for the birthday gift! You are so generous and lovely. I may have to sneak into the shop while hubby isn’t looking and utilise that 30% discount code!
    March, spring, how about a fertility fae? Pregnant and flowers in her hair? Have a lovely day beautiful <3

  51. Nélida Cordón

    Thank you Amanda! And happy birthday!!What kind of faery? Mmmmm…We usually imagine faeries in the woods, but they really belong “to the books”, so a little one with a book or similar

  52. Anne Byerley

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for the wonderful, fairy.
    Maybe for March as Easter is very early this year, we could have an easter fairy.
    Thank you very much.
    Love and best wishes.

  53. Tammy Valley

    Thank you, so beautiful! :D
    I think a Leprechaun fairy would be cool. :)

  54. Bettina

    Thank you for this gorgeous fairy. Would love either a snowstorm kinda fairy or steampunk fairy xx

  55. Ameera Crafts

    Many thanks Amanda! A very Happy Birthday to you lovely lady..and the new digi for March..maybe a ‘birthday’ fairy :) x

  56. Shannon

    I’m not sure if you have one like this but a lovely Irish fairy would be cute!

  57. Helen

    Beautiful thank you, would love to see a mermaid fairy

  58. jacqueline

    Thanks! She is cute!! I love a fairy with a fox or a cat.

  59. Erika "Paws"Horvathova

    Thank you soooo much for this cutie Amanda, and what fairy … hmm maybe Spring Flowers Fae :)

  60. Catherine

    Thanks for the cute dig. I’m thinking a musical faery would be nice. :)

  61. Diana McNeil

    Thank you for the cute digi,..a sun flower :)

  62. Deborah

    She is so beautiful, thank you :) I would love to see some kind of moon and stars themed fae as a giveaway perhaps please? Lovely work and I cannot wait to colour her xx

  63. Manetta

    I just signed up on your FB page. I got the free image and thank you. She is beautiful. I love love fairy images. I am looking through everything and since I am new I am not sure of all that you offer. You asked what we would like to see in March. I am hoping you have a Xmas Fairy! I know that Xmas is done but many of us do Xmas cards all year. thank you again for sharing. off to go view more of your pages!

  64. Maggie S

    She’s gorgeous. I think in March she should be a lucky charm faery.

  65. Jade Morrison

    Hello, Thank you for the gorgeous image.


  66. IKE

    AWESOME !!! Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • IKE

      Sorry – I forgot to put my suggestion……….. I would truly LUV a Cat Faery :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  67. Margo D.

    Beautiful image as always! Thank you for the freebie!! :) ♡ Hope you had an amazing birthday! :)
    As for March…others mentioned St. Patty’s Day…how about perhaps a small faery in a pot of gold or perhaps a small faery lounging in a bed of clover! :) ♡

  68. Susan

    Another beautiful image <3 Thank you! I think a lucky faery would be very fitting for the coming month…….

  69. Stephanie

    Gabbie the Orchid Fairy

  70. Twila

    Thanks so much! She is pretty!

  71. Wanda

    Thank you so much!

  72. Lisa West

    A shamrock fairy for St Patrick day xxx

  73. Jackie

    This image is just beautiful! As for March, something indicating the wind blowing. Definitely not a leprechan fairy!
    Again, TFS!

  74. Johanna Hayes

    Thank you for the beautiful image! I would love a dog fairy! I love pit bulls the most (NOT with cropped ears)!

  75. Heidi Brawley

    Soo very pretty!!! Thank you very much!!! Hope you had an Awesome and Happy Birthday!!!

  76. Donna Simpson

    Thank so much for the freebie.How about a St Pattys day faery.

  77. KT Fit Kitty

    Thank you for the freebie – she’s beautiful! I love cats so I would like to see a fairy with cat or cats. Thank you!

  78. Elvira

    First time here, I’ll check your site. Thank you so much for the beautiful digi.

  79. Gabriella

    A clover or rainbow of course.

  80. Selena

    so many lol Amber unicorn Fairy would be my pick! Thank you so much for the freebies!!

  81. Maria D.

    Thank you!! She is lovely… Mmmm… I love Merfairies.. they are Fairies who are also mermaids… So a fairy with mermaid tale.. :) Maria

  82. Priscilla

    Thank you so much. Such a lovely image ! I think a pixie fairy would be great. Hope you had an awesome birthday !

  83. Sharon Paterson

    she is gorgeous thank you. What about a Daffodil Fairy for March x

  84. AJ

    Adorable and perfect for spring. Thank You.

  85. Lidia R.

    Once again we wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and you are full of love and happiness!
    God bless you more! Thank you very much for the beautiful image.
    I would really love you could ever make a fairy wheelchair for many special girls!

  86. MammaMia

    Thank you for such a cute freebie! As Easter falls at the end of March this year, how about an Easter fairy or maybe a bunny fairy?

  87. Erin C.

    Thank you so much for this beauty!!! Hoping you had a wonderful birthday with the celebration continuing into a great weekend!! (However, I feel like we should be giving you gifts on your birthday instead of you giving us the gift. ;) Just goes to show how sweet you are!) :D

    I’d also like to see something for St. Patty’s Day (great suggestions in these comments!), but I’m also a total cat lady with my 3 furbabies so that’s great too! (I’m new to your blog/shop, but I already know I’ll love anything you decide on!!!) ☺️

  88. Margo Laeremans

    Thank you so much for this incredibly lovely digi ! I have to admit thas this is the first time I’m going to try to make a card with a digi, I will join on FB and read the conditions ! Thank you very much !

  89. Camilla Karlsson

    Thank you for this beautiful fairy! I love all kind of fairies! :)

  90. Jenn Borjeson

    Thank you so much Amanda – happy birthday! :)

  91. Olga Dendrinou Fink

    Thank you so much for the freebie! she is adorable! how about a crafty fairy? xoxo Olga

  92. Trina Flynn

    Happy Birthday!! Thank you for beautiful Arielle Flora Fae. I love all fairies and look forward to seeing what you come up with for March :)

  93. Faith A

    You were introduced to me by who had used your image, Thank you so much for this beautiful image, hope to use her soon. I have subscribed to you newsletter to keep up to date with your fabulous images.

  94. Cathy Holford

    A shamrock faery!!!!

  95. Sarah

    Thank you for Arielle. I’d love to see a fairy with pet rats (my other obsession along with crafting), everyone does cute mice and another animals, but ratties are cute too (just Google images of pet rats for proof) :-)

  96. Judy

    She’s beautiful, Amanda! Thank you! I like the idea of spring flowers for the March fairy…maybe tulip or crocus?

  97. Trina

    I read way too many of the comments and know that you will have your hands full trying to pick. As such, I’ll just say thank you for this fairy!

  98. Cara

    I saw so many wonderful images it was hard to pick just one but thank you so much for the awesome image!

  99. Sandy

    Can’t wait to color her up! Thank you. My suggestion would be maybe a cute little chunkier faery?

  100. Vanessa

    Thank you so much! She is beautiful! I would love to see a Witch Faery or a Faery on a motorcycle. Or maybe a Witch Faery on a motorcycle. LOL

  101. Tricia

    Thank you so much, an irish faery would be fun!

  102. Vivian Foo

    Thank you very much! A fairy with Steampunk theme. Happy birthday to you!

  103. Kathy Stacy

    You are always so generous – thank you.

  104. Lisa R

    ugh, how did I miss this *facepalm* she’s stunning, sad I missed it, oh well, she’s gorgeous